Police Blotter 10-27-2016

Monday, October 17

Party on Floyd Street reports a brown motor vehicle has been parked in the neighborhood for over three weeks. Officer reports speaking with the owner who will have it moved by a licensed driver. She was advised to change her address with the RMV.

Notification from the RMV of a right to operate on Pleasant Street. It was served in hand.

Caller on Overlook Drive reports he is on oxygen and is having difficulty breathing. Fire notified.

Party on Winthrop Street reports a vehicle running red lights and driving like crazy. Units BOLOed for the vehicle and was unable to locate it and will seek the operator at residence and speak with him. Officer spoke with the operator.

Director of Housing called requesting an officer to assist with a tenant who was being evicted. Officer will respond and assist. The officer reports that the female on the scene with a No Trespass order against her and claims there is no order. The order was served in hand on August 5th.

Party on Shirley Street called to state what when she returned home she noticed her trash can cover was broken. She then observed her neighbor, whom she states has been recently harassing her, staring out his window at her. She wants this logged for future harassment order.

Caller on Somerset Avenue states that a young child is showing symptoms of a nut allergy.

Party on Lincoln Street reports that his unlocked vehicle was entered while parked in his driveway. Stolen from it was his work backpack containing his phone, Galaxy 5s, various chargers from his phone and a computer.

Tuesday, October 18

Female party on Shirley Street is requesting EMS for chest pains. She is outside Honey Dew Donuts on foot. WFD and EMS notified. Officers responded and assist and reports a female patient being transported to MGH via ambulance.

Caller on Ocean View Street reports that her 4-year-old child is having difficulty breathing. WFD and EMS notified. Officer reports WFD and EMS on the scene and a four year old is being transported to Children’s via EMS.

Party at Executive Apartments requesting an ambulance for sister who is going into labor. EMS and WFD notified.

Caller reports a motor vehicle crash at Golden Drive and Revere Street. She is not injured. Officer requested WFD and EMS for a female who was transported to Melrose/Wakefield. The operator of the other vehicle was placed under arrest on a warrant and transported to the station for booking.

Caller called a second time complaining about cars from WHS blocking his vehicle in at the lot adjacent to Ocean View tennis court side. The caller was advised that the lot is a public lot. Students were contacted and moved the vehicles. SRO was advised and assisted with getting the cars moved. W91 also assisted him earlier this morning but a second time he was blocked in by another student. He was advised that steps to take to not be blocked in for future reference.

party walked in to report that he was harassed at the car wash for washing his car. Ongoing neighbor dispute. Party advised of his rights. While speaking to him, the other party called to report that the party who walked in should not be washing his vehicle due to a medical condition. Party advised there is no crime in washing your car.

Party from Central Street name in to report that his daughter did not go to school today and has yet to return. She is not returning her phone calls. Officer attempted to check with her local friends who deny seeing her. A7 checked a location in East Boston of a friend she is reportedly with. They got no response at the door. Missing juvenile entered into NCIC.

Repo agent called requesting an officer for an irate car owner at Fort Heath Apartments. W94 responded and report the vehicle is not being towed. As of this time, it is a misunderstanding that will be straightened out tomorrow.

Missing juvenile came to the station with her sister on her own volition.

Wednesday, October 19

Party on Washington Avenue reports the tenants on the 2nd floor are making noise and woke up his entire family. Officers report speaking with the tenants who just in from work. There was no music or loud sound heard upon arrival.

Male on Grovers Avenue requests EMS for severe abdominal pain. WFD and EMS notified and will respond.

Caller on Somerset Avenue reports that a male party was parked outside her house and a male exited the vehicle and walked into her porch and down her driveway. She is calling from work and was concerned as her daughter was home and informed her of this. Unit were advised to check the area and the calling party advised to call us if he returns.

Party at Executive Apartments reports four subjects in a white van that he would like us to check out for possible 94c. Officers report speaking to the caller who reports the vehicle left before the officer’s arrival in the direction of WSD.

Officer will try to serve three summons to subject on Shore Drive. He delivered the summons in hand to the juvenile. Parents will be served later in the day.

SRO reports receiving a call about a male party lying on the baseball field near Payson and Franklin Street. Officer reports the party is known to them and was waiting for a shuttle bus. He has moved off the field.

Caller reports a suspicious package at Shirley and Veterans Road. Officer reports a backpack with a pair of shoes in it.

Officer will attempt to see an HPO issued out of Lynn District Court to subject at Governors Park.

Nurse from the ER called to ask if we can notify a party’s spouse on Grovers Avenue. He is being admitted to the hospital and he has no way of reaching her.

