Police Blotter 08-25-2016

Monday, August 15

Caller on Ocean Avenue reports that he came out to find his left rear tire flat. He is not sure if it is due to any intentional damage or not. He wants this on record as in July, two of his tires were punctured intentionally. He will have the tire repaired and let us know.

Caller on Buckthorn Terrace is requesting an ambulance for a medical. Transferred to EMS.

Party on Cottage Avenue called to report that his mixed-breed tan colored dog named Peanut is missing. He is wearing a collar and is chipped. ACO notified. The owner called back and he located Peanut in the house. ACO notified again.

Caller at Bangs Movers reports a vehicle is blocking the ramp in a no parking zone. Unit dispatched and reports the caller states that the vehicle is there and has been for a couple of days. She is unable to raise the owner or operator. G&J was notified. The owner came out, as the vehicle was being towed and agreed to settle with the tow company. A parking ticket was issued.

The beach wall on Shore Drive was cleared of a large group. No parking violations to the side streets.

Party on Grovers Avenue reports being involved in a possible road rage situation. She reports that another female driver followed her to her residence. She states that the female may have taken a photo of her and she wants this on record in the event that anything comes of it. She could not give any further description or plate of the vehicle.

Female party on Lincoln Street reports that her friend locked his child in his car. Fire notified and W91 and 92 responded to assist. Fire was able to open the car and the child was fine and checked out by fire.

Party came to the station to report that someone left what appears to be dog excrement on her porch. She believes this is related to an ongoing court case involving her being bitten by several dogs belonging to a neighbor last year.

Detectives are off on a follow-up investigation on Hutchinson Street.

Regarding a previous call, the original reporter from last Saturday was contacted and that person explained the situation to me and when the incident actually occurred. No telephone available for the listed owner of the car. Everett PD was contacted to make a notification. Everett PD called back to report no answer and a message was left at the address.

Immediate threat notice received via fax from the registry to party at Seal Harbor. W91 off and will attempt to serve in hand. Officer reports serving order in hand to party. The registry was notified.

Doctor’s office on Crest Avenue requests we pick up a report regarding a previously reported incident. W91 will pick up during his tour and will leave for the officer 969 who is investigating the incident.

Report of a tree branch that has come down on Undine Avenue. DPW notified.

Party on Revere Street reports that her nephew left the house and has not returned in the last hour. The child is 8 years old. While gathering information and having units BOLO, the party received information that the child is now home. BOLO cancelled.

Male on Bowdoin Street reports three kids bothering the occupants. 93 sent them on their way.

Party on Shirley Street came in and requested we stand by for some property6. 94 will assist. All set, the man picked up his stuff and left.

Manager at Energy To Go reports that it sounds like someone is in the bathroom and needs help. 93 and K9 report that the man left before their arrival.

Man on Shirley Street called to say he is trying to kill himself with alcohol. Party going to the VA.

Calling party at Winthrop Arms requests we check on her husband who is staying there temporarily after having surgery. Woman called back and stated she talked to her husband and he is all set.

Party on Shore Drive request we send an officer by his address to make sure that his children are able to get into the home without incident due to a group of kids outside the home. The father is on his way home. Calls received regarding a fight taking place outside the residence. Officers arrived on the scene and the subjects ran off. One party was being detained and a parent was notified. That subject was turned over to his parent. The calling party finally arrived home and spoke with the parents.

Female party on Pleasant Street called to state that when she left her house today, her daughter was babysitting her grandkids but when she got home, the grandkids were home alone. Officer spoke to the calling party and will subject a report about the incident.

Female on Beach Road states that she saw someone go up her fire escape and has not come down yet. Officers spoke to the subject who misplaced her house keys. She has since got into the apartment.

Tuesday, August 16

Party on Shirley Street requests an officer for a female who is refusing to pay him the cab fare. Officers report resolving the matter with the passenger.

Party came to the station regarding a family member possibly in need of assistance. W91, W98 with 902 responded to the residence. Party will go voluntarily for assistance with the father.

Caller on Revere Street reports locating a syringe in front of his home. Officer placed item in Sharps container.

