Police Blotters 09-29-2016

Monday, September 19

Caller was concerned for the safety/well being of his daughter living with the mother on Main Street. Information passed on to SRO who will perform a follow-up investigation.

Owner of Surf Cleaners has evidence on an open case. Officers report they have the items.

Party came to the station to pick up her license to carry.

Caller on Pauline Street called regarding a woman that he is concerned about who came by this morning and now has called him repeatedly about her car thinking that he has it. W91 responded and spoke with the woman who is caring for an elderly family member and is a bit overwhelmed. There is a third adult on site who is assisting. All is okay right now. Will try to contact another family member in town. A message was left for other family members.

Report of sparking power lines on Temple Avenue.

Another call of sparking wires near trees on Temple Avenue. Fire notified.

Caller on River Road reports a strong odor of gasoline around her house outside. WFD notified and will respond.

Party on Shirley Street reports hearing someone yell, “Get out, get out. Help. Help.” Units report speaking to all three family members and no one reports yelling or anything. They were on the phone with a family member in the hospital and that may be what the caller heard.

Caller on Shirley Street reports a motor vehicle with individual inside possibly smoking 94C. Units report subject left prior to his return back to the hotel. Parking ticket issued for handicap violation.

Tuesday, September 20

Caller on Woodside Avenue reports a dog, beige in color, running around the center. Units report trying to get the dog but it keeps running away. Message left for ACO.

91 conducted a motor vehicle stop on Shirley Street. 92 backed up. Operator has only a Mass ID. G&J notified. 91 has one in custody for unlicensed operation of motor vehicle, and failing to stop/yield.

Caller on Dolphin Avenue reports a motorist struck a street sign. W91 reports nobody on the scene upon arrival, but “no parking from here to corner” sign bent toward the ground. DPW notified.

Woman reports she has fallen in Coughlin Park and may have dislocated her arm. Officer and EMS report a 63 year old female to MGH via Action Ambulance.

Party on Locust Street came in to report receiving harassing texts from her ex-husband.

Party on Pleasant Street came in to report that the Discover Card Company contacted him about fraudulent use of his card.

Todisco reports towing motor vehicle from Governors Park for expired inspection sticker.

Party came to the station to report that the fur pieces that were picked up yesterday from a previous report, are damaged. The owner reports that there are holes in the side of the mink fur stole and the collar is missing. The cleaner’s owner believes no collar was on the stole when taken in as it would have been tagged separately.

Party came to the station to report items missing from her former residence that she shared with multiple people. Party reports missing an HP laptop, two Android cell phones and chargers, An Apple charger with long extension cord, a dental mouth guard pieces of kitchen ware, a round ceramic plate with maroon glaze inside, a glass round dish, two fry pans, and a number of pots and pans. Also a key to her Nissan Sentra on a navy blue plastic, flexible key chain with a house key attached. Party is reporting this to her insurance company. She also reports this is still her dress until December.

Party on Myrtle Street is just released paroled individual. His license is revoked and does not have a job. His parole sheet is on the board in the hallway.

Traffic Officer was approached and told that a man was around the corner on Kennedy Road and is urinating. He and W93 report area search negative.

Party on Orlando Avenue came to the station with her daughter to repot that she has been threatened.

Caller on Woodside Avenue reports that his ATM card was confiscated by the bank machine. Subject was informed to contact the bank in the morning.

Female from Kennedy Road came in to report a pink duffle like purse with $150 and some keys she left behind somewhere in town.

EPD request a search on Siren Street for a subject wanted for three warrants and possibly in possession of a handgun. No luck. Might be driving a 2005 grey Acura. 98 checked out address as well. EPD notified. All units BOLO.

Units report motor vehicle parked in Hannaford Park. Units report sending two people out of the area.

Unit reports having a motor vehicle pulled over on Revere Street. Unit reports sending party on their way after being lost.

Wednesday, September 21

Caller on Emerson Road reports her Beagle just escaped from the house. She then called back to report the Beagle returned home.

Party on Main Street reports he lost his Mass registration in Orient Heights near Barnes Avenue. All Winthrop units notified to BOLO. Wanted party is driving an Acura.

Caller at Seal Harbor states she has fallen and needs medical assistance. Call referred to WFD.

