Police Blotter 12-01-2016

Monday, November 21

Elder service plan called asking for a well being check on subject on Nevada Street. High risk cardiac patient. Party not answering. 63 year old. Gained entry with landlord. Nobody inside.

Party came to the station to report receiving several “BAD” checks from a party that was a guest of hers.

Party on Shirley Street came in to report his Toyota was hit on the driver’s side front on Friday. Accident happened the hours of 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. No one saw anything.

Caller on Sagamore Avenue reports a dog is out all day barking in the back yard. Unit went by and no dog barking.

Caller on Waldemar Avenue states that her neighbor’s dog has been outside all day in the cold. Neighbor put the dog inside.

Party on Shore Drive states he heard a single gun shot around the beach area. Units spoke to parti int he area. No one heard anything. Units searched the area as well and nothing found.

Male party on Nevada Street came in to report that his mother has been missing since Friday. After filing a report and upon entering it in to the NCIC/CJIS, we did make contact with her. She is safe and decided to visit a friend for several days. She called back on a phone and also spoke to her son. All is okay.

911 hang up at Governors Park. Unit stated it is an unwanted guest. K9 assisted. Unit stated the gentleman was removed from apartment. He was advised of the repercussions if he came back. The calling party was also advised to call 911 back if unwanted party returned.

Party came to the station to report finding an Apple cell phone outside. Phone had no battery life and after being charged, was able to contact a number listed. They will contact the owner who resides in our town and will have her retrieve her phone at the police station. She came in and picked it up.

Motor vehicle stop at Main and Veterans Road.  Citation issued for speeding.

Tuesday, November 22

Motor vehicle stop. Involved party in custody for suspended license. G&J took possession of the vehicle.

Export Enterprises came into the station to report towing vehicle for trespassing at Executive Apartments.

Employee at CPYC reports a vehicle has been in the lot since Sunday and there is damage to the vehicle. 91 reports vehicle parked at Cottage Park YC may have been involved in a hit and run. 91 requests a tow and hold. G&J notified.

911 call from Bowdoin Street. Female stated she could not figure out the Board of Health’s number. She was explained to that she had dialed 911 and she understood completely, just could not get in touch with the Board of Health. 93 spoke to the caller and all is okay at this time.

Party came to the station to report that she was recently notified by capitol One that an individual using her SS#, date of birth and maiden name had attempted to open a credit card account. Party reports speaking to Capitol One’s security team which subsequently suspended the account. Party further contacted the major credit bureaus and will be following up.

Assisted fire at Winthrop Marketplace. Cleared, smoke from cooking turkeys.

Wednesday, November 23

Motor vehicle stop at Shirley and Mermaid Avenue. Citation issued for a stop sign violation.

Motor vehicle stop on Main Street. Vehicle cited for red light violation.

Motor vehicle stop on Revere Street. Units requested tow. G&J enroute. Vehicle towed to owner’s residence.

Unit 93 reported loud yelling on Revere Street. Area checked and all clear.

Chief received a letter from party in town regarding the theft of political signs (Clinton) from their lawns. Also, one of them had a rear window shattered in the family car. This type of lawless action will not be tolerated to anyone in the community. If you see anyone on  your property, or at a neighbor’s property that should not be there and you feel they may be up to no good, call the police and let us check them out. “Don’t wait until something happens.”

Party on Locust Street called to make notification that his child was not picked up from school at the ATC Cummings School. Party was not home but neighbor reports the family may work. 91 will be enrollee to that business. Located a family member who will make falls to parents. Clear.

Party from George Street called to report that three small children were walking home from school when they encountered a female driver asking them if they wanted candy. Female party about 50, long light blond, black glasses and black coat. The entire area was checked and was unable to locate the vehicle.

Chelsea PD found involved party’s license and credit cards. It is at the front desk at Chelsea Police Station. Note left on party’s door.

