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Thank you for all who helped

Dear Editor:

In spite of the fact that Hillary Clinton lost the Presidential election, there are a number of people that Tino Capobianco and I would like to thank for their tireless effort on this campaign.

Tino Capobianco–supported and worked for Hillary Clinton back in 2008.  He canvassed New Hampshire 8 times during this year’s primary and several times after the Primary election.  Tino      and I worked as a team to organize canvassing, calling, and visibility efforts for the Clinton campaign.  He also coordinated with Speaker DeLeo regarding the bus that took 11 Winthrop                  canvassers to NH on October 22nd.  Tino was always there to consult with, make decisions, and suggest strategies.  He was a joy to work with.  (Tino also worked as a passionate advocate          on the “No on Question 2” charter school campaign.)

Jim Capobianco–part of the “Capobianco-Reilly Machine” as he called it, Jim made election day signs for us.  He “planted” over 50 signs in Winthrop with me.  Jim opened his home to us on          election night to watch result returns.

Hanna Gerhard — canvassed NH several weeks in a row accompanied by driver and map assistant Mary Biggio.  Hanna and Mary were a dynamic team.

Sylvia Whiting–in spite of medical issues, Syvia continually made calls to the swing states of Pennsylvania and Ohio.  (Phone calling is hard work.)

Carol Walker– even with recent back surgery, Carol called New Hampshire voters up until and through election day.

 Cullen Riley — made calls from his college to swing states.

 Mike Murray — Operations Director at Mass Democratic Party was extremely helpful to our “Winthrop for Clinton” operation.  Mike explained the national and state campaign strategy and             delivered signs to my door.  Mike was always there to consult with and seek direction.

Cathy DelVento –Cathy is President of the Winthrop Democratic Town Committee (WDTC).  Cathy oversaw the difficult task of drawing up the attractive Democratic slate ad for “The  Winthrop Sun Transcript.»

Stephen Ruggiero– As Secretary of the WDTC, Stephen was always there to share with all WDTC members Clinton campaign activities and event.

 Suzanne Hitchcock-Bryan — conducted 4 trips to Florida and canvassed her heart out for Hillary and Kaine.

 Deborah Kuhn and husband Atty. Dave Kelston — canvassed in Cleveland, Ohio, the last week before the election.

House Speaker Bob DeLeo — sponsored a bus for 11 volunteers who canvassed Nashua, NH, on Saturday, October 22nd.

Canvassers (in some rain) in Nashua, NH, on October 22nd —  Tino Capobianco, Donna Segreti Reilly, Jeff Phillips, Nancy O’Malley, Hanna Gerhard, Henry Bailey, Ron “Ringo” DeStefano,

Steve Strianese, Deborah Kuhn, Atty. Dave Kelston, and Jeanne Murray.

 Rides to the Polls — Dr. Jim and Mary Taylor, and Bob Eshback.

Election Day Sign Holders — Hanna Gerhard, George Rainville, Dave Barry,  Linda Rainville, Theresa Herbert, Mary Alice Sharkey,  Donna Segreti Reilly, Steve Strianese, Mary Biggio, Henry     Bailey, Bernie Kelly, Nancy O’Malley, Ginny Cronin, Tino Capobianco, Ron “Ringo” DeStefano, Jim Capobianco, Barbara Bishop, Dr. Jim and Mary Taylor, Beverly Alba, Ralph Tufo, and Cindy       Luppi.

«The Winthrop Sun Transcript» for their coverage of campaign matters and for our Democratic “News Briefs” and WDTC meetings and events.

We also thank generous financial supporters Richard and Emilie DiMento and Mary Biggio.  Tino and I would also like to thank the 53 people who put Clinton-Kaine signs on their lawns.

Again, Tino and I thank you all for your outstanding efforts on this difficult campaign.  I like to quote Ginny Cronin who always leaves a situation with, “Soldier on!!”  Thank you, Ginny, and let’s all not lose our sense of humanity or sense of humor over this outcome.  As President Obama said today, “The sun always rises tomorrow.”  Good night, and God bless.

Donna Segreti Riley 

Town Clerk’s thanks WHS students

Dear Editor:

As Town Clerk, I  would like to thank all the people that assisted with the election this week. The Town had a turnout of over 77% and many people worked over 18 hours on election day. Special thanks to Early Voter Assistants Darrell Dupont, Denise Mahoney and Louise Corkhum, and to our office staff that gave up many nights and weekends in the last month!  So many  Town Departments assisted and many residents gave encouragement with kind words, and refreshments to the staff in our office and at the polls. Our High School students made a meaningful impact with their assistance in the polls as well as the beautiful artwork provided by our Middle School students. The artwork of the students is attached.

Carla Vitale

Town Clerk


On the Memorial Gym

Dear Editor:

At a recent Town Council Meeting,  a discussion during public comment was focused on what to do with the Memorial Gym which is part of the now vacant and former middle school. On balance this was a great night because their seemed to be consensus that something be done, however, money was again the issue.

This is where the concern comes into play. The idea that budgets in town government are underfunded is what is perplexing me, and I’d guess, many in town. We always seem to “find the money”. The reason we always seem to find the money is the money is there, the problem is, how the elected boards/Town Manager decide to spend the money.

Case in point, the Chairperson of the Winthrop School Committee provided commentary about what she intended to advocate for at her next Committee meeting. Her intention is to work with the Superintendent and the Committee to find a way to waive any building use fees until a recreation center solution is found. This is a TERRIFIC and very community oriented thought, but there is a tremendous problem.

Back in the spring this same School Committee was faced with laying off 6 ESP’s, not replacing 2 teachers and one custodian, and raising user fees, all to put forward a balanced budget. I will not discount the effort put forth to get there, but what I take issue with is that the end result was reductions in staff, and RAISED USER FEE’S. I don’t know about anyone else but if I’m being asked to pay higher activity/user fees for my children to participate in school activities, it is because there is NO MORE MONEY in the budget.

So what is going on here?? Is there more money in the budget? Or do the people responsible for the budget not have enough familiarity with what is in the budget?

Please don’t misunderstand me, I know there is money in the budget, and I hope that the School Committee steps up and does their part. I stated last night that I think, since they are going back to look for monies to cover the costs of public use of facilities, they should re-evaluate the increase in user/activity fees for students and student athletes. They could then use the money they collected for user fees already, and the money the will collect, to put towards the effort to have a rec center for the kids free of charge.

Like Vinny Crossman stated so accurately, “It’s always on the backs of the kids”…time for that to stop!!

Todd Sacco

Precinct 2


Great job on repaving

Dear Editor::

We would like to thank Steve Calla and the DPW employees for the outstanding job they did coordinating the new sidewalks and the paving of our roads.

It can be extremely difficult to manage such a massive project. However, everything was very well synchronized. All of the town workers were very friendly and accommodating as well as the workers for the concrete and paving companies.

It was wonderful having all the work completed so quickly and efficiently. Driving and walking on our new sidewalks and roads on Cottage Hill is a pleasure.

We really appreciate all the hard work and dedication that goes into such a project. Once again, thank you very much.

Alex and Donna



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