Party on Hermon Street states that her child just had a seizure and is not very responsive. Referred to WFD.

Female on Shirley Street reports that her husband is unresponsive on the floor, but is breathing. W91 reports a 73 year old male to MGH.

Party on Strand Way came to the station to report that the previous night he met with his estranged girlfriend and her parents. The ex-girlfriend became enraged ad police responded to a verbal argument. The gentleman is in the process of having the ex-girlfriend removed from the lease and just wanted the incident noted in case the ex-girlfriend arrived at the premises here in Winthrop and continued her “out of control” behavior.

Caller reports she is locked outside of her uncle’s apartment on Golden Drive and can hear him screaming for help. W93 reports 73 year old male had fallen and is being transported to MGH for further evaluation.

Party came to the station to report being harassed by a neighbor.

LifeLine called in requesting a person check on Pearl Avenue. Officer reports a technology problem related to the hone lines/Lifeline. Staff will correct and contact Life Line.

Party reports losing her wedding ring described as white gold with a center trillion shaped diamond. This occurred on Shore Drive. She will also report this to the State.

Officer reports family on Grandview Avenue that there is property that needs to be picked up. They will be by later to get the items.

Report of a black Sonata passing over the center line and driving really slow on Winthrop Street. Caller is concerned for the well being of the operator. The officer located the motor vehicle and watched the operation. He reports party is driving fine, on the slower side. He observed the female parking in Winthrop Center and spoke with her. All is okay.

Request for an ambulance on Overlook Drive for a male down who hurt his back.

Citizen reported to officer that there is a man and woman fighting on Revere and Crest Avenue. He and W93 checked the area to no avail.

SRO reports that a parent reported to her that a bald white male was seen taking cellphone videos/pictures of students. Units report unable to locate anyone in the area matching either the suspect or vehicle description.

Party on Temple Avenue came in to report a case of identity theft.

Calling party on Golden Drive requests an ambulance stating he is suffering from congestive heart failure.

Caller on Douglas Street reports a dog just bit a child and she has yelling and screaming. Units reports kids playing inside the house while the dog was in the kennel.

Party on Sagamore Avenue requests an ambulance for his wife who needs medical attention.

Caller reports two young males jumping on motor vehicles while a heavy set man (drinking) watches at Beacon Circle. Unit report entire area is clear.

Male on Winthrop Street is having a stroke. Transferred to WFD and they will respond.

Caller on Highland Avenue reports someone is yelling at her about parking and keeps circling the block and screaming through the open window. Units report speaking to all parties and issue has been resolved.

Male on Beach Road reports that someone wrote on his windshield. 93 reports they will wipe it off. It appears to be nail polish and there is a good suspect. 93 will follow up with this incident.

Thursday, September 22

Party on Amelia Avenue reports that her motor vehicle was broken into and ransacked overnight. Officer reports nothing missing from the unlocked vehicle. Owner wanted it on record.

Female caller reported some observations which occurred yesterday at the High School, that in retrospect, appear suspicious.

Caller on Washington Avenue states that she believes that her husband is having a stroke. Referred to WFD.

Party at Fort Heath Apartments states that she had a neighbor dispute with the resident below her. 93 responds and reports he spoke with all parties involved along with the management. Management intends on relocation of one of the residents to another apartment to resolve this ongoing problem. All parties were advised of their rights.

Caller on Pleasant Park Road states a past breaking and entering into her car. 93 responds and reports he obtained all information on the incident. A report was submitted.

Party on Beach Road states that a car parked on the sidewalk. 94 responds and reports the car is obstructing the sidewalk, but also appears to be a driveway. 94 will go speak to a rep at the building department for clarification. 94 reports building department will investigate the situation and respond back to us for proper action.

Caller on Shore and Perkins Street states a suspicious situation involving a child in a small grey SUV with NH plates. MSP Revere notified. W94 responds and reports no such car in the area and the state police checked also and their search was negative as well.

Party on Underhill Street reports a package from Amazon was delivered to her  home today and is now missing from her porch. W93 responded and spoke with the caller.

996 reports a citizen reported to him that he observed a towel with a syringe in it at Veterans and Washington Avenue. Officer located the item and secured it in the proper container.

Caller on Jefferson Street states a breaking and entering in his wife’s car last night.

