Police Blotter 07-28-2016

Monday, July 18

Daughter called for her parent who lives on Brookfield Road. The parent had a transplant and has not eaten in days. She has been sleeping a lot and is now screaming in pain. Transferred for EMS and 91 will also respond.

Radio call from Safety Officer on 911 and 1212 calls of a pole that fell with live wires on the ground and a bush on fire at Franklin and Harvard Street. Power and phone out in the area.

Party came to the station to report that someone made unauthorized withdrawals/purchases from her account located at the East Boston Savings Bank. Reporter just learned from the bank that one purchase was made in Montana at a hotel for $1.62 and the second purchase was at Walmart.com for $477.06 for an Android telephone. The purchaser was a resident of Chicopee, MA. Reporter did not authorize the use of her bankcard and she did not lose her bankcard. Chicopee PD will follow up with this investigation once it is reported to her local department.

Manager of the Citgo station at Energy To Go called to report that one of the windows at the station was broken. 91 responded to the area.

Party reports losing her white Channel wallet possibly on Revere Street last night while walking to the 7-11. If someone should find it please turn it in and call her.

The boss of party on Cottage Avenue called to report he is afraid that something may be wrong with party. He has been drinking and made comments to harm himself. Officer reports he cannot get anyone to come to the door and he checked all around the building. WFD responded and assisted in gaining entrance. Subject was there and will voluntarily go to the MGH. A small slice of the third floor screen had to be cut.

Report of an erratic driver in the area of Crest and Sagamore Avenue. Area check seemed to be clear.

Officer reports the mulch is smoldering in the middle isle at Crest and Revere Street. WFD will handle.

Party on Brookfield Road was assaulted by subject from Fall River. Subject was pushed into a pool, his cell phone was destroyed. Assailant will be called and if he will make good the damage, it will be handled between them. If not, then we will go for charges.

Caller on Shirley Street called to report that sometime last night someone tried to break into her apartment. Officer reports the door marks look like normal wear.

Report of a large tree down on Plummer Avenue. Officer reports the tree is blocking the road. Tree landed on a vehicle. DPW notified.

Female at Governors Park reports possible drug activity in rear near tennis courts. 98 Jaworski will slide through a few times.

Caller on Hermon Street reports a cat was hit by a car near the set of lights at Hermon and Main Street. ACO will respond.

Report of a female passed out on Sewall Avenue. WFD and 92 Ramadani report the subject was transported to MGH.


Tuesday, July 19

Party came to the station with a wallet that she found on the beach wall at Shore and Underhill Street. Wallet belongs to a female resident of East Boston. Wallet placed in the lost and found items.

Reports of a man staggering near the library. Officers report they checked all around the area to no avail.

91 is off on Enfield Road for a follow up investigation with the resident.

Party came to the station to report receiving information from the Bank of America regarding her account. Party reports that someone made a replicate of one of her checks from her account and attempted to deposit it in the amount of $727.29 to another account also possibly at the BOA. Party also states that the actual real check with the same number on it is still in her checkbook located in her home. It is also the next check to be used. There are no real actual checks known to be missing at this time. Reporter was instructed by the BOA to report this to the police and then the bank will investigate it.

Officer is going to Grandview Avenue to speak with the resident about a past call.

Gentleman called to request an ambulance to Overlook Drive for his wife for an ongoing medical issue. Action EMS has been notified.

Caller reports being near the Mobil Mart on Main Street with a dog that he found “running back and fourth through traffic.” The man is holding the dog awaiting the arrival of the ACO officer who is enroute. ACO officer has the dog and will try to locate the owner.

Officer will follow up an investigation with a male on Locust Street. He reports speaking to the subject and leaving the information.

Party reports suspicious bag found at Winthrop Federal Union. Unit reports it is a beach bag with diapers in it. He left it for someone to return for it.

Caller on Shore Drive reports a family member walked out onto the rocks and the tide has now come in and he was concerned they may not be able to get back in.

