Police Blotter 06-16-2016

Monday, June 6

Officer will try to serve subject on Veterans Road a summons issued by the Boston Municipal Court. He reports all is okay.

Caller in East Boston stated a vehicle just struck two parked motor vehicles on Bennington Street. The vehicle was seen on Main Street. All shift officers along with detail officers followed the subject vehicle down Bowdoin Street. The vehicle was stopped at the intersection of Buchanan Street. The operator was arrested at the scene of the stop. G&J will tow the vehicle. NOTE: During the stop, the suspect vehicle struck an officer’s vehicle in the right rear wheel. He will have it checked to see if it needs any repair. W908 reports G&J has the vehicle, and an inventory sheet was made out. Officer called a few minutes to assist with translating the booking. An evaluation report should not be released until subject is somewhat sober. Daughter stated she would take him after speaking to the police. EMS check prisoner’s blood sugar and it is okay. He was booked for failure to stop for a police officer while operating vehicle, operating a vehicle so as to endanger and operating under the influence of liquor.

Party came into the station to report his ex-girlfriend is harassing him via facebook. Officer notified and male party to continue logging events with the police department and after three events he can seek an order at a court.

Victim at Governors Park called to report a theft from her apartment of some $1,000 plus in change. She has two suspects in mind.

Caller on Shirley Street called to report they are having an argument with the people in the other apartment. The people in the other apartment also called. Officer reports both sides say the others are responsible. All parties advised to stay away and contact the landlord.

Woman with young kids complained of a group drinking on Yirrell Beach. 92 Dutra/McCarthy and 91 Ramadani report one female in custody for disorderly conduct and public drinking/alcohol possession and minor transporting/carrying alcoholic beverage.

Sister on Terrace Avenue reports that her sister left in a vehicle and may harm herself. All units BOLO and message sent out via Leaps/CJIS. Sister reports party is back at home under her mother’s care.

Caller on Shore Drive reports a neighbor has fallen and can not get up. Transferred to EMS.

Party on Crystal Cove Avenue requests medical for her son that fell. Transferred to EMS.

94 reports a motorist informed him of some suspicious subjects in the area of Shore and Grovers Avenue. 94 stated they fled on foot as he approached. Units will perform an area search of the subjects.

Tuesday, June 7

Lifeline reports activation for difficulty breathing on Somerset Avenue. Fire and ambulance notified and will respond.

Owner on Lowell Road called to report there is water leaking into his house. DPW notified.

Caller on Grovers Avenue reports a person fell and needs medical. Transferred to EMS.

Detectives are out on an investigation for subject at Blackstrap.

Caller at Pleasant Park YC reports that his friend is dizzy and requests medical. Transferred to EMS.

Nurse at the Arbors called for an ambulance. EMS notified.

Caller states there appears to be two males trying to remove a manhole cover at Crest and Hutchinson Street. 92 responds and reports all manhole covers appear to be in place. Call unfounded.

Party on Pauline Street states a neighbor threw a couch onto the street from the top floor apartment. Units respond and report a couch is on the sidewalk. An attempt at the residence was unsuccessful.

Wednesday, June 8

Caller on Charles Street request an ambulance because she feels like she is having a heart attack. Fire and ambulance notified.

Party at Crystal Cove Inn reports that her friend slipped in the rub and hit her head. Unit reports female 74 years old being transported to MGH.

Caller at Seal Harbor reports that her husband just fell and needs help getting up. Call transferred to fire and they will respond.

Female from Shore Drive came in to report that her son lost his wallet that contained all his information. She would like to be contacted should it be turned in to the station.

Male party came in to report if we had wanted posters that he could look at because he met some guy four years ago who acted strange. He was advised he could file a complaint about the subject if he did something. Party left.

Nurse at the Arbors called for an ambulance. EMS notified.

Caller on Tileston Road reports that her vehicle’s tire was slashed last night. Caller also inquired about the process of obtaining a restraining order and whether or not it remains on the subject’s criminal history. Possibly a domestic dispute.

Party on Bartlett Road called to report that a vehicle is parked on a crosswalk. Officer reports he tagged the vehicle.