Party reports motor vehicle crash near The Marketplace. Units along with WFD notified and responded. All parties were checked by EMS and both vehicles towed. Officer will submit a report.

Office manager at Governors Park called to report that there is a woman there who is causing a disturbance. 979 left from the station to assist the caller. Officer reports the dispute is over the delivery of a package. All settled for now.

Report of kids fighting in Ingleside Park. W98, 942 and 944 responded. 944 will speak with all involved and the parents.

Caller at Governors Park requests an ambulance for a friend.

Party on Shore Drive requests we check on her 42 year old daughter whom he last spoke to last night. She states she had an abscess tooth and was worried for her as her phone is going to voice mail. Officer reports no one answering the door. Does not appear to be at home.

Caller requests an EMS at The Arbors. EMS responding.

Party reports a male pushing a baby carriage down Revere Street and he appears to be unsteady on his feet. Officer reports no one in the area. He made repeated patrols for the rest of the evening.

Wednesday, August 17

Caller on Overlook Drive states that she is down on the floor and needs medical assistance. Referred to WFD.

ER nurse called us to report that she was tending a stab wound to a male party’s hand from Winthrop. The man stated it was an accident when he was wrestling with his friends. ER nurse stated the forms she filled out would be mailed to our department per their policy.

Party on Forrest Street reports that the first floor tenants told him that their trash barrels are gone. The owner thinks it is the people on the third floor as they are being evicted. No one saw anyone take any of these barrels. Officer reports no one in the building has any problem with barrels.

Report of an injured seagull on Shore Drive.

Call from the landlord on Forrest Street who lives in New Hampshire starting that the third floor people are now fighting with the first floor people.  Officer reports neither fight nor arguing going on. There is a constable on the scene and he reports nothing going on and the people on the first floor and third floor said nothing going on. All clear. Third floor is moving out as this call goes in.

Female caller on Atlantic Street would like us to know there are two orange traffic cones in front of her house. Officer reports the cones have no markings and no one is working in the area, so he took them.

Caller stated that she lost her dark purple wallet on Yirrell Beach.

Walk-in from Coral Avenue to report that he received a strange letter in the mail. The letter is typed and talks about damage to trucks and dumping of grills. The letter stated he would be arrested and be put in the Transcript. Writer stated they want $300 for damage or they will go to the police and prosecute. Walk-in party has no idea who wrote the letter or what they are talking about. No return address on the envelope and the letter is not signed.

Lieutenant reports a person came up to him while working on Revere Street. Subject stated that a male on Shirley Street is ordering his two dogs to attack people in the area. Officers spoke to the clerk at Quickmart and he was the reporting party. He stated that eh man with the dogs left and that he had words with someone else on the street.

Caller on Shirley Street would like a well being check on her 6 year old son. She thinks the ex-husband is drunk and unable to care for the child. Officer reports that the child is fine (14 years old) and the father is fine and all is well.

Party on Amelia Avenue requests a well being on her brother. Officer spoke with the subject and he is fine, but the phone is not working.

Thursday, August 18

Caller at Governors Park states that the downstairs neighbor has been playing loud music for a while. Units respond and report speaking to the resident and the music has been turned off. All parties advised of their rights.

Party on Myrtle Avenue states that a neighbor is causing a disturbance. Town citation issued.

Caller on Revere Street stated he came out to his car and found a large rock thrown through the back window.

Officer reports vandalism to the playground sign at Dawes Playground.

Officer off on a follow-up investigation on Winthrop Street. No one home and he left a card.

Party came to the station to request a well-being check on a subject. Officer went with family members and they gained entrance. She was not there. They called her cell phone and she is over at a friends. She came home and she was okay.

Resident on Nahant Avenue notified lieutenant that there is a man and woman in a gray van going around with the male going into yards. Officer reports checking the area to no avail.

Caller stated that she is selling her car on Craig’s List. She wanted to know if it was okay to show the vehicle in the back of the police station and then meet the people in our lobby. She was informed that yes that is allowed.

