Police Blotter 06-09-2016

Tuesday, May 31

Report of a car being broken into on Wadsworth Avenue. It happened sometime last night.

Party on Russell Street received a call from her daughter and when she tried calling her back she received busy signals. Normally they would speak every morning. Mother asked for a wellness check on her daughter. 91 reports her daughter is fine and will contact her mother.

Another report of a car being broken into. This time on Jefferson Street and it happened last night or early this morning.

Call from DPW to report a theft of their “petty cash”.

Todisco Towing reports towing vehicle from Governors Park.

Party walked into the station to report that her brother has been entering her room and taking property. She spoke to the detectives and asked for a phone call to be placed to her brother and if it continues she will come back to file a complaint against him. When we spoke to her brother he stated he clearly understood the severity.

Male party entered the station to report that his ATM card had been compromised by a skimmer at CVS in Boston. His card had been used in Boston for a total of $580 and the next day in NY City for a total of $343 before he cancelled it. It was explained to him that we could only place a journal entry in because the crimes actually occurred in different cities. He was only looking for the entry to give to his bank.

Off. McCarthy is off on a follow-up investigation at Webster Credit Union.

Party on Read Street called to report a neighbor fell in her yard. EMS will handle.

Another car broken into. This time on Madison Avenue.

Caller stated that there is a girl with black shirt talking loudly to herself on Donovan’s Beach. She has been there for about an hour and the caller would like her checked on. 91 and 94 dispatched. Female party stated she had her headphones on, singing to the music. She did not realize how loud she was.

Party on Shore Drive came in to report being harassed over the phone with voicemails and a text.

Calling party asked about placing a walk/don’t walk sign at the intersection of Revere and Crest Avenue. She stated it is very dangerous and she has been almost hit on a few occasions. Her 13-year-old grandson is coming for the summer and she is worried about him crossing even while using the crosswalks. We explained to her that we would pass her concerns on to the DPW.

ACO radioed in that he was off on Yirrell Beach with a group that had 3 unleashed pit bulls running around. He spoke to them about the town bylaws and will be issuing citations to the owners.

Party walked in to the station with a wallet that she found on Main Street. Off. McCarthy was able to locate the owner’s grandmother and she will have her grandson pick the wallet up at the station.

Todisco Towing reports towing a motor vehicle from Governor’s Park.

98 Jaworski reports underage drinking group on Yirrell Beach. 91 Ramadani and 92 Freeman report at least 12 less than 21 years old. All were identified and will be summoned into court.

Caller on Faun Bar Avenue reports that his neighbor called and told him there is am ale in his driveway and is looking around. Caller reports he is not home and out of town. Speaking to the man, he is here visiting from Japan and was taking photos of the beach and the area.

Party on Edgehill Road had hit wallet and keys stolen in Cambridge. He reported it to the Cambridge Police. However, his house keys and ID’s indicate the Winthrop address. All units BOLO.

Male down on side of house on Shore Drive. 91 and WFD report transport to Whidden.

Units report dong a directed patrol behind Temple Avenue extension. Units report making contact with three males.

Wednesday, June 1

Caller on Shirley Street states that she is dizzy and needs medical attention. Fire notified. 94 respond and reports 53-year-old female being transported to MGH.

Mother on Ocean Avenue called to report that her child is sick and she needs an ambulance. EMS will handle.

Complaints of DeFelice Company trucks going the wrong way on the water tower hill streets. Officer reports speaking to the crews and giving them a warning.

Call from the concierge at Seal Harbor to report that a tenant has fallen. EMS will handle.

Husband and wife from Executive Apartments came to the station to report that several documents that belong to his children are lost or have been stolen.

Party at Fort Heath Apartments called to report that her friend is having a reaction in the lobby. EMS will handle.

Off. Gergerian is on a follow-up investigation on Locust Street. He made contact with the subject.

Caller at Seal Harbor requests medical for someone in the lobby that hurt their ankle.

Party on Revere Street reports receiving a fraudulent call from a person posing as a representative for National Grid. These calls are not real. National Grid would allow you to call them back to verify. Do not give information out to anyone over the phone.

Taxi driver called to report a lady fell down the stairs and may have broken an ankle on Cottage Avenue. Fire notified.

Party reports finding a small dog on Shirley Street. ACO notified and they reunited the animal with his owner.

Caller on Pauline Street reports that his friend is overdosing and needs narcan. Fire, medical notified. Officers report one to Whidden.

Lifeline reports a member of the group home in Pearl Avenue is threatening to kill everyone with a hammer. He has a hammer in his room. Staff and other members evacuated from the home. Fire and medical notified.

