Massport Shares Info On Runway Work

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

There’s a lot going on at Logan Airport, in fact there is runway paving going on and Massport wanted to make sure Winthrop knew about it.

Flavio Leo, deputy director of aviation planning for Massport, told the Town Council that for the next few months there will be some runway changes at Logan, specifically runway 4L 22R where asphalt work is being done. The section is closer to the terminal than the runway.”

“This is part of a maintenance program to replace the asphalt,” Leo said. “There will be no other changes.”

The runway will be closed for 30 days. Leo said if they didn’t do this the project would take months.

“This is the quickest and safest way to do it,” Leo said.

Work will be done during the daytime to avoid any noise impact. Contractors will also not be able to use local streets, mostly East Boston. The airplanes will use the other runways during this time depending on wind direction. There are three runway combinations, Leo said, adding that any illumination used will be faced away from neighboring communities, including Winthrop.

Anyone with concerns may call 617-568-3711.

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