Letter to the Editor

Thank you Steve!

Dear Editor:

For many people in the town of Winthrop Steven Rogers is known as one of our finest police officers, but to anyone that belongs to the Winthrop youth hockey association, Steve is known as “the president”. For the last 6 years Steve has held this difficult position, and helped transform the youth hockey organization into one of the best programs on the north shore. His stern, compassionate leadership has helped Winthrop youth hockey, grow in numbers each year. His hard work, dedication, and effort, has brought pride, and enjoyment to the Larsen rink each and every day. Steve along with the youth hockey board of directors, started incredible new programs like try hockey free, pond hockey, an intense weekly skills, and the junior dangle cup {a roller hockey tourney that has become a summer staple at Ingleside park}. While serving as President Steve also coached a team in the program, and was an assistant coach for others. Steve has built a program with a tradition of winning, in his six years at the helm of Winthrop Youth Hockey Association, the program has won four state titles {three for the girls, one for the boys}, a number of district championships, and five league titles. {Steve was assistant coach for two}.

Steve was always happy to recognize these teams, by purchasing championship jackets, or making sure that Winthrop police and fire for a rolling rally through the Town {an unreal experience that no kid will ever forget} greeted the state championship teams at the bridge.

I could list so many more great things that Steve has done, but I think I would rather just thank him on behalf of the entire Winthrop youth hockey community. So from the board members, parents, coaches, and players, I want to say “thank you” Steve for all your time, dedication, passion, hard work, and love for everyone involved in hockey in the town of Winthrop.  It is people like you who make this town the greatest place to grown up, and play hockey in the world.

Anthony Martucci


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