Winthrop Voters Back Sanders,Trump in Tuesday’s Primary

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

In the Presidental Primary race on Super Tuesday, Winthrop voters favored Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders and Republican candidate Donald Trump.

On the Democratic ticket, Sanders grabbed 1,757 votes while Hillary Clinton took home 1,703 votes .

The following people were elected to the Democratic Town Committee:

Robert DeLeo, Catherine Stasio Delvento, Richard Ferrino, Valentino Capobianco, Arthur Fernanades, Denise LoConte, Stephen Stoddard Jr., Peter Stephen Christopher, Kimberly Costigan, James Capobianco, Charles Famolare III, Hanna Gerhard, Robert Impemba, Lee Fich, Peter Ottaviano Sr., Rosemarie Ottaviano, Frank Vatalaro, Linda Vata laro, Micheal Vatalaro, Nicholas Delvento, Toni-Ann Titemore, Carol Walker, Anita Flintoff, Mark Desmond, Stephen Ruggiero II, Joseph Boncore, Alicia Cathryn Delvento, Thomas Schlichting, Valerie Dalton, Constance Grayson, Stephanie Christopher, Marianne Impemba.

Valentino Capobianco was also elected State Committee Man and took away 2,570 votes. Gabriela Deanna Colette was elected State Committee Woman with 2,390 votes.

On the Republican ticket, Trump received 1,167 votes with John Kasich receiving 247 votes. Marco Rubio took 231 votes and Ted Cruz captured 147 votes.

For Republican Town Committee the following were elected: John Marden Jr,, Robert White Jr., Paul Reardon Jr., David Reynolds Jr., Ethel Kelley, Steven Belmonte, Paul Ronukaitus, Marianne Ronukaitus, G. David Hubbard II, Martin O’Brien, Richard Dimes, Paul Caruccio, Alexander Mavrakos, Ronald Moses, Carol DeMio, Richard Bangs, Suusan Westphal, James Gallagher Jr., Scott McGovern, James Cipoletta and Raymond Gallagher.

Paul Ronukltus was elected Republican State Committee Man with 1,014 votes and Joyce Kelly received 833 votes.

On the Green Party ticket, Jill Stein received one vote. On the United Independent Party there were seven write-in votes.

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