Police Blotter 03-02-2017

Monday, February 20

Party at Governors Park called to report a disturbance from another apartment. Officer spoke to both parties. They agreed to try and keep the noise down with the small children.

Two grown men fighting at Governors Park. Officers spoke to both parties and peace was restored.

Party reported hypodermic needles on the sidewalk in front of the apartments near the corner of Walden and Lincoln Street. Called the party back and she now states that this was around 4 p.m. when she last saw them. Two were just after the basketball courts and two were near a light pole between the second and third Pillar House building near Lincoln Street.

Report of male passed out in the hallway on Golden Drive. 74 year old male transported to the hospital.


Tuesday, February 21

91 off with motor vehicle with flashers on on Pleasant Street. female operator passed out behind the wheel. EMS and WFD responded. 91 reports that the female has since woken up but still requests EMS. EMS. Uber driver who was tired She was evaluated and cleared by EMS. Operator will be on her way home.

Small black car running that is not from the area of South Main Street. Calling party is concerned that the occupant is up to no good. Officer spoke to the subject who works for Capitol Waste and is waiting for his boss. Everything checks out.

A small black dog weaving in and out of traffic near St. John’s Church. He is heading towards Revere Street. Unable to locate the dog.

Party came by the station for fingerprinting for a federal job application. 942 obliged.

Party reported IRS scam. She did to give any one but wanted to report the number. The number that called her was 202-684-3345.

Caller at Governors Park reports that her vehicle was vandalized in the parking lot. Report to follow.

Report of protestors near the town hall. 902 was in the area and reports that the party is on the public way and not blocking any way. All okay.

Assisted Middlesex Sheriff apprehending subject on a warrant on Moore Street. Arrest made.

Party running from units around Shirley and Almont Streets. Chase started on Veterans Road. Male party with black leather jacket and red baseball cap Party arrested on three counts.

Disturbance across from Beach fire station. Officer reports verbal dispute between boyfriend and girlfriend. Boyfriend will be heading back home to East Boston. Officers will be giving girlfriend a ride home. She was advised of her 209A rights.

Caller on Otis Street requested information on how to obtain a restraining order on her brother’s behalf. After speaking to the caller, it appears there may be a past larceny. Matter appears to be civil in nature. Party was advised of his 209A rights.

Party on Bowdoin Street states that a gray Honda Civic’s alarm continuously goes off for hours at a time throughout the night. It has been happening for a couple of days now. Officer spoke with the owner of vehicle and the alarm has been reset. The trunk appeared to be open and that may have been the issue. Officer made the vehicle’s owner aware that if the alarm were to continue to go off, disturbing the neighborhood that it will need to be moved.

Gray motor vehicle out from of Swett’s Liquor running. Male inside. Caller stated he appears to be asleep and the vehicle has been there for about an hour. Male is delivery driver for restaurant across the street. He was charging his phone and waiting for deliveries.

Caller (language barrier) from Governors Park states a man in the lobby doing drugs. Unknown ethnicity. Black sweater, blue jeans. Party was rolling a joint and sent on his way.

Male party on Bowdoin Street with altered mental status. 20 year old male to the Whidden voluntarily.

Party called in to report that his daughter is at Circuit Road with his wife when she is not supposed to be there per order of the court.


Wednesday, February 22

A-1 involved in traffic accident on River Road. Report to follow.

Follow-up investigation on Washington Avenue. Clear, peaceful exchange.

93 flagged down for motor vehicle accident. 93 assisted G&J with traffic while hooking the motor vehicle. Clear, accident report to follow.

Follow-up investigation at Governors Park.

Follow-up on hit and run at Governors Park. 92 has all information he needs.

Party on Franklin Street reports that while she as walking down the street, she noticed the front door was broken into and there was glass on the ground. Clear, unfounded. This was reported last week.

Party reports that he was the victim of identity theft in the past and has been dealing with creditors over the past year. He recently has been alerted to possible activity on an account that he has reported and wants it documented with us.

MGH called to inform us that a patient left the facility and may be heading home to Winthrop. While on the phone with the facility, the patient was located and on the way to MGH.

Assisted party with getting her belongings from a house on Irwin Street. Clear, female party retrieved her items.

Same case as above, party on Irwin Street called back stating her tenant texted her husband stating that he/she put her couch, bed and mattress in front of the house. Officer spoke to the party and advised them of their consequences. They will wait until Sunday.

Party on Enfield Road is receiving harassing phone calls from a computer scam. Unit sent to make out a report and advise party to block the number.

Motor vehicle stop at Hannaford Park. Unit stated the vehicle is leaving the party and party was advised that the park is closed at night.


Thursday, February 23

Caller on Douglas Street stated a drunk female is knocking at her front and back doors. Drunk female lives two doors down. Unit stated female went back to her house. Back door is wide open. Units are going to enter the apartment to check the well being of the female. Female party was not home and her son stated he has not seen her since 7 o’clock. She was drinking all day. Units doing an area search to see if they can find her. Unit stated they were unable to find the subject.

Female party banging on back and front doors on Main Street. It stated the female party went back home. They will make their way to that address. Medical aid requested. Medical on scene. Female party was checked out and cleared by medical. Female was advised to stay in the house.

Report of a scam at Viking Gardens. Officer spoke to reporting party for information.

