Police Blotter 01-05-2017

Monday, December 26

Motor vehicle accident on Shirley Street with injuries. Fire/medical informed. Vehicle was towed. Party removed to MGH. Husband called and was advised of wife’s transport location.

Male on Payson and Franklin Street wearing army green color jacket with hood drinking nips outside and throwing them in the air. Walking towards Revere Street. 91 checked the area and the person was gone from the area.

Injured skunk walking around the area of Beal Street. ACO notified and was left a message.

Spoke with P935 at headquarters. He stated that a unit was taking report regarding the custody of the caller’s two children. The mom had called and stated to the father of the children that she would be a little late. Unit stated he spoke with the caller. The caller stated to the unit that he will be at the station later on tonight to make an exchange. He will do the report at that time.

Black GMC pickup has been running for about 30 minutes. Caller states she has a restraining order against a male party and she believes it might be his vehicle. Cannot see registration from the window. Caller states she has been receiving blocked calls all day with no one on the other line. Unit stated he spoke with the male party in the vehicle – ale party does live there.

Multiple people in a tan van setting of fireworks on the beach. They left the scene heading towards Crest Pizza. Unit 93 and 92 are clear, nothing showing.

Tuesday, December 27

Party on Shore Drive came in to report a tenant came into his room area and accused him of being unkind to his own mother who was visiting. The above said that the owner of the house was present during this event. The above stated he is on probation and wants to be transparent in case this tenant comes back. He was advised of his rights.

Wire hanging on the ground on Cottage Avenue. Phone wire coming from house.Hillside Avenue with fence blown down rom the wind. Attempt to make contact with the owner. 92 and 93 helped the owner move the fence for safety.

Party came to the station to report a hit and run to her Nissan Altima while parked on Enfield and Ingleside Avenue. Male party came into the station to correct the original report and now reports that the accident took place in East Boston. Party was told to have the original reporter come back and correct the report to us. Party did come back and thought that she could just report the accident to any police.

Report of 50 year old white female, jean, blue jacket heading down Revere Street towards Shirley Street. She fell down and looked unstable. No female in the area with that description.

The Berlin Police Department in Germany called the Detective Unit to request that notification be made to a next of kin that resided in Winthrop. Unable to make contact.

Wires down on Putnam Street. Fire secured wire.

A disturbance, possible firearm on Grandview Avenue. Multiple neighbors called in regards to heavy police activity. Explained to callers that everything was fine. 98 reports all units clear. House is clear, subject will call 911 to show that he is not in Winthrop any longer. He has not called yet. Subject called 911 and we pinged his location. 908 spoke with the subject on the telephone who claimed he was calling from his place of business. Abutters to the property were spoken to regarding the incident to put all minds at ease.

Party reports vandalism to his motor vehicle after a past verbal altercation in the lot at Deer Island. Party will file a report with the State Police, Revere.

W93 responded to Tafts Avenue to serve a notice of immediate threat to party which we received from the registry. Officer was formed by the party’s husband that she was not available due to medical reasons. The husband was informed of the issue.

Calling party states individuals throwing items including bottles of alcohol out the window into the alleyway on Winthrop Street. Calling party believes there is under-age drinking taking place. Units requesting fire and EMS to evaluate several juveniles. 91 dispatched to the call. All involved parties have been entered into the call. Units report that all parents have been notified and have retrieved their offspring. Incident number assigned. Report to follow.

Party came to the station with a victim/witness statement regarding a dog attack that occurred yesterday. ACO notified. A statement place in his mailbox for pickup. ACO went by the residence. No answer and he will be checking back throughout the day.

A panhandler begging for change in front of 7 Eleven. 93 issued a town by-law violation for open container. 93 reports this is the sixth time involved party has been cited.

Reporting party came to the station to report that he was supposed to be picking up his daughter here in Winthrop as his ex-wife was flying into Boston and staying in Winthrop After several e-mails and text messages, the ex-wife now refuses to allow the court ordered visit.

Party states that he was threatened by someone from North Reading. He called North Reading PD to report the threat from one of their residents and they advised him to come here.  A victim/witness statement was filled out. New charges will be sought for imitation of a witness and threats to commit a crime.

911 call from Hutchinson Street to report a structure fire. Units report fire has been resolved.

Wednesday, December 28

Caller on Brookfield Road stated that she heard a female screaming outside. 93 reports “someone” sleeping behind the school in a vehicle. 92 responded to assist. 93 requesting additional unit, 91 is responding. Units report two males sleeping in a vehicle with a firearm visible. Units report two males parties detained, firearm in question is a BB gun. All units clear. Parties removed from the area and headed back to New Hampshire.

