Police Blotter 11-24-2016

Monday, November 14

Todisco Towing towed motor vehicle from Governors Park for vehicle violation.

Hit and run at Fremont and Jefferson Street. Witness reports a large box truck was seen hitting parked motor vehicle. 93 and 94 will search the area. 94 off with a box truck in the area. Report to follow.

Investigation on Putnam Street for prior hit and run. 93 and all information needed, clear.

Lifeline alert on Overlook Drive. One elderly male transported to MGH.

Female came in to request some information regarding an accident that occurred several weeks ago in our jurisdiction. Party was advised that the information will be made available.

Caller on Elliot Street stated a person on a dirt bike is driving erratic with no lights on from Elliot Street towards the Point. Officer checked the area, could not be located.

DCF came in to report a missing juvenile who resides on Summit Avenue. Winthrop units advised to be on the lookout. Missing person report issued in CJIS/NCIC.

Winthrop headquarters received a call regarding a light skin black male wearing light jeans and a black sweater tapping on the window on Shirley Street. 93 stated his location is Cutler Street. Checked the area and could not find male that matched the description.

Party on Winthrop Street stated that his girlfriend jumped out of a motor vehicle in East Boston by Orient Heights and took off on foot towards Winthrop. A white female dirty blonde short hair, braces and a backpack. Services rendered. Will notify if comes back. Father was notified to call Boston.

Caller on Shore Drive states a male party yelling and screaming near the flag pole. He is wearing red sweater. State Police notified.

W97b and W98 off with a suspicious male party at Shirley and Washington Avenue. Warrant check negative. FI to follow.

Party on Somerset Avenue reports unwanted intoxicated male. Male left the residence prior to their arrival towards French Square. Units report being off with the male at Somerset and Cottage Park Road and request a taxi for a ride to a local hotel. Winthrop Taxi contacted and will provide the service.

Tuesday, November 15

W93 reports a motor vehicle stop at Winthrop Market. Driver has suspended license. A citation was issued and a report will be filed.

Medical emergency for allergic reaction on Pauline Street. 45 year old male to MGH. Fire and ambulance dispatched.

Caller on Cliff Avenue stated that his house was recently egged and he would like to speak with an officer regarding the incident and the youths involved.

99 reports conducting a followup investigation on Shirley Street.

DPS reports syringe near old office at the cemetery. Party will stand by for officer. The syringe was picked up.

Motor vehicle accident with injuries at Main and Hermon Street. Clear, minor accident, no injuries, report to follow.

Caller on Winthrop Street states there was a break in but does know when it happened. Just got home a few minutes ago. Caller states someone might be upstairs on the 2nd floor. Open window from the house. Clear top floor. Spoke to the victim and neighbors. Party called back and stated that a black male was sitting in front of hate ouse in a red Corvette.

Caller on Prospect Avenue reports while walking his dog he witnessed a black pickup truck driving at a high rate of speed with the headlights off. Caller reports subject driving the vehicle never slowed down and almost struck him as he was walking. W93 located the vehicle but no one is answering the residence so he can not speak to the driver. Got the plate number.

Wednesday, November 16

Caller on Otis Street reports that her boyfriend is having a medical issue. Possible overdose. W92 reports no overdose only an individual having chest pains. W92 will clear and W93 will stay on the scene to assist WFD and EMS. WW93 reports patient refusal and will clear.

Calling party came into the station to report an accident on Crest Avenue. She did not get the driver information, proper information obtained and exchanged. Vehicle and operator information dropped off at the other home.

Party on Court Road came to the station to report a car parked in the area overnight and appears to have an individual sleeping in the vehicle. W93 reports the operator is okay, just an Uber driver resting his eyes before his next fare.

Hit and run that occurred at the Cummings Elementary School. Party followed him to St. John’s Church and is now waiting in the parking lot. Minor damage. Papers exchanged for very minor damage.

Another agency doing a well being check on Washington Avenue. Party will be waiting out in a white Subaru. 99 requested an additional unit as well as EMS response to rear stairs for Section 12. Unit 93 notified and sent. Transported to MGH. 99 reports that victim forges weapons and makes threats. Send several units on future calls. Det. Calling stated that involved party has and makes weapons.

