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Vote Yes for Miller Field

Dear Editor,

On June 21st, voters will have the opportunity to approve the revitalization of Miller Field. This is a vote for a stronger future for our children and community. Our uneven, devoted fields will be replaced with a level, safer, easier-to-maintain artificial surface available for multiple uses by all ages. Instead of a cracked and grass-strewn track, we will have a six-lane track that meets MIAA regulations where our students can practice and host home meets for the first time in over a decade. We will have sturdier, safer bleachers that are finally accessible to students, parents and other fans with disabilities. There will be better fences for improved crowd control and security. The new field house will offer a better space for concessions along with locker rooms and modern restrooms that are handicapped accessible. The worn out tennis courts will be replaced with parking while new courts are built at Ingleside Park and the existing ones there improved. Now is the time to make this investment. Interests rates remain low, which will save on borrowing costs. It will be tied into a Lewis Lake draining project covered by a DCR grant. If we act now, we can be a part of the permitting process for that project, which will save significant time and expense. We are asking for your support to make this vision a reality. A revitalized Athletic Complex will be an important asset to all of us as a resource in our community. It will enhance the value of our town. It will be a place where we and our children can participate in a wide range of sports and activities for generations to come.


Winthrop is Worth It

Do we need this ?

Dear Editor:

I was contacted by several friends about the proposed methadone clinic on Pleasant St. I wish to express my grave concern over this matter. I am currently employed by Boston University in the Mail Service Dept. My route is on the University’s Medical Campus at Boston Medical Center in an area known as the Methadone Mile. I see on a daily basis the horrors of drug abuse – incoherent users never alone sharing drugs, vulgar language, urination in public, violent behavior, venturing into adjacent neighborhoods on people’s front and backyards to share drugs.

The town of Winthrop is finally headed in the right direction, new high school property values soaring and many other exciting developments under the leadership of Town Manager James McKenna and others. We are on the verge of returning Winthrop to the greatness it had when I was young a true Jewel of the North Shore. The town is attracting young professional couples who can only add positives with their new ideas and youth, along with the well-established life-long residents like myself and others we can continue to grow as a community.

Our wives, children, elderly, and the newcomers shouldn’t be exposed to this possible nightmare!! This is the time for action by the council to ease the restrictions on that property so the owners can build condos rather than this unmitigated disaster which is being proposed. I implore you to act now on this potentially community altering issue. If you opt not to act, I hope you will provide the necessary funding for additional manpower for our hard-working, understaffed police and fire departments to face the challenges this center will certainly burden them with.


Phil Ronan


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