Alarm Company reports person inside the Bank of America set off the alarm but she believes he is a tech. Officers report two subjects inside the bank cleaning it.

Party reports several m ales drinking in the area of the wall at Grandview Avenue. Officers are off with six individuals. No alcohol present just an empty water bottle they were tossing around.

Officer will be clearing teens out of Coughlin Park area. Four teens sent out of the area.

Thursday, June 2

Party on Trident Avenue called to report loud voices coming from the first floor. Officers report speaking to the parties and they will cease the noise.

Officer is off with two individuals at Buchanan and Fremont Street. Both parties went home nearby.

Officer is off with two subjects on Fremont Street in a motor vehicle. Officers report just a young guy dropping off his girlfriend.

W91 reports being off with a disabled motor vehicle on Hagman Road. Officer assisted and operator was able to get vehicle to local shop for tire repair.

Party came to the station to report that there is an ongoing situation with landlord. Party wanted to make a record to this in the event the situation continues. Party given form to complete and fill out and was advised.

Male party on Hutchinson Street complained that his ex took a dog belonging to him. Female hired a lawyer who claims she can prove ownership. He presented conflicting written reports with both names on it indicating “joint” ownership of dog. This has been deemed as a civil matter and he was advised to seek relief in civil court. Doggone it!

Caller on Wave Way Avenue requesting an ambulance for an elderly woman who fell.

Party reports several cars in violation at Coughlin Playground. Officer reports having several vehicles re-parked.

Officer reports stop sign missing at the intersection of Putnam and Buchanan Street. Will contact DPW in the morning.

Officer had occupants of motor vehicle leave Hannaford Park.

91 and 92 patrolled the area in tandem. Removed motor vehicle occupied by a male and female from Hannaford Park. The area is now quiet.

Friday, June 3

Motor vehicle was stopped for registration violation at Johnson and Cottage Park Road. Expired, non-renewable. Motorist was cited and the unregistered vehicle towed from the public way by G&J Towing.

Party at Pleasant and Washington Street reports a boat being towed along the street at a rather slow speed. Unable to send an officer due to a domestic abuse arrest.

Calling party on Lincoln Street wanted a well being on his friend. Has not heard from him in days. Officer spoke to the subject and he was fine.

Male party on Wave Way Avenue called to state that while talking to his elderly friend the line went dead and he worried about him. Officer reports nobody answering. Fire was dispatched but canceled enroute due to the subject calling the station and saying he was fine and not home.

Report that kids were lighting fireworks on Winthrop Street. When speaking with neighbors, they had not heard anything.

Woman on Tafts Avenue called and reported a dangerous situation. She states that when she drives back to work at Deer Island, a Winthrop resident intentionally opens her car door onto oncoming traffic. She feels the vehicle coming or going in or out of Deer Island might hurt someone.

Staff at East Boston Neighborhood Health reporting a staff member fell down the stairs into the basement and has knee and hip injuries. EMS notified.

Report of a dog barking all day long on Plummer Avenue. ACO notified.

Party on Shirley Street called to complain about his neighbor’s kids playing in the yard with a ball against the house. He was informed this is an issue he needs to take it up with the landlord, as it is not a police matter. He stated he did but the landlord said he could not do anything about it.

Caller requests EMS for a female who fell at the Pleasant Park YC.

Party came into the station to report an ongoing harassment on Main Street.

Caller reports a group of youths being loud and obnoxious at Massa Playground. Officers report dispersing two individuals.

Party reports loud group at the basketball courts. Officers dispersed group from the courts.

Officer reports a small group with a fire burning by the water tower. Group sent from the area.

Caller at Governors Park reports a male party working on his motor vehicle making loud noises. Party was advised and will cease for the night.

Party on Golden Drive reports he feels heat from his wall and believes there may be a fire. Fire notified. WFD reports no fire, maintenance issue.

Saturday, June 4

Caller on Fairview Avenue reports that her mother has fallen and they need help lifting her.

Essex Regional reports two calls from Prospect Avenue. Caller stated that he was all set then hung up. Officer spoke to the resident who did not wish to speak to the police. He was advised not to call 911 unless there is an emergency.

Caller on Golden drive reports a medical issue. EMS notified.

Party on Lincoln Street reports possible sudden death. Fire/EMS notified. Officer reports EMS working on 84-year-old male being transported to MGH.

Probation requests an officer respond to Shirley Street to check on a male juvenile as his monitor has not been charged. Officer reports speaking to the juvenile and his mother. They contacted probation while officer was on the scene.

Probation reports another dead battery on Shore Drive. Officer spoke to the subject and he contacted probation in this presence.

