Most Polling Locations Slated to Change

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

The next time voters go to the polls,  everyone but those residents living on Golden Drive will be headed for a new polling place.

Town Clerk Carla Vitale explained that the old polling place in the middle school gym on Pauline Street is not up to par. There are issues with the utilities and other compliances. In the past Precincts 1,2 and 5 voted at the Pauline Street location. In addition, the polling place at the Senior Center is not working out because each election the polling place is set up there programs end up being delayed.

The new polling places are Precinct 1, 3 and 6 will vote at the Winthrop Middle/High School. Precinct 2 and 5 will vote at the Cummings School. Precinct 4 will continue to vote at O’Connell Hall on Golden Drive.

“This will help alleviate parking issues and allow people into our brand new schools that are ADA compliant,” Vitale said.

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