Neighborhood complaint on Emerson Road regarding parking of a red vehicle with a Connecticut registration parked overnight “all summer long.” Referred to parking enforcement.

Caller at Governors Park states that her son was outside with some other children and an older man from an adjacent building was staring at the children and then was photographing them.

Nurse called to request a well being check on a patient on Golden Drive. The address she had on record was no longer correct. Database showed his last known address. W93 responded. Officer reports party does not reside there.

MGH nurse called back with an update address from the previous call. W93 reports speaking with the subject who is not in need of any services tonight. Officer advised him to contact the senior center for assistance with elder service agencies.

Party on Cutler Street reports a very loud party on the deck of the above apartment. He has received calls from his tenants complaint about it. Officers had a hard time getting attention at the door. However, the tenant finally answered and will have the noise cease for the night.

When officers left on prior call, one of the subjects went outside and began shouting. Officer responded to the area and reports three male subjects are leaving the area in an Uber at this time.

Party reports a Paul Revere bus was being operated “crazy fast” along Main Street to Saratoga Street headed to Orient Heights. Officers advised to BOLO for speeding or other traffic violations when the bus comes back into town.


Friday, September 23

Caller on Emerson Road reports that there are a few vehicles with out of states plates on her street that have been there for an extended period of time. Lieutenant advised the parties that owned the out of state vehicles that they needed to properly register their vehicles in Massachusetts if they will be staying in Massachusetts. Parties were given two weeks to change over the registration or they would be issued a $500 citation.

W93 reports being off investigating a suspicious package at the intersection of Locust and Veterans Road. Package was examined and found to be trash.

Out of state vehicle was issued a citation on Beal Street for failing to registering their vehicle in Massachusetts. A note was left on the vehicle’s windshield two weeks ago advising that the vehicle needed to be registered in Massachusetts within 10 days. Two weeks later the warning was ignored and the owner of the vehicle was issued a $500 citation for misrepresenting residence to avoid tax or reduce insurance premiums.

Wife on Overlook Drive reports that her husband fell and needs an ambulance. Call transferred to Action Ambulance.

Report that the tree in front of Odyssey Grill is blocking the view of the traffic light for the traffic coming up from Morton Street. DPW was notified and advised that the tree is on private property. W92 will respond to speak with the Odyssey Grill to see if the owner of the property can be identified. W92 reports that he spoke to the owner of the property and he will have the issue looked into.

Received a report that there is a male party with a baby carriage sitting on the ground in the area of the high school. W93 was dispatched to do a well being check on the party. Officers report checking the party out and he is doing just fine.

Officer repots being off with two parties who have cameras and laptops set up on Shore Drive. Officer reports that the two parties are doing a project for school. Officer reports that their equipment (wires) is causing a safety issue. The parties will pack up and leave.

Caller on Waldemar Avenue is requesting assistance in locating a female party that has Alzheimer’s and wandered off. The party was located. All units are cleared.

Party on Bowdoin Street reports a broken down vehicle in the middle of the street. Officer reports that the vehicle is off on the side of the road and is not posing any traffic/safety issues. Party has a private tow en route to his location.

Caller from Winthrop Center reports that there are two children in the park that are poking their father and he does not appear to be moving. Fire/EMS dispatched as well. Officer reports that the father was playing with his children and everything is okay.

Woman caller from Viking Gardens reports a loud argument doing from outside the area of a building. Officers report no disturbance and they talked to residents in the area and they have said the same.

Multiple calls about a fight on Nevada Stet. Officers spoke to parties involved and witnesses and everyone stated that there was no fight and everyone was going inside for the night.

Saturday, September 24

Party on Hermon Street reports that it sounds like someone is trying to scale the side of the home. She can hear something outside the home. Officers report nobody found in the area. They did find someone’s clothing and shoes dumped on the side of the property. After further investigation, officers learned that two brothers from the first floor had an argument and one of them tossed the other’s clothing outside. The second brother left for the evening. The peace was restored.

Female caller on Golden Drive reports a man fell inside his apartment and could not get up. Transferred to EMS.

Party dropped off some ammunition. He had contacted the firearm’s licensing officer and arranged to drop it off.