Caller at Corinha Beach reports he is having a heart attack. Fire notified. Officer reports 81-year-old male to MGH.

Party on Overlook Drive reports that an elderly female has taken a fall and needs assistance getting up. Fire notified.

Caller on Elmwood Avenue requesting an ambulance for a male who fell and cut his face. EMS responded.

W98 requested a RMV query for a vehicle at Grandview Avenue. Detectives request K9 to respond. Units report one in custody for possession of Class D drug.

Thursday, October 20

Caller states loud music and people in Hannaford Park. Area clear up units arrival.

92 initiates a car stop at Pleasant and Girdlestone. Verbal warning issued for speeding. 92 had to break off for a domestic in progress.

Caller at Governors Park states a loud group in a car causing a disturbance. Units respond and report they spoke to the group who are all residents of the complex. All parties will go inside and advised of their rights.

Export Enterprise came to the station and reported conducting three vehicle tows for multiple violations at Executive Apartments.

Caller on Washington Avenue states that her friend sent her a message that he wants to hurt/harm himself. Units will check last known address. Peabody PD also notified to check an address in their city. Peabody called back and stated he is not in their city and have a last known address in Pawtucket, RI. Attleboro PD also will check an address in their town.

Officer will try to serve subject o Shore Drive a summons issued by the Chelsea Juvenile Court. He reports he spoke to the parent over the phone for service and to inform them to pick up the copy at the station.

ACO reports that while on detail, a citizen approached and reported that she may have heard a faint plea for help from inside a house on Hale Avenue. W91 and WFD responded and report speaking with a male resident who reports he has not been feeling well but doesnot require any medical attention.

Male called of a car parked for days in front of his house on Brookfield Road, and he does not know who owns it. RMV query comes back as Expired/non-registered. Officer reports the vehicle was towed by G&J.

Visiting Nurse request an ambulance for patient on Summit Avenue with low blood pressure.

Caller on Undine Avenue asking for a check on her grandchild whom she has not seen for several months. W92 resided and reports speaking with the child’s other grandmother who is with the child and all is fine. A call back to the caller and she was informed that all is well.

Caller on Shore Drive reports a drunk in the hallway. Officer reports person is fine. He was sent out of the area.

Report of needles in the street on Harbor View Avenue. Officer picked them up.

Caller on Shore Drive reports the woman is back. A caller from another apartment called as well. Officer requests medical. Fire and EMS notified. Officer reports party to the MGH.

party on Shirley Street reports that she moved in Saturday and moved a heavy granite table into the yard by the back of the house. She returned home from work today and noticed it was stolen from the yard.

Homeowner on Plummer Avenue called and said a man just walked out of his yard through his driveway. No description of the person. 92, 93 and 94 responded to the area. Area search negative.

Friday, October 21

WPD and Somerville detective attempt a warrant service on Pleasant Street. Sergeant also on the scene. Officer gain entry into the residence without incident and report the subject is not on the scene. All units clear.

WFD requested an officer respond to Seal Harbor to have individual go to the hospital, as he has very low vital signs and they strongly believe he should go to the hospital. Officer will have to fill out a Section 12. W92 reports involuntary transport to Beth Israel.

Caller on Temple Avenue reports that somebody is stealing her trash bags. Officer spoke with the caller and it was determined it appears to have been animals.

Officers and detective responded to George Street to attempt a warrant arrest. They report the subject was not around.

Caller at Underhill and Shore Drive reports there are two vehicles parked beyond the “no parking here to corner”. One sticking out onto Shore Drive. Officer reports vehicle will be towed by G&J. Both vehicles tagged.

SRO requests a cruiser to transport student from Main Street, arrested for past assault and battery.

Adult male on Douglas Street called to report that a child fell on her bike and is bleeding. Officer reports father contacted and will meet the ambulance at the Mass General.

Officer will try to serve subject or his wife a summons issued by the Chelsea Juvenile Court on Shore Drive. He reports serving in hand the copy for the father and giving him a copy of her mother’s.

Party on Pleasant Street came to the station to report being harassed by an ex-girlfriend or her ex-boyfriend.

Sergeant requests a well being check on individual on Sunnyside Avenue due to certain statements made over the phone causing him to question his mental well being. Units report there are open doors, they report fire and EMS will respond as officers have made contact. Officers report speaking with both calling party and above subject and determined that the party does not pose a danger to himself or others.

W93 reports handicap placard violation at Winthrop Marketplace.

Caller at Winthrop Marketplace reports a female has fallen and needs medical. 84 year old female transported to MGH.

Party reports that a male party fell down on Pleasant Street. Call transferred to WFD.

