Police Blotter 11-17-2016

Monday, November 7

Male caller at the Point reports a white pickup is stopping in front of houses and the passenger is going into the yards. Officers report searching the whole Point to no avail.

Chief received a memo requesting a check on a veteran in town who is not responding to calls, knocking on the door or letters to the house. Officers report he no longer lives on Pleasant Street given to us by the Veteran’s agent. For the sister to call officer spoke to the landlord as well.

Executive Director at the Arbors reports that a patient made threats to harm himself. 92 R. Carter reports he will file a report.

Caller at Revere and Argyle Street reports an erratic operation of a green SUV with NH plates. Caller states a female operator appeared to be on her phone and not watching the road.

Party from earlier today called back to report that the Black Nissan was back on Beal Street with a child still crying. W93 reports a 3 year old child is fine, is just being fussy with the grandmother who is watching her.

Caller on Grovers Avenue requests an ambulance for assistance in helping her husband who has fallen.

92 Ferullo cited motor vehicle at the Winthrop Marketplace for illegal use of HP decal.

92 Ferullo reports that he received a report of a child left in a car at Winthrop Marketplace. He checked all the cars and no child is unattended.

Unit reports motor vehicle car stop in front of Auto Body shop at Shirley and Veterans Road. Query of registration shows active registration. Unit reports warning issued for minor infraction.

Caller on Coral Avenue reports a medical issue with 52 year old male. Fire and ambulance notified and will respond.

Tuesday, November 8

Fax came in from American Recovery Service that a tow was being down on James Avenue.

Caller stated a coyote chased him for two blocks up to his house on Buchanan Street and then an into the bottom cemetery. 91 will search the area. Area search negative. Message will be left for the ACO.

911 caller from Pleasant Street stated he was having chest pains. Transferred to WFD and 92 responded. 63 year old male transported to MGH.

Calling party from Governors Park stated a Volvo just backed up into the building. Caller was unable to get license plate. 91 responded and found a bummer with a VIN number which came back to a 2015 black Honda CRV out of Governors Park. 92 has that vehicle on the corner of Revere and Central Street. 92 also responded. Owner operator on the scene. G&J notified for a tow. Operator cited for leaving the scene of accident with property damage.

Caller on Harbor View Avenue reports that her husband fell and needs assistance getting him back to bed.

Party came to the station to report that the female that lives below him at Governors Park has been causing him trouble since he moved in a few months ago. The disturbance she makes on yelling and banging on the ceiling. In fact, she is so loud that the tenant above him is bothered by the noise she creates. She would not come to the door when she had the TV on and after  knock on the door by the officers, the TV went off and the apartment went quiet. She never came to the door after many knocks.

Caller on Perkins Street reports that her rear neighbor on Tewksbury Street has installed some type of chimney to burn wood and refuse which is causing noxious smoke to entire her residence. Referred to code enforcement.

Received a warrant of apprehension for subject on Shore Drive from Cambridge Court. Officers went to serve the warrant, person is staying with a friend there. Able to find the apartment number as a result. Officers report there is no answer the door after several knocks. Sergeant made calls and the subject’s friend told her he is in Brookline. She told him to have our su object go to the Brookline Police to pick up some papers. The Sergeant will fax a copy of Brookline. Subject called and stated that he was on his way to the family home and the family was notified.

Party on Shore Drive came to the station to report that she and her friend are being harassed by someone in the building. Last night this person slid a note under the door around 3 a.m. The note stated, “it is your neighbor, come down to the basement 4 some fun.”

A neighbor on Golden Drive called to report that someone has been yelling in his apartment since 5 a.m. Officers report speaking to the resident who states that he is fine and not in need of service. He was advised to lower his voice to avoid disturbing neighbors.

Caller at D&T Market reports that someone has been in the bathroom for over two house and they are not responding to the knocks o the door. Fire and ambulance notified. Units report gaining entrance into the bathroom and no one is inside.

Wednesday, November 9

Wife asks we check on her husband as she is at work and no answer at the house with a handicapped child there. 91 Sorrentino reports husband fell asleep and will call his wife.

Officer requests a check on a motor vehicle on Cutler Street which comes back as unregistered/uninsured/non-renewable. G&J responded and towed same. A citation was issued.

Party on Pleasant Street reports that someone spit on his car and drove off in a blue Honda. He smelled alcohol on his breath.

Caller on Nevada Street reports a larceny of a phone. Call was cancelled as reporting party found her cell phone.

Thursday, November 10

Caller states that a car flipped over on Shirley Street and went into a wall. Medical enroute.

Unidentified caller on Shore Drive reports a barking dog. ACO notified. ACO reports locating the dog in question. The dog has been brought inside.

Party on Birch Road reports that his brother contacted him and threatened to harm him and his family members in East Boston. Dispatched 92, 93 and 94. Dispatch notified East Boston for a well being check. 94 reports medical personnel clear, the party checks out.