Well being check on Woodside Avenue. Missing person. Caller had no address for subject. Caller stated that he was last seen on Sunday night wearing a gray sweater and jeans. The last contact was a text message on Monday night to victim’s family. Caller stated involved party is a white male. When responding to family, they knew nothing about what was going on. Officer checked surrounding units. Called calling party and he is going to call involved party’s friends to get an address. He will call us back with updated information. Officer as unable to get information at Center Cafe. Off. Carter spoke with the step-father of missing party. He confirmed that involved party is not missing/was at a family function. Involved party does not want contact with calling party. Calling party called in with an updated address on the involved party. Involved party does not want contact with the calling party.

Caller on Trident Avenue stated they needed an assist on a repo vehicle as they spoke with the owner of the vehicle and the involved party showed hostility to repo driver. Repo driver requested police assistance. Repo company towed vehicle without incident.

16 year old female home alone on Pleasant Street and a black truck drives by six or seven times. Female returned in house and locked door. Description of driver given. Involved party stated that the driver of the vehicle asked if she was home alone and then drove off. Involved party thinks the driver went towards East Boston. Officer patrolled the area periodically.

911 hangup on River Road. Officer stated a woman got nervous and ran when they got on the scene. Involved party has history of paranoia. Officer stated involved party’s friend accidentally called 911. Officer searched the area.

5 year old passed out on Chamberlain Avenue. Medical informed and enroute. 5 year old transported to Whidden. Mother is on the scene.

911 call from River Road. Medical enroute. Transported to MGH.

Party on Johnson Avenue called to say that she has concerns about an ex-boyfriend that lives in another city. Clear, crime happened in Rowley and they did file an incident with Rowley PD but also want to file on in Winthrop PD. Possible scam.

Caller at Governors Park stated that while she was parking her vehicle a lady came up to her and started screaming and yelling at her. She is inside her Honda parked. Will wave down the officer upon his arrival.

Hit and run accident on Atlantic Street while involved party was at work. Involved party was able to drive it home.

Thursday, November 17

Party on Johnson Avenue is receiving harassing phone calls and she thinks it may be someone that she had a restraining order on. Officer took all the information.

Caller on Shirley Street says the people in the basement apartment have been arguing since early this morning. Spoke to all parties and the matter was resolved. Officers also spoke to the neighbor and advised them to call police is this happens again.

Winthrop 9-2 doing a follow-up on Fremont Street. Spoke to the party.

Caller on Morton Street said an elderly man came into the cleaners looking for the senior center. Seemed like he may need some assistance. He was headed to the area of the senior center on Shirley Street. He was given a courtesy ride.

Party from Perkins Street states that the house behind her on Tewksbury Street has a fire pit inside a detached garage smoking. Engine 1 on the scene. Engine 2 Code C responded per Engine 1. Engine 2 on the scene. C3 established Tewksbury Street. Ladder 1 on Shore Drive. 9-3 assisting fire.

Party found a small dog wandering on Pleasant Street. Owner came to get the dog. Caller wanted to file  report with the ACO.

OD in the parking lot at Deer Island. State Police enroute. Winthrop 9-1 responded. Winthrop 9-1 cleared. The party transported to the Whidden. State will handle the vehicle.

Erratic operator in a blue Toyota in the Dunkin Donuts parking lot on Main Street. Verbal argument between two drivers. One party left the scene prior to police arrival. Peace restored. Female party in a silver Lincoln on Chester Avenue. Possible overdose. Medical aid enroute. No overdose. Female party just sitting in her car. Units clear.

Caller on Payson street states the mom is upset during his visit to pick up the kids. Peace restored. Mom is fine and is sleeping.

Unwanted party on Shirley Street. Caller states the neighbor won’t leave his house. Subject left prior to police arrival. Male subject lives nearby. Police spoke with him advising him not to go the property when his friend is not home. Clear, peace restored.

Man down on Golden Drive. Medical aid enroute. Male party transported to Whidden.


Friday, November 18

Reports of a glass break on Putnam Street. Also requesting check on the windows. Winthrop 99 along with 9-1 and 9-3 checked out the basement bak room where the glass was broken. Employees are okay and the building is secure.

