Speaker Deleo And Voter Registration

We caught up with Speaker Robert DeLeo at Revere High School where he delivered a presentation to the students on voter registration and the importance of voting in the Presidential Election and other elections as well.

The Speaker was welcomed warmly by the Revere school administrators and teachers upon his arrival at the school and the students also greeted Bob with tremendous respect as he took the stage in the auditorium to deliver his message. Bob spoke without a text in hand and his knowledge about the election process and about all the candidates for all officers past and present — no wonder he does so superbly on the Pop Quiz on the Channel 5 “On The Record” show — was really impressive.

Bob recalled his days as a high school student at Boston Latin and told the Revere students how much he looked forward to voting for the first time. Bob became a Town Meeting member, a member of the Board of Selectmen, a state representative, and now one of the most powerful officials in all of Massachusetts, the Speaker of the House — that’s how he was introduced at the Revere event.

Yes, the Speaker is a statewide celebrity with tremendous power and influence on Beacon Hill — but he places the interests of his Winthrop and Revere constituents first and foremost. For example, the Speaker always conducts office hours in the district and if you want to meet with a member of his staff, you can do so on Friday, Oct. 7, from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. at the Robert DeLeo Senior Center.

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