Police Blotter 03-03-2016

Monday, February 22

Caller states that his brother was involved in a motor vehicle crash this morning at Bank of America and his mother received a call from the other party involved, attempting to extort $2,000; using threats to harm her son. Units responded along with detective and were able to ensure all victims of this scam that were healthy and safe. The perpetrator was going to have the money wired.

Employee at Millie’s Kitchen reports breaking and entering overnight through the back door. W91 spoke with the owner who reports that nothing is missing at this time.

Caller at Fort Heath Apartments reports that he came out to his vehicle and discovered four flat tires and the side of the vehicle keyed.

Caretaker on Bowdoin Street reports the need for medical assistance for her patient.

W91 reports a motor vehicle stop on Veterans Road. MDT revealed an expired registration which was confirmed. G&J notified to tow the vehicle.

Proprietor of convenient store on Shirley Street found a wallet containing a license and credit cards belonging to a party out of Texas. W92 checked with Crystal Cove and Harrington House, to no avail. A message was left with the resident with the same last name.

Based on 955’s persistence and investigation techniques, the owner of the found wallet called from Texas and requested that we mail it to her at her home address with her gratitude.

Medical aid needed on Lincoln Street.

Caretaker on Shore Drive requests medical assist for a male that fell out of his wheelchair. W91 dispatched along with WFD due to call history. W91 reports the fall was accidental in nature. WFD performed a lift assist.

Party on Willis Avenue requesting an ambulance for her mother who has fallen. EMS notified.

Party on Pauline Street came into the station to report that a person or persons unknown opened an account at East Hampton Savings Bank online with a deposit of $200 using her name and social security number. The deposit was made with a credit card. She notified Transunion, Experian/Equifax and the bank. They are investigating.

Caller on Irwin Street states that he needs a medical response for a friend that is overdosing. W94 reports a possible water break at the same location with alarms sounding. A very chaotic scene. Units report male party revived and the water issue was discovered to be an overflowing sink in the same apartment.

Party at Executive Apartments requests an ambulance as he has fallen.

Tuesday, February 23

Caller on Revere Street states a possible MVA. Units respond and report a one vehicle crash into the fence of the property. G&J notified and on the scene to free up the vehicle but the vehicle was drivable. 91 will submit a report.

Party on Fremont Street reports that someone had struck her motor vehicle overnight.

School Resource officer repots that someone just took his girlfriend’s cell phone and ran off. Officers report they have the suspect and the phone. It will be handled in the school.

Code Enforcement and W91 report unsafe condition in front of building on Crest Avenue. Sidewalk has debris on it. Building Inspector told the company they must have a safety officer before they continue to work.

Party from the Court Road area came in looking to see if anyone turned in his black wallet. He was advised if it does get turned in, we would contact him. He was advised to cancel his cards.

Individual from Hermon Street came to the station to report that a trailer is parked which is blocking the sidewalk in front of the Playmakers building. Code Enforcement is going to investigate the trailer.

Reports that a white SUV is pared on the sidewalk on Madison Avenue. Officer reports the area is clear.

Caller on Amelia Avenue reports a motor vehicle has been parked on Morton Street for at least a month without moving. She stated she is worried about the owner of the vehicle as this never happens and would like us to check on them. No answer at the door. The mailbox is empty and no signs of distress.

Party on Summit Avenue reports she saw an unknown male in her driveway. He then went into another driveway and back to hers. She yelled to him and he ran away. Caller then followed the male in her car. He ran to Revere Street and then Crest Avenue towards the each where she lost him. She then gave a description of him and stated this happened 20 minutes ago. Units BOLO.

Party came into the station to report she lost or someone stole her Moroccan passport, a green card and social security card.

Caller at Governors Park request we do a well-being check on her brother. He as medical issues and has not been answering his phone. Officer reports speaking with the male and asking for medical for an evaluation. The officer reports the male party will be going to the Whidden. The caller was informed and also advised of a Section 35.

Party on Washington Avenue called and reports a bald male was pulling a 6-year-old child into an apartment. 98 and 92 spoke with the male who was playing with the child. Also spoke to the child’s other and child. All is well.

Caller on Lowell Road reports baby is not breathing. EMS notified. Officer reports the baby is breathing and alert on arrival. Cleared by medical.

Male fell at Executive Apartments. WFD will help out.

Party at Governors Park complaining of loud noise from apartment above. 93 Pena reports all quiet now and the tenant lowered TV volume.

Unit reports having motor vehicle pulled over on Shore Drive. He reports the operator has suspended license and warrants. The subject was placed under arrest. G&J notified and will respond.

Wednesday, February 24

Party on Somerset Avenue called to report a blue caravan has been running all night and she noticed two people sleeping in it. Officer reports one person moving back home. They arrived late and did not want to wake up the house.