Caller states that there is a suspicious male that appears to be lying down at Massa Playground. Units request a WMS check on vehicle. License has expired, no warrants and the party claims to be waiting for her room to be ready at the hotel.

Young lady called to report that she locked her keys in the car on Hagman Road and her dog is in it. Fire will respond and open the door.

Female caller reports a male was just beating a dog and is walking toward the water tower hill. ACO and officers report all is okay. No problem.

Report of confused female at Crest and Revere Street. 91 Ramandani and 92 Connolly report female transferred to MGH.

Woman at Governors Park requesting help. Someone not breathing. WFD and 91 Ramadani report a child fell and is going to MGH with a broken arm.

Party on Summit Avenue reports she banged her head. 91 Ramadani and WFD report she fell and is bleeding. Will go to the hospital.

Report of a large tree limb blocking the street on Washington Avenue. 907 and 91 Ramadani moved it off to the side. DPW was notified.

Officer reports four youths on bikes looking into back yards and dressed in black on Pauline Street. 94 located four individuals and all were from Chelsea. One was found in possession of a burglary tool. Complaints will be sought on him. Detective observed them going in and out of yards on Court Road. Brought in for parental pick up.

Caller on Myrtle Avenue states loud disturbance. Units respond and report music turned down and criminal complaint will be issued.

Thursday, June 9

One of the youths from a previous call did have bolt cutters in his possession.

Unit reports having vehicle pulled over on Main Street. Units report citation issued for speeding. While backing up another officer notice the engine began to smoke and lose fluids. G&J notified and will tow vehicle back to the station.

Officer will follow up on an investigation on Winthrop Street. He reports speaking to the subject.

Another officer is off on a follow-up investigation on Elmwood Avenue. He reports no one home.

Walk-in to request help. After speaking with the male, it was determined he needed medical help. Fire and EMS notified and subject went to MGH.

Maintenance person from the Pillar House Apartments called to report there was a loud bang, and now no power in at least two buildings. Fire and officer report National Grid notified and is on the way.

Officer will attempt to serve a warrant of apprehension from the East Boston Court to subject on Ocean View Way. Subject is in custody.

Visiting Nurse on Seawall Avenue called to report her patient needs medical treatment for a fall. EMS notified.

Winthrop detectives request a marked unit. They and DEA report having one under arrest at Shirley and Trident Avenue. W91 will transport to Chelsea Police Station. G&J will tow the vehicle. Change in events, the prisoner will be booked at the Winthrop Police Station.

Report of a wire hanging from a pole and it’s banging against house on Hutchinson Street. Fire will handle.

Transfer from Boston Daughter called to report that her father on Pleasant Street needs to go to the MGH.

Detectives and ATF are going back to Trident Avenue to make a sweep of the property.

Caller on Loring Road reports someone painted the side of her vehicle red.

Party on Central Street reports two needles on the sidewalk. Officer reports placing them in the Sharps box.


Friday, June 10

Male party at Shirley and Cutler Street reports three females outside fighting. Officers report the area is all quiet, no female in the area at all.

Report of a dead squirrel on Shirley Street. ACO notified.

Two calls from Sea View and Pleasant Street regarding a motor vehicle crash. Officers requested one tow truck.

Party on Irwin Street called on 911 line but kept hanging up. Officers requested backup for a female who is arguing with her mother. Officer spoke with all parties and has calmed down everyone. The daughter left the house.

WOA faxed from East Boston Court. W92 and W94 will attempt service. Officers attempted service to no avail. Subject on Tileston Road not home and will try back later.

Party on Locust Street requested EMS for a family member. Call transferred to WFDX and EMS for service.

Detectives are off on a follow-up investigation on Shirley Street.

Todisco Towing reports towing vehicle for a trespass tow from Governors Park.

Party turned in an Eastern Bank card found on the street. The party was notified and picked it up.

Caller on Court Road reports wanting her adult son out of her home. Officers escorted a 24-year-old man out of the home and gave him a trespass notified.