Party on Myrtle Avenue states that her neighbor is causing a disturbance again. Officer spoke to both subject and the caller and both were advised of their rights.

Caller reports the kids are still playing basketball at the courts, disturbing the peace. Officer reports six basketball players sent from the area.

Wednesday, July 20

Party reports seeing a male who appears to be homeless carrying a large trash bag as he walked toward Sunnyside Avenue.

Caller reports someone shouting profanities near the intersection of Shirley and Cutler Street. Officers report area is quiet now but they did observe a male subject known to them come running out of house on Shirley Street, but returned inside when he saw the officers.

Party came to the station with a manifest from National Grid for gas shutoffs in town. Approximately 8 locations around town are listed. In the event we receive a call, please consult the list.

Report from party on Revere Street that his neighbor’s dog was attacking his contractors. W92 and ACO responded and spoke to all parties and set some rules regarding the dogs.

Male caller from Mugford and Tafts Avenue requested assistance for his friend who appears to be suffering from some medical issue, maybe due to the heat. WFD/EMS along with W92 responded and reports individual checked out and refused medical.

Caller on Lewis Avenue requested ambulance for her dad who is having trouble breathing.

Call about a car that went into the guard rail near the Dunkin Donuts on Main Street. Officer reports female party to Beth Israel.

Lt. Scarpa reports being flagged down by a male party who said his boat got stolen and he believes he spotted his boat on the waters behind Washington Avenue. Officer spoke to all parties involved. Owner got his property back and does not want to involve the courts.

Detail Off. Carter reports needing a vehicle moved for the gas company on Townsend Street. G&J notified and vehicle moved away from the construction site.

Party reports that an employee who comes from a work trailer at Shore and Mermaid Avenue continues to come out of the street the wrong way. On several occasions the party has spoken to this person and he has used choice words with her and encouraged her to file a complaint if she had a problem with him. The party took a statement form and will complete it and return to us.

Caller on Franklin and Payson Street requests an ambulance for a patient. Female party transported to the Whidden for an evaluation.

Party on Sunset Road requests an ambulance for her mother. EMS responded.

Report of smoke coming from back porch on Crystal Cove Avenue. WFD responded.

Caller on Coral Avenue reports kids parked in the driveway next door playing loud music and being loud. The party called back to state the three individual are starting a fight with her husband. Officers report peace has been restored. No crimes involved, the issue was worked out between all parties.

Female party on Crystal Cove Avenue reports she just had a flashlight shined in her eyes by a first floor tenant and she wants to see an officer. Officers report the parties were advised that the issue about the tenants on the first floor is a civil matter at best. This is not a police matter at the present time. NOTE. Her husband had called about 20 minutes earlier complaining about the first floor tenant. He was advised to seek assistance in civil court.

Thursday, July 21

Party on Pleasant Street reports finding some type of heavy-duty tool out on the street. She will place it on her porch until an officer can clear to pick it up. Officer picked up a large pipe wrench that was left behind by a utility crew.

Caller near the town Landing reports that someone in a big old Chevy blazer type SUV is following her as she walks home. Officers report speaking with the male operator who was advised to stay away from the female caller.

Report of a disturbance on Shore Drive. Officers located a group and asked them to leave.

Caller on Willow Terrace requests medical for a child who fell. EMS/WFD notified.

Party on Taylor Street repots that he needs assistance as his dog has climbed under his recliner and now has his paw stuck in the mechanics. WFD will respond and assist.

W93 reports being off with a motor vehicle after observing children jumping around near Ingleside Park. RMV query reveals all active. W93 counseled occupants on proper restraints for children.

Caller reports she was struck by a motor vehicle but is not injured. This happened at Revere and Hutchinson Street. Officers report victim uncooperative and suspect no longer at registered address. Suspect then came to the station and officer interviewed him. Officers believe the call was unfounded.

Party on Willow Avenue requesting an ambulance for her sister spitting up blood. EMS responded.