Party came to the station to report that her rear plate was stolen from her vehicle sometime late yesterday afternoon or early last night. Stolen plate listed in CJIS.

Wires down on Centre Street.

Dog in back yard on Sagamore Avenue has been barking for approximately 35 minutes. ACO states this has been an ongoing problem and he is still going to talk to the residents to get information.

Caller on Woodside Park states a vehicle is blocking her driveway. Units cleared. Vehicle towed.

Eight youths using pellet guns at Corinha Road. Group has been dispersed for the night.

Woman came in to report that her vehicle had a scratch after parking it on the Crest Avenue lot. The driver’s side rear door had scratches as a result of someone backing into it.Unit states suspicious package on the beach side of Coughlin Playground. Unit cleared. It was a deceased animal in a bag. ACO took care of it.

Caller on Shore Drive reports loud music coming from a vehicle outside his house. Unit checked the area and no vehicle in sight. Cancelled State Police.

Thursday, November 24

Motor vehicle stop on Main Street for red light violation. Citation given.

Motor vehicle stop for parked vehicle on Tileston Road. Units spoke  to party in the vehicle.

Caller states that 3 cars were out in front of Caggiano’s and were yelling at each other. Another caller stated that there was a breaking and entering and the homeowners chased the person out of the home and tackled him in front of Caggiano’s. Involved party refused medical treatment. One party PC’ed. Neither party wanted to press charges. One in protective custody.

Caller on Pleasant Street states a man broke into his house and then an away when owner saw him. caller stated person was a white male, no other description. Units searched area and surrounding area. Could not locate party. Units advised they will patrol the area.

Walk-in to report that she has been getting phone calls from a blocked number. The calls are sexual in nature and it is a man’s voice calling her name. She has no idea who the person is. She was advised to change her phone settings to not to accept blocked phone numbers. Also advised of her rights.

91 reports DPW sign down at intersection of Willow and Washington Avenue. Placed on private property out of the public way. DPW message left.

House fire on Hermon Street. Assisted fire and EMS.

Multiple cars parked illegally on Plummer Avenue. Vehicle being towed by G&J. Unable to locate the owner causing a road hazard.

Motor vehicle involved in a a hit and run would like to know who was operating the vehicle. If located, the owner of the vehicle will call Malden PC.

Friday, November 25

Caller on Faun Bar Avenue stated that a car is parked in front of a hydrant. Unit confirmed that the vehicle moved.

Two backpacks on the sidewalk on Shore Drive. One black and the other white with black polka dots. Both items will be brought to the station.

Female party on Shirley Street was pushed down a flight of stairs after an altercation with a neighbor. Pitiful was on the scene. Calling party said it was drug related. Female fled the scene.

Walk-in to report threats. 94 took a report.

White truck took out a lamp post at Cafe Delite. Damaged light pole and a true branch down. DPW on the scene.

There are TV’s, couches and chairs outside on the curb since last week on Ocean Avenue. Neighbors are complaining.It is still passible for people to get by. Town will go by and issue them a town complaint notice. Debris on the sidewalk has been removed and homeowners have been advised. Homeowners will contact DPW on Monday.

Party came into the station turning in a 3 inch firework labeled Purple Palm which shoots flaming balls. This item found in the Morton Street area.

Winthrop has a walk-in about fireworks found in the vicinity of Banks and Morton Street. Could not find anything in that area.

Four kids playing with BB guns in the marsh are near Pico Beach. Officers made contact with those parties. They were toys.

Two kids speeding up and down Otis Street disturbing the neighbors. Officer spoke to the parties. No laws being broken.

Party reports that his address has been changed without his knowledge by a family member causing his mail to go to a separate address. He has reported this to the postal police and they have opened a case.

Officer assisted lock-out on Cottage Park Road. Fire was able to assist homeowner.

