Airport Committee Needs New Members

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

They are the first to admit that they aren’t getting any younger, in fact they are literally the oldest members of any committee in Winthrop government. Members of the Air Pollution, Noise and Airport Hazards Committee have an average age in the mid-80’s and incredible senses of humor. The youngest member is in his mid-70s.

“We don’t buy green bananas anymore,” said committee member Dick Bangs.

Chairman Tony Majahad just had to step down after suffering a heart attack and dealing with other health issues.

In the past the committee has worked on the Logan airport health report, environmental data and more.

It’s an important committee for the community. We need new members.”

Anyone wishing to join the committee should contact the Town Manager’s office at 617-846-1852.

The Mission Statement for the committee is as follows and should help people better understand what the committee does.

The Town of Winthrop and its residents have been seriously and negatively affected by the operations at Logan International Airport. The Town has repeatedly requested action be taken toward reducing noise, air pollution and other hazards arising out of the operation at Logan Airport. The Operational capacity at Logan Airport has increased over the years with resulting increase in noise, air pollution and hazards to the Town and its citizens.  The Town is on record opposing any further increase in the operation levels at Logan Airport.

The Town of Winthrop, its people and officials are on record calling on all the proper officers of the Commonwealth and Federal Government to explore all possible means to alleviate and/or eliminate the dangers and hazards of noise air pollution and low over fights of aircraft near Logan International Airport. The Committee is also concerned with wastewear discharges, stormwater runoff, and their impact on the receiving waters around Winthrop, along with the overall impact to the surrounding wildlife habitats.

The Town has established the Air Pollution, Noise & Airport Hazards Committee; its mission is to take all necessary and proper action for the protection of person and property in the Town from noise, air pollution and other hazards arising out of aircraft operations in the airspace over and near the Town. The Committee is also involved in appointments of committees, employment of experts and personnel, the purchase or leasing of environmental monitoring equipment, and to become associated with any agencies, public or private, for such purpose, and to travel, including out of state travel, for any purpose related to this Committee’s fulfillment of its activities and mission.

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