Caller on Pleasant Street reports a disabled motor vehicle on the street and some unknown characters on his daughter’s front steps. W93 reports the unknown individuals were occupants of the disabled motor vehicle. Owner states that AA has been called and gave him an ETA of 30 minutes. G&J notified due to public safety concerns. G&J towed the vehicle. A good samara tin assisted the operator with a ride.

Party on Bartlett Road reports that his other needs to be transported to Boston Medical Center.

Resident on Pleasant Street smells gas. WFD checked out same and notified National Grid to respond.

W97 requests a unit respond to Dunkin Donuts on Main Street to have a vehicle transport truck moved from the area. W93 responded and reports the truck is leaving the area.

Caller on Pleasant Street reports that she parked her vehicle last evening and discovered her two front tires had been stabbed and destroyed today. She states that one of her neighbors has a video surveillance and will check to see if anything was captured. She will follow up with Det. Carter to see if the UASI cameras collected any evidence.

Residents report running water on Centre and Hermon Street. Unit reports a pool draining.

Caller on Golden Drive requests an ambulance for transport of a resident.

Several calls concerning a large amount of water flowing into Centre and Hermon Street. W93 reports resident draining their pool.

W93 requests an RMV query for motor vehicle on Hermon Street. Query revealed revoked license. G&J notified and will respond. Officer reports citation issued in hand and the vehicle towed.

Caller on Pleasant and Main Street reports a suspicious male talking for 30 minutes with her granddaughter in front yard. 92 spoke with the caller; located and spoke with the party who is known to us.

WFD reports that an off duty firefighter walked into the center station to report a hand grenade in the parking lot at Larsen Rink. The reporting party had no prior exposure to that type of weaponry and was unsure if it was authentic or a replica. WFD, K9 and W92 responded and were able to determine that it was a plastic replica.

Caller on Shirley Street reports that the male party is back from the hospital, sitting in his vehicle and possibly using drugs. Off reports speaking with the subject and counseling him and advising him of the peer recovery program.

Party on Irwin Street reports that somebody threw a rock at her vehicle. W93 reports damage to the rear bumper.

Caller states that behind her house on Revere Street on the pathway into the Belle Isle Marsh, she can hear a woman screaming. Units report speaking with some residents walking their dogs and they stated that they did not hear anything. W92 walked into the path deeper and W93 checked the Bayou Street area. W92 reports walking all the way to the footbridge from Revere Street and W93 reports walking to the footbridge from Bayou Street. Area search negative.

Caller from Ft. Heath Apartments reports that kids are trying to get into cars. Units report no evidence of an attempted break in or anyone in the area.

Party on Triton Avenue states that he lent his vehicle to a friend who returned it and left it for him and it was stolen from there. Vehicle was entered into NCIC as stolen.

Sunday, September 25

Female party on Brookfield Road who did not want to be named, is complaining about the noise of her neighbors. Officer spoke to group of adults and they agreed to turn off the music for the night.

Drunk female party from Governors Park called regarding an issue with a cab fare. Officer checked the area, unable to locate the caller, nor a cab. Checked in with Winthrop Taxi, and they were not involved.

Cab driver involved in previous call now stating the female refuses to exit. When asked where he is he stated in a parking lot. He saw the police before, but failed to flag them down. Officer reports finally locating the cab. One under arrest for assault and battery on the cab driver in the presence of an officer.

Caller reports witnessing a female being harassed by a male party on Walden Street. Officer reports a verbal argument between boy/girlfriend. Parties advised of 209 rights. 93 giving a courtesy red to female to Orient Heights T station.

Handicap violation on Coral Avenue.

Party on Pleasant Street repots a third tire on her car was slashed last night.

Party on Pauline Street requesting an ambulance to reposed to transport her 95 year old mother.

Dep. Harbormaster reports in inflatable boat was stolen from the town marina sometime in the last week. Environmental Police took the report.

Caller at Ft. Heath Apartments reports her upstairs neighbor playing an electric guitar loudly and it can be heard throughout the building. Officer spoke to the subject who had already ceased playing. He will use a set of headphones in the future.

Caller on Johnson Avenue requesting medical attention for her daughter who is having an allergic reaction. EMS responding.

Caller at Ft. Heath Apartments states a group playing loud music outside causing a disturbance. Units 92 and 93 respond and report a group dispersed.


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