Recovered firearm from deceased male at Seal Harbor

Call from Boston PD for a hangup in the vicinity of Winthrop Street. Attempted callback and the line is busy. Call back to the number and elderly female was getting into MGH van heading into Revere. She stated she never called 911.

Suspicious party near Pleasant Street. White male with white hat sitting in front of house. Owner would like to speak to an officer about suspicious activity. Owner that spoke to officer reports this harassment has been taking place for a week and a half with the same vehicle. Officer advised reporting party to call immediately if this is to happen again.

Party reports he is looking for his wife’s pocketbook related to a motor vehicle accident that took place in Metcalfe Square on December 26. Officer stated pocketbook was transported to MGH along with patient via Action Ambulance. Party was advised to contact MGH security.

Party called to report that her son lost his black wallet yesterday between Winthrop and Shirley Streets. Wallet contained a gift crd and approximately $40.

Minor motor vehicle accident on Shirley Street. One party needs assistance; no injury, no tows. Medical requested.

Caller called regarding  sewer break that is on the town and sewage is spilling into her basement. DPW notified.

909A reports that while responding to an earlier well being check on Franklin Street a motor vehicle failed to stop at a stop sign at Shirley and Veterans. The officer reports he was unable to stop the motorist at the time due to the call. He now reports speaking to the party regarding the incident and gave a stern warning regarding the party’s driving habits. The party was appreciative and will be more careful in the future and was unaware of her earlier violation.

Unit stated back door was unlocked on Sunset Road. No one was in the house. Unit stated there is a male party who checks out as the involved party. Unit stated male transported to MGH.

Needle found in parking lot on Pauline Street.

Party from Governors Park came into the station regarding previous call. She wanted to report that she does not want the female who initiated the call at her home. She was advised of the harassment laws and was also advised to have a trespass order issued to solve the situation. If the female returns she will call. This is in addition to the earlier officer’s advising her of the same things.

Thursday, December 29

Party report bus was driving on opposite side of the road on Revere Street. Unit 93 checked the area with nothing showing. Officer made contact with Paul Revere bus company and everything checked out.

Party from Governors Park came to the station to report that he received a call from someone stating they were from Social Security. He gave them all his personal information including his SS#.

Caller called for a second day regarding large trucks involved in building on Nahant Avenue traveling on Grovers Avenue. Caller is concerned and upset and feels the trucks should not be traveling on Grovers Avenue to get to Natant Avenue. The caller was told the permits would have to be checked as to where they were allowed to travel for construction. When this was checked out, there were no restrictions on permits and that is not part of building department. According to contractor, the last truck with crushed stone is running now. No more to follow. Two projects are going on in the area. The original caller was informed.

Female party at the bus stop at Douglas Street fell down. The caller tried to pick her up but she is pregnant. She may have gotten on the bus. The area was checked.

Reporting party from Court Road came in to report that last night she parked her vehicle in front and when she returned to her vehicle she discovered that the left side of her vehicle was heavily damaged from an apparent side swipe crash. No note or indication of who the responsible party might be.

Unwanted female on Johnson Avenue and party wants her removed from the house. Verbal argument and no physical altercation. Daughter will be leaving for the night. Mom paid for the taxi. Parties were advised of their 209A rights and the daughter left.

Assisted female on Bates Avenue to pick up her belongings with a 209A in order. She took the dog for the weekend and refuses to give him back per court order. Party going to Revere to retrieve her dog.

Friday, December 30

Arrest made for driver operating with a revoked license at Morton and Amelia Avenue. 92 will be transporting subject to headquarters. He was arrested for driving with suspended license and speeding.

Party on Shirley Street stated that an apartment should be vacant and she thinks someone might be in the home because the back door is open. She can see right into the kitchen. Units report both front and rear door to that apartment were open. Officers conducted a walk through of the apartment and did not find anyone inside. Request to speak with the calling party to get more information. Message left for the caller to make herself known. Also told officers where she could be found at a nearby address. Officers spoke with reporting party who is the new tenant of that apartment. She was advised to speak with the landlord about the front door not closing properly. The apartment was able to be secured for the time being.

Caller on Shirley Street wishes to speak to an officer regarding a past breaking and entering that occurred. 92 requests more information regarding the earlier incident. Officers report speaking to calling party and will file a report on this matter.