Needle found on the ground on Shirley Street. Reporting party standing at the scene. Object retrieved and put in sharps container.

Party on Irwin Street states she is having RAC pick up furniture from residence. Home owner claiming he won’t allow them to do so. No one is home to gain access. Plans arranged with moving company when to get that furniture moved.

LOJACK code from Nick’s Place sent to cruiser came back stolen. To requested and enroute.

Loud music complaint on Willow Avenue. 93 advised caller to town’s bylaws.

Party on Sagamore Avenue states there is a dog that has been barking for over an hour. He is in the backyard. She refused to give her name and number.

Responded with fire for suicidal thoughts on Sunset Road. Female transported to the Whidden.

Well-being check on father at Dalrymple School. Son has been trying to call him and received no answer. Son is on the scene but does not have the keys. WFD requested for forced entry. No one in the house. Unit 93 will drive caller to police station to make calls and file a report. 93 checked the area and rechecked the address. The party has returned.

Caller on Main Street states a car outside beeping the horn. Caller knows the party and states person in car has a RO, 93 reports he checked the area and spoke to the party. 93 will patrol the area. He is back on the scene with the car and party in question. 98 backing up 93. Peace has been restored.

Assisted calling party to retrieve her child on Circuit Road. Both parties came to an agreement. That child will stay until morning. They will work out the rest on a set date in court.


Friday, February 24

Motor vehicle stop on Washington Avenue. Operator driving without a license. Two licensed drivers took possession of the vehicle. The driver was cited for violation of not having a license and speeding. 93 will be issuing a criminal complaint for the violation.

Report of a female party knocking on door of next door neighbor on Brookfield Road. She is screaming. Medical requested for an evaluation. Female transported to MGH for further evaluation.

Female with altered mental status on Winthrop Street. Units clear subject and she is enrollee to Whidden on a Section 12.

Checking for parking violations “no parking here to corner” on Somerset Avenue. 93 found no violations at this time.

91 attempted to speak with owner about bylaws parking on Highland Avenue. Unable to locate party. 91 located vehicle’s owner and owner was unable to move the vehicle due to broken ankle. G&J moved the car for owner. She is ow aware of Winthrop by-laws.

Party did not want to provide his information,but stated that by the park on Hagman Road, youths were throwing rocks at his car. No damages and no description of the youths.  Officer checked the area and no youths showing that were throwing rocks.

Party from Johnson Avenue came into the station to report further incidents of harassment. She spoke to officer who addressed some of her concerns and she stated that she will follow up.

Call came in from State Police Framingham. They could not understand the caller, but the phone had a ping near Central Street in Winthrop. Phone was also a provision phone which an not be called back. No other information at this time.

Caller stated two males screaming by Short Beach as they were walking by her house. No description given. Units checked the area but nothing showing.


Saturday, February 23

Officer with vehicle with not plates on Walden Street. Can see ID in the car. Vehicle not on 72 hour list.

Party reports patient on Siren Street, left Whidden Hospital with IV in her arm. If locate, she will have to have it removed. She was sent to MGH.

Report of a hurt seagull on Hagman Road. ACO enroute.

Party on Birch Road came into the station to report that the nanny that he and his wife hired, stole several checks and cashed them. He gave bank documents and pictures of the checks as evidence. There were seven incidents between December and February and one incident were a check that was legitimately issued was altered to increase its value. Report submitted. Ongoing investigation to determine where the checks were cashed and to answer jurisdictional questions.

Assisted party on Irwin Street with removed items from a house.

Assisted medical with female down on Circuit road. One to Whidden.

Attempted to serve summons to subject on Shirley Street. Spoke with the mother who will have party come to the station to be served.

Suspicious activity on Franklin Street.

Well-being check on Shirley Street in relation to the previous call.

White male, going door to door tying to get into houses on Pauline Street. Units located possible subject near the police station. He was taken into custody and charged with two counts of larceny, attempt to commit a crime and disturbing the peace.

Motor vehicle stop at Hannaford Park. 91 has advised the occupant that the park closed at dusk. He was sent on his way.


Sunday, February 26

Motor vehicle stop on Pleasant Street. Citation issued for speeding.

Caller on River Road states a white female blonde came out of the cemetery with no shoes on, blue T-shirt.

Party on Forrest Street states that the downstairs tenants are harassing him about the radio. spoke with both parties. An ongoing issue with landlord/tenant. Civil matter.

Unit are off keeping peace on Irwin Street. Old tenants go into apartment and get their final belongings. Party will be bringing back to shelter and returning for more items. The items will be left on the porch. 92 and 93 will ride by on occasion to keep the peace. Calling party said old tenants are trying to get into apartment after units cleared.

Party on Revere Street states that there is a motor vehicle, older model, parked with motor running. Male party behind wheel hunched over. Party was transported to hospital. He went voluntarily.G&J will tow vehicle with expired registration.

Report of behind the rink, there is a man with a German Shepherd off the leash. Reporting party states it went after a smaller dog. Did an area check and all dogs were leashed at this time.

911 hang up. Tried calling back and just got answering machine. Parties claimed they called regarding a verbal argument. One party has since left the residence and will not be back this evening.

Everett PD called to assist in arresting male party for A&B with dangerous weapon and malicious destruction of property on Golden Drive. Units report taking male party into custody. Everett PD notified and will pick him up for transept to their station.

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