Report of a male party who fell down on Pleasant Street. Call transferred to WFD.

Caller on Emerson Road states that he just received an alert on his phone stating that his kitchen door was just opened and no one should be at the residence.

party on Plummer Avenue stated he heard what he thought were four gun shots. 93 and 94 responded to the area. Area search negative.

Caller on Pleasant Street reports that her child has run away from home. 94 responded and reports the mother is going to the station to fill out a missing person report. 94 checking out an address where her friend lives. 94 reports the girl was at her friend’s house. They will be transporting her to the station for her mother to pick up. Mother was contacted and will be right up.

Saturday, October 22

92 found motor vehicle running and unoccupied at the end of Pleasant Court. Officer found the drive who was working with the DPW monitoring the high rain waters.

Motor vehicle was parked in the handicap parking spot on Jefferson Street without a placard. A $300 parking ticket was issued.

Caller on Jefferon Street stated there is a silver motor vehicle outside on his street for approximately 10 minutes and every few minutes you can hear a woman yelling from the vehicle. 92 and 94 responded. Units report the female party lives on Jefferson and was being dropped off from a friend. Both parties stated they were just being loud and apologized. She went in for the night and the driver cleared the scene.

E911 reporting the bartender at the Elks may be having a stroke. EMS notified.

Male called to report that there are clammers in the area of Cliff and Grovers Avenue. The Environmental Police responded.

Caller on Brookfield Road reports that his friend sent him a text. The text was asking for help for an unwanted guest at her house. Officers report having the other person leave. Officer gave her a ride home. All were advised.

Newton Police would like us to do a well being check on a resident on Forrest Street that may be staying there. Officer reports no answer and everything is locked up.

Caller on Pearl Avenue reports a female entered her apartment with no permission and she is crazy. Party being summoned in.

Party at the Crystal Cove Inn state she needs medical for an individual that was pulled out of the pool and is bleeding. Units 92, 93 and 94 responded and report the subject jumped into the pool and hit his head at the bottom. WFD and Action notified. Units report 19 year old male transported to MGH.

Sunday, October 23

Calling party on Sea Foam Avenue stated he heard an alarm coming from somewhere. 92 and 93 responded along with WFD. Upon arrival, alarm was found to be coming from a home on Sea Foam. WFD was able to gain access to apartment and found a faulty alarm. All units cleared.

Nurse on Lincoln Street called 911 and asked for an ambulance for a resident that had fallen. Transferred to WFD.

Male party on Broad Street called 911 and stated he was being chased by a woman yelling at him to go back to his country. He stated he was calling from Revere. We explained to him that he was contacting Winthrop, but would have Revere meet him. He stated she was gone and he was fine now. He stated he lived on Broad Street and was almost home and did not need assistance. We called him back to check on him and he was okay. He stated he saw a cruiser as we  were speaking and would speak to them.

Caller on Locust Street stated a loud party causing a disturbance. Units 92, 93 and 94 responded and report about six individuals inside. The resident was advised of his rights.

Chelsea PD radioed a BOLO for a blue taxi with yellow lettering, stolen with the keys in it from Broadway within the last 15 minutes. All units apprised.

Party on Crescent Street reports that Saturday someone made a $301 charge on her Amazon Visa card for three bomber jackets through the Gap. She has since cancelled the card and the delivery of the items. Amazon was made aware of the situation.

W92 reports going off on Temple Avenue for a follow-up investigation. Officer reports speaking with the individual and having a fruitful encounter.

Officer reports being off on Ocean View Street on a follow-up. Officer reports speaking with the subject.

Caller at Seal Harbor requests medical and police for his brother. Unknown medical. Officer requesting detectives for a party with a stab wound. Detective responded to the scene. CPAC notified and will decline jurisdiction at present time. Patient was transported to the MGH via EMS.

Male party called reporting he was just bitten by two dogs near the high school. He was requesting the ACO officer ACO contacted by phone and will speak with the party.

Caller on Emerson Avenue reports a large tree branch down in the road. DPW notified and will respond.

Caller reports three people sitting in a car by Halford Beach. Caller then stated they are smoking marijuana. Officer will check the area. Officer spoke to two people. Male and female watching a movie by the beach.

Caller on Beach Street reports her daughter being threatened by another girl by texts. All the crimes are in Revere. They were advised to contact Revere police.

Party reports someone is chasing her and another party is running out into the street after her motor vehicle at Winthrop and Bowdoin Street. Two vehicles can be heard squealing their tires as they drove around the traffic island outside the police station. Officers responded and requested a motor vehicle query and license query on a male subject as well as others present.

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