There is a blue bottom sailboat beached against the rocks on the jetty behind the Elks Club. Caller asked for us to call the harbormaster. The harbormaster is aware of this situation. The boat has been there for a few days. The owner was supposed to remove it but has not yet.

Caller from Sagamore Avenue states that the street is very slippery from ice. Message left for DPW to check and sand if possible.

ACO reports being off with the 93 on an investigation at John Kilmartin pathway near Short Beach. Party came in earlier to report an issue with a deceased animal in the area. Units will try to locate the animal. It was located next the footbridge.

Cataldo requests assistance with serving a Section 12 on a party that has mental health issues. Section 12 coming from North Suffolk Mental Health. OIC requests that Action EMS conduct this service, to Cataldo. WPD will be receiving paperwork and will let us know Cataldo EMS sent their ambulance without receiving the okay from WPD and were already o the scene when officers arrived. Units report that the party will be going to Everett with Cataldo EMS.

Well being check on a female party at Seal Harbor. Stated that the female party hit her medical alarm button and was unable to get in contact with her. Medicate enroute. Unit stated that the party did not realize that she hit the medical alarm and heard someone on the phone but could not respond to them as she was experiencing bad phone reception. Units cleared.

Party from Shore Drive came to the station to report being harassed. She has an active 209A against her ex. This does not appear to be  a case of third party contact, or intimidation of a witness. She will be seeking a HRO. On-call judge did not issue the emergency HRO and advised the victim to attempt to get an HRO on Tuesday from the court.

Reporting party came into the station to surrender a small dog per an order from the court. Custody of the dog was determined by the court. ACO notified and will respond to take temporary custody until the party arrives.

Man down on Kennedy and Revere Street. Medical enroute.

Another caller stated it is a male party in his 50’s wearing an orange jacket and black hat. Units checked the area as well as the surrounding areas and nothing showing.

Saturday, December 31

Caller from Seal Harbor reported there are about seven drones flying in the vicinity of her home. Unit will be searching the vicinity. Nothing showing. Unit stated he spoke with someone in the parking lot and they stated they did not see any drones flying in the area. Unit stated there are planes lined up on the runway.

Party came to the station with her daughter to report that her daughter was at the rink and her Apple I phone was lost or stolen. It is described as an Apple I phone 5s.

Caller reports water leaking from the ground on Winthrop Street. DPW notified.

Lost cat on Crystal Cove Avenue.

Party on Walden Street reports a group of 8 kids playing inside a construction site with equipment. Unit stated she spoke with the kids about not playing on the equipment. They were playing on the swings as she pulled up.

Syringe needle found on Douglas and Morton Streets.

Party from D&T Market called and there was a strong language barrier. It sounded like the caller stated that someone broke into his store. When asked if that was what happened the caller stated yes. Unit stated there was a vehicle parked in front of his store and was not a past breaking and entering. The unit also stated that the vehicle is parked legally in a 15 minute parking zone but unit will wait 15 minutes and tag the vehicle if car has not been moved.

Three vehicles are parked in a no parking zone on Nevada Street. Unit stated there was only one vehicle parked and they were picking up food. Unit had them move the vehicle.

Caller on Bowdoin Street stated that her roommate has made verbal threats to her. She stated that the roommate has made previous threats. This is an ongoing issue with the involved party. The landlord asked her not to report it so the involved party making the threat was not aggravated by it. Unit stated verbal argument between roommates. No weapons were involved and that everyone was advised of their rights.

Caller again on Bowdoin Street stated that the roommate was threatening her and her children. Unit requesting medical. Unit reported one transported to Whidden.

Sunday, January 1

Caller on Shirley Street reports that his girlfriend was having a panic attack. Medical was dispatched and caller was sent to EMD. The boyfriend then stated to Cataldo that if someone did not get there within the next few minutes that she was going to leave. Cataldo asked him if he could make sure that she stays until help arrived. Unit stated one being transported to MGH for further evaluation.

Three car motor vehicle accident at Banks and Main Street. G&J notified. One vehicle was towed. One arrest was made for being under the influence and leaving an accident after property damage.

Caller reports observing what appears to be a big sink hole at the lower cemetery. K9 reports two separate sink holes appear to be forming opposite of the Cross Street entrance. Information passed on to DPW.

Elderly male at Fort Heath Apartments in need of medical aid. One party transported to Beth Israel.

Male party on Loring Road reports an unauthorized Best Buy charge on a Capital One credit card in the amount of $286.86 for an online charge. Best Buy and Capital One will follow up.

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