Caller on Franklin Street reports that her neighbor fell and needs and ambulance. EMS notified and responded.

Party at Executive Apartments states that he has fallen and is in need of medical assistance.

Officer observed subject wanted on an outstanding warrant for assault and battery on family member, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon get into a motor vehicle near his address on Read Street. Officer report subject placed under arrest for the outstanding warrant.


Friday, July 22

Party on Myrtle Avenue reports the neighbor next door is making noise and has been all night long. Officer spoke to the party who was not playing any music but did say he was talking. He was advised to go inside the house.

Report of a large deceased raccoon behind building on Shirley Street. ACO recovered and removed.

Caller on Fairview Avenue reports being contacted on two occasions. July 10 and 22 in violation of a court order as a result of a hearing in EBDC.

Male party on Shirley Street reports past breaking and entering into his motor vehicle.

Female caller on Nevada Street is worried about her neighbor’s babysitter and the infant she is looking after. Caller wants a well-being check on the both of them. EMS cleared the babysitter. Officer will contact DCF and mother of the baby.

Party reports that her daughter’s boyfriend has been using her car and he is not licensed. All units are on the lookout for the subject who may be operating the Nissan. Owner of the vehicle is the reporting party and she has not authorized this male to use her car.

Caller reports medical aid at the Arbors.

Female walked into the station to report a road rage incident between her and another car at Veterans and Shirley Street. She did not want anything to happen, but just wanted us to know.

Reports of a drone in the area of the bridge. W91 checked the area and nothing was showing.

Caller from Executive Apartments reports that there is an elderly male sitting on a bench on the 3rd floor who has blood on him and he cannot get up. Transferred to medical.

Grandmother on Read Street reports a two and a half female child might have swallowed something but is up and about and breathing normally. Transferred to WFD and they will handle.

Caller reports a kayak appears to be in distress about a half mile off shore on Shore Drive. WFD will contact harbormaster and they will respond.

Caller on Siren Street reports an assault with a shovel in progress. Officers report no assault, just an argument over driveway parking.  A civil matter to be taken up with the landlord.

Report of a male passed out behind the wheel of a black vehicle on Shore Drive. State PD responded and our officers will assist. Officers spoke with the subject who was fine, just lying back in his seat using his cell phone.

Report of a mulch fire at Executive Apartments. WFD responded.

Party came into the station to report being threatened with a knife by youths in a black SUV at Crest Avenue parking lot. Officer took the report and will file charges. All units BOLO.

Caller reports a blue conversion van in the parking lot of Crystal Cove Marina. Officer spoke to the operator of the vehicle who had locked her keys in the car after returning from her boat and was waiting for AAA. They arrived on the scene as officer was speaking with her.

Report of mulch fire smoldering at the intersection of Revere and Crest Avenue. WFD responded.

Party on Maple Road reports that his 84-year-old father is having difficulty breathing. Transferred to WFD.

Saturday, July 23

Caller on Myrtle Avenue reports that the residents nearby “are at it again and have been going all night.”

Several dozen calls from citizens regarding a power outage. A transformer blew and National Grid states it will be about 2 hours before it is fixed.

Home health aide requesting assistance lifting male client on Cottage Park Road.

Party reported IRS scam with a call number being that of the police department. Advised that this is most likely an Internet app, which changes numbers. Police departments and IRS do not threatened arrest over the phone for non-payment of taxes.

Harbormaster called about a female EDP at the public landing.

WFD requesting an officer for walk-in medical aid on Shirley Street.

Caller at Fort Heath Apartments reports that her next door neighbor threatened her husband. Officers report no threats, just verbal argument over a civil matter.

Reports of tree down with power lines on Crescent Street. Unit reports no power lines involved and damage to back deck of house. All on private property.

Tree down blocking the entire street at Birch road. Tree crew clearing the street.

Wire down with tree on Fremont Street. Unit reports telephone wire and branches moved. Low hanging wires are telephone.