Male caller reports that he can hear a dog barking as if it is being hurt or trapped at Executive Apartments. ACO reports that the animal is in pain and he needs to be checked out. Fire will assist him. Officer reports the fire department gained entrance. The dog had wrapped his leash around a table leg and was stuck. Dog is okay.

Caller on River Road reports an abandoned bike in the rear of the residence. Officer recovered the property and placed it in the garage.

Reports of two groups in the street near Nick are maybe fighting. 91 and 92 responded.

Calling party stated she is on her outside patio and she is watching a grey sedan with people inside it doing what she believes to be 94C. The vehicle is located to the left of the tennis courts under the spotlight at Governors Park. 91 and 92 responded. The party called back and stated that the vehicle is now leaving but the same vehicle is here at the same time every night. We would patrol the area tomorrow night to see if they come back.

Friday, August 19

Calling party stated she was driving on Johnson Avenue by the corner of Bellevue Avenue and she witnessed a young girl approximately 20 years old lying on the ground. A couple of older boys were helping her up. She was unable to walk. Calling party asked if they needed help and they said no. 91, 92 and 94 responded to the area. Units searched Johnson Avenue along with all the side streets and were unable to find the female.

93 was conducting a directed patrol at Halford Beach and found five vehicles parked. Some with occupants in them and the other vehicle’s occupants were on the rocks. All vehicles were active. 91 and 92 sent to back up. All vehicles and parties were cleared from the area.

Revere PD states they would like an assist on a white male subject on Bowdoin Street, whom is a defendant of an ERO. He is believed to have taken multiple firearms to his parent’s residence. 91 and 94 respond to the scene with two Revere PD officers. All firearms were turned over to Revere PD and he was issued the 209A in hand.

Multiple calls regarding loud construction work starting at 6 a.m. causing a disturbance near the Winthrop Elks. Unit responds and reports no one working at this time.

E911 call and two 1212 calls of a fight on Seymour Street with an older man arguing with his younger daughter, plus two other adults walking by. Sergeant and officers report the father and daughter were arguing about going to Camp and the other adults just interjected to help calm the situation down.

Party at Dalrymple School called to report that his vehicle was vandalized. Officer reports she observed the damage and will make out a report.

Report of a person lying on the street at Bowdoin and Main Street, while working on their car. Caller said his legs are in the middle of the road and someone will hit him. Officer reports person is an adult and he is on the sidewalk.

Caller reports that her mother on Elmwood Court has fallen and needs help getting up. Fire and medical notified.

Report of hearing screaming in the street at Ocean View and George Street. Units report speaking to the caller who could not be more specific with location. Area search negative.

Caller on Somerset Avenue reports that his son is passed out on a neighbor’s lawn and he needs assistance.

Party on Winthrop Street reports a woman may need an ambulance after drinking. Fire and ambulance notified.

Caller from Winthrop requests a 911 transfer to Boston for her daughter who lives in Roslindale for a possible medical OD. Fire and ambulance in Boston notified.

Party states a car accident with a bus near the Winthrop YC. Units respond and report a minor accident with no injuries.

Caller on Bartlett Road stated he needed an ambulance because his wife had taken too many of her pills. 93 responded along with WFD and Action Ambulance.

Report of a woman on the ground screaming on Locust Street. 91 and 92 responded and 92 immediately called for medical on Cross Street. WFD notified. Female party transported to the Whidden. 92 will secure the woman’s apartment. Calling party met with 91 and 92 at the woman’s apartment and said she heard yelling in the apartment before the woman came outside. 91 and 92 will check the apartment to make sure no one else is injured. The residence was clear. And 92 left the woman’s health card on the table and secured the door.

Saturday, August 20

93 reports off with an unoccupied vehicle at Hannaford Park. Three male subjects located and dispersed from the area.

Caller on Overlook Drive stated that his wife has rolled out of bed and he needs help lifting her. WFD notified and will respond.

Caller from Governors Park report people under window in the parking lot being very loud and disruptive. 91 and 92 responded and the group was sent form the area. Most of the group lives at Governors Drive.

92 conducting a motor vehicle stop on Revere and Locust Street. Citation was issued to the operator for impeded operation and registration not in possession.

Caller on Hermon Street reports a possible drug overdose. Fire and medical notified.