Party on Circuit road requesting an ambulance for an ill child.

Caller reports what she believes to be a bone with a kneecap attached lying in the alleyway on Hagman Road. Officer picked up what he believes to be a pork bone, which appeared to have been taken out of a trash barrel by an animal. He placed it in an evidence bag for the detectives.

Report of a female who fell on Crest Avenue. EMS responding.

Caller on Cliff Avenue request a well being check on her friend who she states not has been in contact with in 10 days. She states her friend was going to move to Florida but reports that she did not. Officer reports no answer at the door. Name on mailbox does not coincide with the subject.

Party on Townsend Street reports needing medical attention for a lacerated artery.

Report of a large bonfire behind water tower. W98 reports a couple with a bbq on the beach. The fire was extinguished.

Party came into the station with several friends reporting being accused of harassing another 13-year-old female by her older sister at the basketball court. She stated this 17 year old threatened her. She also stated that the alleged victim’s mother yelled at her and the victim’s father drove by her “giving her the finger.” She wanted this logged in case anyone accused her of any wrongdoing. She will speak with her father who is aware of the situation but could not be here because he is working. They will decide if they want to go forward with charges for the threats and if they do they will come inn tomorrow.

98 reports being off with a group on Terrace Avenue on the beach wall behind the water tower with a bon fire. WFD notified to put out the fire. Five juveniles will be summoned for possession of alcohol.

Daughter called from Wilshire Street that her father is having chest pains. Transferred to WFD. 91 sent to investigate due to prior call for verbal argument. 67-year-old male to MGH. All parties advised of their rights.

Saturday, June 11

Party on Bowdoin Street reports a firework was just set off on her front porch. 91 reports checking the area and the cemetery and saw no individuals in the vicinity.

Caller at Dalrymple School apartments called stating that she may have accidentally taken too much of her prescribed medication. Transferred to WFD.

Party on Shirley Street called stating that her husband is on the floor and barely breathing. Possible overdose. 91 and 94 respond with WFD and Action EMS. Units report no overdose only a medical aid. 62-year-old male to MGH for an evaluation.

Caller on Cutler Street reports three females fighting on the street. 91 and 94 repot a verbal argument only. Crowd was dispersed.

Nurse at the Arbors called needing EMS for a resident who fell. Transferred to WFD.

Caller on Sagamore Avenue reports that her husband is suffering from a medical condition and his son has been coming to the home seeking to speak with him. She is concerned, as he tends to have anger issues. She was advised to contact us if the party arrived to her home and officers have been advised to BOLO and speak with him regarding the situation.

Party on Sagamore Avenue reports the subject is back at the residence. She let him speak through the window and he left the area. She is concerned that he will return. The party was advised of her rights. At this time, she request that we speak to subject and advised him to stay away. Officer searched the area and was unable to locate subject and the caller was advised of our negative search at this time. Party was advised to contact us if he returns.

Uncle called stating that he is concerned for his niece who used his buddy pass in Las Vegas and now she cannot get home. He has called her cell phone and she is not answering. He states that the last time he talked to her she could not get a flight. He called Las Vegas police but the wait on the phone was 10 minutes so he hung up and wanted us to call the emergency line. He was advised that we would have to call the same phone line as he did and he should call back and be patient.

Party on Highland Avenue reports that she discovered a shallow grave of a buried dog in her yard and it looks fresh. ACO notified. ACO responded and spoke to the caller. They have possibly found out what had occurred and will get back to him.

Party on Johnson Avenue came to the station to report possible additional harassment.

Caller on Golden Drive requesting an ambulance for a man out back on the ground who injured his back. Call transferred to EMS/WFD. W92 responded and reports the individual is the same individual from previous calls to Sagamore Avenue. He will be transported to Whidden for an evaluation and he was advised by officers to stay away from the Sagamore address.

A very upset motorist called stating that an older woman walking a small white dog unleashed on Winthrop Street. The dog ran out on the street. He spoke to her and told her the dog should be on a leash and the woman used very vulgar language. The caller would like an officer to speak to this woman. Units advised to BOLO and ACO was able to locate and reports the woman has been spoken to and states that her dog ran out of the house and she was trying to get him.

