Town’s Compost Pile is Maxxed Out

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

The town’s compost pile behind the DPW yard on Kennedy Road is “beyond full” according to DPW head Steve Calla.

He told the town council there are a couple of issues with the pile and it is not biodegrading like it should. One factor is that there’s not a town employee stationed there to turn over the compost pile and water it regularly.

Calla said the compost station may have to be closed, and residents may have to find an alternative and different ways to dispose of yard waste.

The one-acre site was opened in 1997 and now there is about 25,000 cubic yards of uncomposted material there now.

“We’re at critical concern right now,” Calla said. “We’ll have to do more analysis. It takes six months for 1,000 cubic yards to break down. Do we want a dedicated person down there?”

In other council business:

  • The council heard from Fire Chief Paul Flanagan about the condition of the boiler at the American Legion Hall next to town hall. He said the boiler is 50 year old with one part using steam and the other part using forced hot water. He said the two-level building is touchy when it comes to heat.
  • The council sent a request to the Rules and Ordinance Committee to considered a proposal to take the Deputy Police Chief position out of Civil Service to become part of the department’s management structure. This person would work with the chief and provide continuity if the chief is not available.
  • There have been 40 rat traps placed around Winthrop to combat an increase in activity. Town Manager James McKenna said the problem is a regional one due to the drought the area is experience.
  • A Miller Field project committee was set up for nine members and four ex-ofico members. The committee has not been selected yet.
  • The following people were appointed to committees. Susan Wolverton was appointed to the Tree Committee. Stephen Hines was appointed to the Transportation Committee and Susan Maguire was appointed to the Board of Health

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