Report of a dead possum in front of her house on Highland Avenue. ACO is off today and in Plymouth.

Boston operations report via radio of vehicles parked on the Belle Isle Bridge. Officer reports a few vehicles on the Winthrop side and many on the Boston side. This is for a political event. Officer will try to get the vehicles to move and he reports that they have moved.

 Pillar House manager called to report that at Ingleside Park there is an event taking place and many of the people are parking on Pillar House property. Officers report there are two events taking place: a hockey tournament and classic car show. The people in charge of them will make an announcement.

Party on Revere Street called to report that she just had an argument with her landlord and now has chest pains. Officers and WFD report they checked her out and she is refusing medical.

Report of a used needle in the parking lot on Main Street. Officer reports placing item in the Sharps container.

Officer is off on a follow-up investigation on Locust Street. He reports speaking to the subject and set him up with the Recovery Team.

We received a call from New York City PD reporting that they received an E911 call from party on Winthrop Street having a heart attack. Officers report subject going to the Whidden.

Report of a male having a seizure on the floor at Ft. Heath Apartments.

Caller reports that his mother is experiencing chest pain and needs to go to the hospital. She lives at Ft. Heath Apartments.

Female from Marshall Street states there is loud music coming from a party on Beal Street behind her house.

Caller on Governors Drive reports a group of kids outside her apartment being very loud. Officer reports going to RPM Fitness parking lot for a group of kids. Requesting medical meet them for an intoxicated juvenile. Fire and ambulance notified. Juvenile being taken to Whidden by parents.

Sunday, August 21

Caller on Sea Foam Avenue reports loud noise coming from a residence. The residence was dark and quiet when the officers arrived. They stayed for a few minutes and then cleared. The call was unfounded.

Report of someone sleeping in a car on Revere Street. It was an Uber driver taking a break.

911 call from female party on Bates Avenue asking for an ambulance to her home because she feels dizzy.

Caller stated that she was walking by the green bars on Shore Drive and there was a man sitting on the other side of the bars with his legs hanging over the edge drinking a beer. Another man was yelling at him. Units arrived and found a group of people by the green bars. There was no one on the other side of the bars. Officers cleared everyone from the area.

Caller on Coral Avenue reports a handicap violation.

Party on Shirley Street reports that someone stole his wallet form his vehicle and he would like to see an officer. W91 was dispatched to take a statement.

Officer off on a follow-up investigation on Winthrop Street.

Officer interacted with six youths at their lemonade stand on Mermaid Avenue. Great set-up and the lemonade was delicious.

Caller reports vehicle operating erratically at Lincoln and Cora Street. Officer will BOLO. Officer searched the area to no avail.

Report of kids throwing rocks in the municipal lot on the corner of Pauline and Walden Street. Officer reports no youths in the area. She did locate numerous rocks in the parking lot.

Transfer from Essex Regional. Caller reporting a medical aid at her parent’s residence on Wave Way Avenue. They declined assistance. WFD notified to make sure the party was okay medically.

Caller reports a contractor working on Trident Avenue causing a disturbance and he cannot sleep. He also stated that the contractor is causing the dog next door to bark causing an even more disturbance. Unit sent by the area to check on the noise complaint. Officer reports having workers knock it off for the day and all is quiet.

Party on Winthrop Street reports that her father will not give her keys to her car which she would like to lend to a neighbor. Call history reveals many calls for substance abuse concerning the caller. W93 reports that he has assessed the caller to be intoxicated and informed her that her father will keep the keys in his possession as she is in no condition to operate or make decisions regarding the motor vehicle.

Party on Morton Street requesting medical for a client. EMS notified and will respond.

Caller on Russell Street states that she and her baby’s father recently split up and at some point tonight he gained access to her vehicle and removed the base to the child safety seat. She has received a text message from him confirming same. W92 will meet with the caller and attempt to retrieve her property. W92 reports mediating the situation peacefully. All parties have their property and have been advised.

Party on Grandview Avenue reports two cars with people being loud and using a lot of profanity parked out front. Officer reports the parties must have departed prior to his arrival.


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