Caller on Revere Street reports a dog struck by a motor vehicle. ACO notified. ACO reports that the dog is deceased.

Party on Winthrop Street reports that she was threatened by someone who she believes has a firearm. Officers and detectives were informed of the caller’s phone number and they will call for further update. The party making the threats went to Winthrop Street approximately 1 hour ago. 94 reports through the Verizon language line they were advised that the female showed upon the scene. No threats were made t the house and the subject is Puerto Rican, wearing glasses and an apron.

93 reports attempting to serve emergency no contact order to subject on Lincoln Street. Unable to make contact at this time.

Reporting party on Overlook Drive states that a male party is making noise and causing a disturbance. Involved party left before police arrival. Units will clear. Reporting party states that the male party was being very loud.

Past assault subject walked in to the lobby of Winthrop Police Station. Medical aid was dispatched. Reporting party refused medical aid and stated that a family member will take them to the hospital instead.

Male on Pleasant Street requesting a well being check on his 1 year old. Units inside the apartment after forced entry, door bolted from the inside. Units report no one at home, the apartment is secure and orderly at this time. Another resident will make a call to the owner to make notice about the force of the door.

Calling party on Almont Street reports he was robbed at knifepoint. Robbed of Apple Station 4. Suspect described at 5 foot 8 inches, dark hoodie, dark pants, unknown race. Playstation should be in a white trash bag, possibly followed the subject off the bus. 92 checked the area on Beach Road and no sign of any activity in or out. Spoke to several neighbors who did not see any activity. Winthrop Taxi reports that they did not see the subject.

Caller on Overlook Drive reports that a male party in another apartment is being too loud. Unit will be clear. The peace was restored.

Small group being dispersed from Otis Street. Unit clear. It was a small group of family members gathering.

Winthrop Police went to Pleasant Street to retrieve firearms. Officer will clear and has the retrieved firearm/firearms. Report to follow. Reporting party was advised to contact the police if any future problems occur.

Friday, November 11

Complaint of vehicle playing loud music on Park Avenue. No description of the vehicle. Clear with nothing showing.

Caller on Morton Street reports he fond a stray dog with no collar, all grey Pomeranian. ACO unavailable. The caller reports he made contact with the dog’s owner.

Party walked into the station to report that she was bit by a dog yesterday in front of the Holy Rosary church and has no information no the owner or the dog at this time. ACO reports there will be a follow on Monday.

Vehicle towed by Todisco Towing for trespass at Governors Park.

Another vehicle towed for trespass at Governors Park.

Veteran’s ceremony at the Winthrop High School. There will be shots fired.

Party at Governors Park reports a disturbance in the office with a female party upset about her motor vehicle being towed. Prior to officers arrival, female left the scene. No services necessary.

Caller on Wave Way Avenue requesting  a well being check on her boyfriend. Caller states he does not sound right and has a history of 94C. Medical enroute. Clear, male party appears to be fine, signed a refusal slip from medical.

Officer assisted a citizen with some of her belongings on Johnson Avenue. Services rendered. Called both parties and they were not requesting police officer, but if needed, will call back. Party called back and stated that she was able to get her belongings out of the house, no disturbance, everything went well upon arrival.

Caller on Belcher Street reports smoke in the basement. Caller does not see fire. Winthrop fire enrollee and Winthrop police will respond. Clear, fire clearing the scene and police will clear.

Caller on Franklin Street states two white Kia’s are conducting possible 94C activity. One car fled and the Kia that is still on the scene unoccupied. Clear,negative on the white Kia parked on the street unoccupied.

Saturday, November 12

Caller on Pleasant Street stated a person was burning leaves in the backyard unattended. Using can to extinguish.

Officer would like a notification on party driving vehicle on Sagamore Avenue. Shoplifted from a store in Saugus. They would like the owner of the vehicle to call. Clear, unable to locate the vehicle and knocked on the door but no one answered. Saugus was called and were informed that we were unable to locate subject.

Caller on Irwin Street reports party in another apartment is making noise. Calling party chooses not to make herself known. We spoke with parties on River Road and all is clear. Appeared to be a verbal argument between son and parents.

Sunday, November 13

Party on Beal Street reports a loud party. Units report speaking to the homeowner who will discontinue the noise. Homeowner was advised of further consequences if other calls are received.

Uber driver came in and dropped off Samsung Galaxy phone that had been left in his vehicle. Message was left using a phone number that was on the screen.

Todisco Towing reports towing vehicle for trespass at Metcalfe Square.

Report of a loose Rottweiler running in the area of Highland Avenue. Clear nothing showing.

Party on Washington Avenue called and stated that a male party wearing a hoodie, hat and glasses was possibly drunk. Clear, nothing showing, checked the area of Washington and Shirley Street.

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