Gorman Fort Banks School Back to Normal

By Kate Anslinger

On Feb. 13, the Gorman Fort Banks School suffered a burst pipe, which resulted in damage, a cancelled school day, and a delay, but that didn’t stop the district’s leadership team from moving forward and brainstorming an array of backup plans to get the students and teachers back in the classroom.

“It didn’t look promising that we would be back in the classroom so quickly, but thanks to the custodians, leadership team, and administrative support personnel, we were back in the building on Wednesday,” said School Superintendent John Macero. “Everyone was working tirelessly around the clock to devise backup plans and get things up and running again and everyone came together to make sure our students were back in school.”

St. John’s Church kindly offered their building for backup classroom space.

Everything structural that suffered damage was immediately cut out and replaced. While there is still some aesthetic work to be done on the first floor, everything is back up and running. Inello Electric, Service Master, Streeter and Bonito Plumbing worked swiftly to get into the building and fix the issues, Macero said.

We don’t want to piecemeal anything, we want to get it done properly.

All the supplies that we lost in the rooms have been ordered and are on the way,” said Macero.


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