Anonymous caller reports motor vehicle has been parked inn front her house on Pleasant Park Road for approximately one month and has not moved. She stated the vehicle has an expired registration sticker and a resident parker sticker.

Minor motor vehicle accident on Crest Avenue. Verbal warning for not having her license on her. The stolen front plate on the other vehicle is known to WPD.

Party at Cumberland Farms reports possible questionable activity relating to gas pump. He has attempted to deal with manager but has not received proper attention and wants this reported to the police. 9-3 was going there to do a follow-up. Officer spoke with the manager.

ACO was called to Yirrell Beach. There was a man filling up 8 barrels with sewed. Checked it out and he is okay if anyone calls about it. All units were advised of this.

Unidentified caller stated that her father was trying to kick her out of her residence on Shore Drive. Dispatch could hear multiple people yelling in the background. The caller was unwilling to provide the address of the location and disconnected the all. Did not answer several call backs. Using the number, dispatch was able to obtain an address. He is doing a search in the area.

Officer assisted clerk at Honey Dew on Shirley Street with a customer. Spoke to the clerk. Customer came back into the Honey Dew and spoke to the officer. He was given his money back.

Winthrop Health Center is concerned party on Natant Avenue may have an infection. Officer spoke to the mother and he is okay. She is going to call the health center.

Dog barking outside on Sagamore Avenue.

Medical sent to Executive Apartments. 70 year old male party transported to MGH.

Party was involved in a hit and run at Bank of America. Citation was issued to Honda for failing to yield.

Report of two females fighting in the street on Jefferson Street. 93 reports verbal argument between two females. One female fled, peace restored.

Caller on Nevada Street reports a suspicious male looking in mailboxes on her street. Area was searched and could not locate subject. Officer also searched Shirley Street area, and could not fine anyone that matched the description.

Saturday, November 19

Caller on Walden Street stated there is a man between the buildings by the dumpster. He is in his early thirties, hispanic, mustache. Individual lives on Walden Street. Officer confirmed he got into his apartment safely.

Calling party on Winthrop Street states that her downstairs neighbor is making threats against her. While dispatching unit the other neighbor also called reporting that threats are being made against her as well. Units report speaking to both parties and determine that this is a civil matter. All parties advised of their rights and peace was restored.

HQ reports that Todisco walked in to report a trespass tow of vehicle from Governors Park.

Caller on Wave Way Avenue report an unwanted guest at his home. W92 and 93 responded. W93 will give the unwanted guest a ride to Orient Heights train station.

Party on Chester Avenue report that he is receiving harassing phone calls from a former employee. Units will go to the former employee’s home to speak with him. Units report that he will cease and desist. All parties were advised of their rights.

Party on Cliff Avenue stated a black Rottweiler is loose in the area. No collar. Clear, nothing showing.

Barking dog again on Sagamore Avenue. An ongoing issue. Reporting party called back to cancel. Dog was taken inside the house.

Party on South Main Street came to the station to report that someone hacked into her account and used her Discover card and purchased seven phones off of the card.

Multiple calls of a hit and run motor vehicle accident on Pauline Street. Fleeing vehicle a red car. Additional information that the vehicle had a lift gate on the rear of the pickup. Surrounding communities advised. Clear, search of the area and no location of the vehicle. Nothing showing. G&J has the vehicle.

Sunday, November 20

Calling party on Woodside Avenue reports he is trying to sleep and therein a lot of noise in front of Blackstrap Restaurant. Parties were sent back in to the restaurant. Person in charge was advised to keep the noise down.

Calling party on Veterans Road states extremely loud party all day and getting louder. Calling party wishes to remain anonymous. Party has disbursed. Peace restored.

Minor disturbance at Blackstrap. K9 cleared the gathering.

Caller at Governors Park reports a loud party in the building. Unknown which unit. Units poke with involved party and they will keep it down for the night.

35 year old male transported to Whidden from Pauline Street.

Report of a loud party on Summit Avenue. Unit spoke with the homeowner. They will keep it down.

Caller on Summit Avenue wanted to confirm the units came as the neighbors were still being loud. Caller stated we did not have to send the units again. Spoke with Unit 93 to let him know what the caller stated. Units 93 and 92 went bak to the scene. Homeowners were advised again.


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