Owner of Suds and Surf states that the owners of D&T are emptying his change machine. He was advised that we would speak with them in an attempt to resolve the issue. Officer reports speaking to the clerk. He apologized and will ensure it does not happen again.

Watertown PD says they received a call by mistake for a female being “harassed.” Officer request fire/EMS for an evaluation to Locust Street.

Party called stating that his stolen Iphone is showing Shirley Street as a location. It is a multi-unit building and the party was advised that he should cancel the phone.

Female on Cottage Park Avenue stated that her car was struck sometime overnight. Officer got all the information and will fill out an accident report.

Party called complaining about parking at Yirrell Beach. Motor vehicles tagged for parking violation.

Caller on Shore Drive reports a strange burning smell in the house. Transferred to WFD.

Party on Trident Avenue requests an officer for youths trespassing on her balcony. Officer reports locating one female youth and explaining the consequences of her actions if the situation continues to happen.

Small fire on beach wall at Shore Drive and Charles Street. Officer reports no fire, no one in the area.

Female caller on Pearl Avenue reports a man just knocked on her front door then her front windows. She answered the door and the party was looking for a person who does not live there. He then went and sat in his motor vehicle in front of the house. She reports that she and her roommate are nervous about this. She could not give a description of the car nor the plate. She did not want a unit to approach the car or speak to the driver. She was informed that the officers would keep an eye on the area and if he did anything else suspicious to call us.

Caller on Thornton Park reports an extremely loud party across the street from his home. Officers spoke to the homeowner who had already turned down the music and peace was restored.

Officers are off on Shirley Street. Parties had a verbal altercation and peace was restored.

Caller at Fort Heath Apartments reports kids running around the parking lot. One with no shirt. They are now on the second floor of the parking garage.

Sunday, June 5

Officers checked Hannaford Park and sent three subjects out of the area.

Party on Thornton Park requests we send a unit by the loud graduation party.

Officers report speaking with the mom who will close down the party.

Caller at Seal Harbor requested EMS for her father who fell. WFD and EMS contacted and will respond.

Party at Dalrymple apartments reports that her neighbor is being noisy next door. Officers spoke to the caller and the neighbor who will keep his voice down.

Officer off at a house party on Banks Street. He had the subject disperse and leave the area.

Party on Shirley Street requests EMS for her husband who is not feeling well. Call transferred to EMS and WFD for service.

Several 911 calls from Banks Street regarding a fight. Units report one subject under arrest for assault and battery in the presence of a police officer. A large group was cleared form the area. A relative showed up on the scene and assured officers there would be nobody allowed back in the home.

A dropped call received by 911 from Main and Revere Street regarding a male unconscious in a motor vehicle. Officers report locating the subject. EMS and fire were dispatched as well. Subject declined further medical aid.

Party from Sunset Road came in to report an issue with her new neighbor. She was advised of her rights and filled out a victim/witness form.

Report of a car parked in a handicap spot on Cottage Avenue. A parking ticket was issued.

Male party came into the station to see if any black bikes with green lettering were turned in the past week. Officer looked in the garage and did not see any fitting that description.

Caller reports an elderly male fell in the parking lot of the Methodist Church and is bleeding. EMS notified. Officer reports man fell getting out of his car.

Two parties came into the station and spoke to Off. DeFreitas regarding an attempted breaking and entering that occurred last evening on Pearl Avenue.

Report of a dead raccoon on the sidewalk on Highland and Sewall Avenue. ACO notified.

Officer responded to Veterans Road to serve a summons to appear to court. Officer reports speaking to the party and serving the summons in hand.

Party on Sagamore Avenue states there is a vehicle parked on the sidewalk blocking a handicap ramp. Officer reports the vehicle moved.

Caller reports a motor vehicle just hit a telephone pole at Pleasant and Morton Street. WFD responded. Officers report one person in custody for operation of vehicle being unlicensed and outstanding warrant out of Medford.

E911 call from mother on Ocean View Way stating that her son needs to go to the hospital after taking some drugs and getting high. Fire and ambulance notified. Units report one 29-year-old male voluntarily going to the Whidden.

Caller on Main and Read Street reports a cat just got hit by a car and is suffering on the rode. ACO notified and will respond. ACO reports checking entire length of Main and surrounding streets but no cat in sight.

Caller at Dalrymple School reports having too much to drink and wants to go to the hospital. Fire and ambulance notified and will respond.


Monday, June 6

Caller on River Road states vandalism to her motor vehicle. Units respond and report damage to front windshield. A report was submitted.

Caller on Morton Street reports loud music coming from a shed in a back yard. Units report speaking to the parties involved and going inside for the night.

Officer on Veterans Road will try to serve a summons issued by the Boston Municipal Court and he reports all is ok.

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