Party on Shirley Street called to state he is having a problem with his neighbor who is trying to make him move. He states that they got his wife upset. While on the phone, he stated that his wife is having a seizure. Fire also dispatched.

Caller on Coral Avenue called and stated he does not want an ambulance; he just wants to know where the nearest emergency room is. Fireman Vecchio did an excellent job informing him that the Whidden is the closest ER.

Party called to ask if it was legal to fly drones on Yirrell Beach. They were advised that it is not legal to fly drones this close to Logan Airport.

Report of two tree limbs down on River Road. DPW notified.

Caller on Crest Avenue reports a homeless man in the alley bothering customers. Units responded.

Party on Prospect Avenue reports a motor vehicle struck the water bypass pipe and it is now gushing. DPW notified and will have it taken care of.

Caller on Quincy Avenue request an ambulance for his friend who hurt her foot. EMS responded.

Party at Fort Heath Apartments stated that the tenant above her continuously bangs on the floor and feels it is being done on purpose to harass her. She stated she has previously filed a complaint against her for the same thing. Officers spoke to the calling party but were unable to raise anyone in the apartment above. At the moment it is quiet. Caller was advised to call us again if the noise returns.

Report of group playing basketball being very loud.

Sunday, June 12

Report of a loud house party on Central Street. Units report speaking with the homeowner. It is a party that is in the process of ending. Remaining people have gone back inside.

Caller on Sagamore Avenue stated she parked her vehicle in her driveway. She heard people outside of her house and went to look outside. When she did, she saw her vehicle was missing. Before finishing this entry the caller called back and stated that a family member had moved her vehicle onto the street without her knowing.

Todisco Towing dropped a slip for a trespass tow from Governors Park.

Todisco Towing dropped off a slip for a trespass tow from the rear of Governors Park.

Caller on Veterans Road reports a mulch fire from carelessly disposed cigarette. Referred to WFD. W91 reports WFD extinguished the fire. W92 assisted with traffic.

W91 reports a motor vehicle stop. A citation was issued for a red light violation.

Officer assisted a resident of group home on Woodside Avenue with an electronic issue. Officer was successful and made the young man very happy.

Party from Fort Heath Apartments came to the station to report that his mother is a victim of continuing harassment. See above call. He states his mother was sleeping last night that is why she did not respond to the police knocking on the door. She states the caller is harassing her all the time by calling and knocking on her door. She states she is in fear of her. Unit dispatched to speak to the party who initially called in an attempt to resolve the issue.

Caller on Cliff Avenue reports that a motorist is in need of medical and asked her to call 911. Transferred to EMS/WFD. W92 dispatched and reports female transported to MGH and the vehicle is parked legally.

Party on Walden Street reports a man is yelling out the window of a van at someone and is concerned. Units dispatched and report the vehicle had left upon their arrival. Officers spoke to the caller and will search the area. The officers were able to find the vehicle and it was just a father/son misunderstanding and all is okay.

Party came to the station to turn in a black ZTE Android cell phone. The phone was located on the wall of Beacon Circle. The phone was placed in lost and found at the counter.

Caller at River and Elmwood Avenue reports a large tree limb down causing a safety issue. Officer responded and reports a very large tree limb has fallen onto public way. A second branch is hung up on electrical wires and is in danger of falling onto public way. WFD notified to investigate and they request DPW to e notified. They have contacted National Grid as well to address the electrical wires. WFD standing by as National Grid responded to remove the branch.

Elderly caller on Shirley Street repots that she has pain in her chest and requests an ambulance. Call transferred to WFD/EMS.

Several calls that a large tree from the Town Hall lawn fell and is now blocking Hermon Street. DPW notified and responded.

Party on Myrtle Avenue came in to report continuing harassment by an ex-friend in California. She wants to speak to the first officer she reported this to and will return on Tuesday to speak with him.

Caller on Bellevue Terrace reports a fire from a battery that exploded in her fire alarm. She believes it was extinguished. WFD will respond.

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