5 Years and Going Strong:Winthrop Book Depot Celebrates Anniversary

By Kate Anslinger

Suzanne Martucci, right, and her mother Susan celebrate five years.

Suzanne Martucci, right, and her mother Susan celebrate five years.

On Nov. 1 The Winthrop Book Depot celebrated its five-year anniversary.

“It’s hard to believe that it has already been five years,” said owner, Suzanne Martucci, who is grateful for the community support and loyal customers.

Martucci said that it took a little while for the vision of the store to come together, but eventually became a town staple with a warm atmosphere and friendly vibes.

In addition to the many tasty drink options, the store is also home to artwork that is displayed by some of Winthrop’s most talented artists.

“I’m honored that these artists lend me their work to hang on the walls,” said Martucci.

With the recent move of the high school/middle school, there was some worry that The Book Depot would lose it’s student age customer-base, but the students have maintained their loyalty, shifting the times in which they make their daily visit for coffee.

“Our loyal customers always manage to make it here,” said Martucci. “And we are so thankful for that.”

Suzanne Martucci continues to experiment with new products that keep her customers happy. Some of those items include matcha tea, frozen and blended chocolate, peanut butter and Oreo drinks and a variety of soups for the winter season.

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