Caller on Ocean Avenue stated there is a male driving a black pickup truck looking into cars with a flashlight. Caller stated the suspect went toward the fire station and too a right. He was on foot. Units were advised. Units confirmed they searched the area of Shirley Street, Veterans Roa and Forest Street and stated there is no indication of any suspicious activity in this area.

Party stated that a half of dozen youths are throwing things into oncoming traffic at Governor’s Garden. He stated they are headed towards Crest Avenue. Unit stated there were no youths in the area.

Caller at Fort Heath Apartments complaining that the neighbor upstairs continually makes noise. There is a history with these parties earlier this year and the roles were reversed. Unit stated this is an ongoing civil matter. Party was advised of her rights.

Saturday, November 26

Caller stated there was a hit and run in the parking lot on Crest Avenue. Vehicle that fled was a red Ford pickup with previous damage. Plate unknown. K9 unit found the pickup truck. Involved party did not realize he had hit someone. Both parties exchanged paperwork.

Party on Wave Way Avenue was looking for her missing child. Hispanic female. Clear, female party does not need police.

Report of a vehicle parked illegally on Cliff Avenue. Vehicle was tagged. No tow needed.

Reporting party came into the station to report a hit and run on Plummer Avenue in which her son’s vehicle mirror was damaged. When she went outside to check on it, she observed a vehicle bumper with a registration plate attached. She wrote it down and went inside her house to get her phone to take a photograph and when she returned the bumper was gone. RMV query of the registration that was attached to the errant bumper revealed it belonged to a neighbor. Reporting party is gong to contact us tomorrow if she or her son discover more damage than just the mirror in the daylight.

Loud music reported on Crystal Cove Avenue. K9 spoke to the homeowner and advised them to turn the music down.

Sunday, November 27

Party on Cliff Avenue came into the station to report that he has been receiving harassing text messages from two numbers over the past three days. He had called Verizon and had one of the numbers blocked and then started receiving the texts from the other number. He was recently married and thought it might have been a friend doing a prank. Because of the context of the message he is concerned for his wife’s safety. RP filled a victim/witness statement with a brief synopsis and the two phone numbers.

Caller on Hawthorn Avenue stated there were four men falling and being disorderly walking towards Shore Drive. Officers spoke to two of the possible subjects on Locust Street. Unit stated party’s friend is highly intoxicated. Units are trying to make contact with the friend. Units confirmed that the two subjects have left the area. They also searched the area for their intoxicated friend. Could not find him. They also spoke to someone at the beach. They haven’t seen anyone. Unit 92 confirmed that intoxicated individual was found in the vicinity of Locust Street. Unit is going to assist the individual home to Locust Street.

Todisco Tow towed vehicle from Governors Park for no sticker trespass.

Todisco Tow towed another vehicle from Governors Park.

Well-being check on resident called in by sister on Governors Park.

Motor vehicle accident on Crest Avenue. Medical aid and police are enroute. One party to MGH and two motor vehicles towed by G&J Towing.

Family member notified Father and son domestic on Shirley Street. Son wants his father removed from home and given a ride to Orient Heights train station.

Caller states they lost their pet bird. It is green in color with yellow wings. Female bird named Lulu.

Party on Hermon Street wants to report an attempted past break into her home.

Caller on Douglas Street stated that her 9 year old son came home with a cut under his lip and stated that his father punched him and gave him the cut. Both mom and son are home. K9 is going to speak with the father on Shore Drive. K9 confirmed he spoke with dad and older child who witnessed the incident. Units are going bak to original address to speak to mom and children again. The peace was restored.

Caller states that her daughter lives in Georgia and she believes her son-in-law is acting aggressively towards her daughter and wants the police to respond. 911 dispatch center did call down to Georgia on behalf of the reporting party and had police sent to the house in question. Police reported the scene with peace restored. The caller was informed and updated on her daughter’s status and was given the phone number to the police station for the town in Georgia in which her daughter lives. She as instructed to follow up with them for any updates.


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