Tree branch down on Court Road. Fire repots debris cleared.

Multiple calls from River Road of branches down. Unit reports the street is open.

Chief reports branch came down on car on Temple Avenue. Vehicle front window smashed along with other damage. WFD on the scene. Units report fire cleared tree from road and car.

Town tree fell on house and ripped up sidewalk on Edgehill Road. DPW notified and tree is on the list.

Fire request unit to stand by until Mass Electric shows up for live wire down on Palmyra Street. National Grid off and cleared wire. However, another wire reported by officer at another address. Fire notified to Grid return and they returned and rendered it safe. Tree company will take care of rest.

Branch fell on car on Ocean View Street. Unit reports the area is clear and street is open

Tree down on Lincoln Street and part6ially blocking the street.

Trees down on Plummer Avenue.

Lights out because of storm on Pleasant and Main Street. Unit reports lights are operational again.

Unit reports a tree fell on roof on private property on Winthrop Street. Owner was referred to private contractor and they will remove the tree.

Another tree down on Winthrop Street. Unit reports the street is completely impassable. Unit will stand by and National Grid is on the scene.

Caller on Pond Street reports power line down in his yard. WFD responded along with W93. 93 standing by for National Grid and DPW notified that it was a town tree that came down.

Concerned parent texted Instagram account of fight that just occurred at Ingleside Park. Investigation assigned to gang unit but delayed due to storm.

Caller reports a male in red shirt appears unsteady on his fee and may need assistance at Revere and Central Street. Officer unable to locate anyone fitting that description.

Sunday, July 24

Caller states a group playing loud music from Hannaford Park. Units report sending one vehicle out of the area.

Party on Beal Street states branches down in front of his property. DPW will be notified. W92 Hickey reports the street is clear, only the sidewalk has some branches.

Report of a bad water leak in basement on Park Avenue. DPW notified.

Male caller on Forrest Street reports that a neighbor is putting out her trash early. Officer reports it appears to be a civil matter. The people understand.

Female caller form Shirley Street reports that a vehicle is parked in her driveway and she does not know who owns it. Not stolen or wanted. She was told the rest is up to her. NOTE. At 12:07 pm, Todisco Towing came to the station with a tow sheet for vehicle as they towed it for being a trespass vehicle.

Officer is off on a follow up investigation on Cottage Avenue. He reports no contact.

Officer is off on a follow up investigation on Brewster Avenue. No answer, but a neighbor said they have not seen him for a few days. Since there have been a few “OD’s” in the past, the officer went in through an open door and checked the house for anyone who may need help. There was no one there.

Report of a tree falling on car at Governors Park. Officer reports it is a town tree.

Party from Revere and Locust Street called to report the wires are sparking and he can smell the burnt rubber. Fire will contact National Grid.

Call from Harbormaster requesting an officer to assist in a parking problem. Officer reports there is ten vehicles in the boat trailer parking spots and they would like them towed. They were told to tag them and if allowed, tag them every hour to get the point across.

Call from AAA tow driver stating that the person that needs a tire change has no ID or AAA card and a fight bay break out on Floyd Street. Officer reports the tow driver does not want to make the car drivable as the caller has had a few drinks. The car owner told the officer he is not going anywhere, just wants his tire fixed. All was settled.

Request for an ambulance at the Arbors dining room.

Caller on Buckthorn Terrace states that her daughter may be a threat to herself and others and requests assistance. Units respond and WFD notified. Units report voluntarily transport to Whidden.

Party on Pleasant Street states subject wants to hurt himself. 93 responds and reports homeowner will consent to them checking the residence for a well-being check. Subject not on the scene. 93 will follow up when he returns.

Units return for medical evaluation of a male subject on Pleasant Street. WFD notified. That subject will be voluntarily transported to the Whidden.

Caller on Upland Road states that she is having an argument with her neighbor. 92 and 94 respond.


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