W92 reports the retaining wall on Deane Avenue is collapsing on to the sidewalk on Revere Street. Some of the pieces are big. DPW notified and will look into it.

An individual came to the station to repot she had received a letter from the IRS. The letter stated that someone filed taxes under her name and social security number.

Caller on Bates Avenue reports that sometime overnight someone entered her vehicle and had taken some of the belongings from the vehicle.

Medical Alert company called to report that someone on Lincoln Street fell and needs assistance. Fire notified.

W91 is off on a follow-up investigation at Governors Park. Officer spoke with the subject who is with family. Advised of resources.

W99 detectives are off on an investigation at the High/Middle School on Pauline Street.

School Resource officer reports she has one under arrest for malicious destruction of property. W92 will respond and transport. One juvenile arrested for malicious destruction of property and disturbing the peace.

Boston 911 called to report they had a Phase I 911 call. They were unable to hear anything on the phone and the callbacks went unanswered. Shows on their screen as somewhere on Winthrop Street. Officer reports speaking with the persons at the church. None of them called 911 and they have a cell tower it may have come off of.

Caller on Neptune Avenue is worried about a friend. Stated they talk very day but she has not answered the phone in over a day. Stated she has medical problems and is afraid for her. The officer reports speaking with the person and she is well and will call her friend.

Reports that a stop sign has fallen down at Shirley and Ocean Avenue. Officer reports the sign fell over and DPW notified.

Thursday, February 25

Caller on Golden Drive reports a possible fire alarm is sounding from an apartment. WFD notified and will respond. Fire reports an accidental medical alarm.

Party at Governors Park reports that an upstairs neighbor has loud TV/music on for hours. Units respond and report a female fell asleep with the TV on.

Employee at Arbor House called to report one of their patients wants to go to the hospital for difficulty in breathing. Fire and ambulance notified and will respond.

92 reports a manhole cover is lifted and needs to be adjusted and sealed correctly at Pauline and Walden Street.

Hysterical call of someone on the ground shaking at Brown’s Drug. Fire was notified and will respond. Officers report one male being transported to MGH.

Officer will try to serve a summons of subject on Shirley Street. Summons was issued by Chelsea Juvenile Court.

Officer will try to serve a summons to subject on Shirley Street. The summons was issued out of Suffolk County Juvenile Court. Mother of the child staged that she would come to the station after work to pick up the paperwork.

Officer will try to serve warrant on subject on Irwin Street. The warrant was from Quincy Court to East Boston. The officers report they have the person. 91 will transport.

Caller reports that an individual was in the library with a dog. The owner explained that the dog was a service animal.

911 call from Foot and Ankle Assoc. to report they have a patient that may have overdosed and needs an ambulance. Transferred to EMS. Officer reports that the subject left the doctor’s office prior to their arrival. Fire and medical could not locate the subject.

Officer was able to get the information on the person (above) who left the scene before she could be treated for medical. She was driven away by a friend and lives in Saugus. Saugus PD will do a well being check. They were unable to locate that person but spoke with a relative who will call Saugus when she returns.

The subject returned home and the mother contacted medical there.

Officer is off with a subject on Winthrop Street.

Party on Sargent Street walked into the lobby to report that her daughter’s social security number had been used to file taxes for a different person. She was given information as to how to take step to protect information. She only wanted this on record.

Caller on Dolphin Avenue reports that her children were to be dropped off at 6:30 p.m. When she called the father to tell him the children need to be back he told her “you scare me when you call and I’m with my children.” They were dropped off at 7 p.m.

Lifeline on Lincoln Street reports a male has fallen and cannot get up. Fire and medical notified.

Caller on Banks Street would like on record that someone kicked in his cellar window. He thinks it was only kids playing in the area so only wants it on record at this time.

Officer will try to serve a summons on a juvenile on Shirley Street. No answer at any of the apartments.

Officer will try to serve a juvenile summons to another subject on Shirley Street. No answer at the apartment.

Party reports he is following another vehicle which is driving on the wrong side of the road and might have hit a parked car on Main Street. 98, 94 and 92 report he crashed at Crescent Street in Revere. State in Revere and Revere PD on the scene. K9 will check our town for damages. Revere placed the driver into custody.

K9 reports a vehicle has a side mirror that is damaged on Main and Marshall Street. Not sure if that was related to previous call of an erratic driver.

Friday, February 26

K9 reports being stopped by a livery driver who stayed two males took off prior to paying for their fare on Revere Street. K9 will active Clint to track them down. Units report unable to pick up any scene from the general area.

Crying female on Shirley Street to report some type of assault or other problem.

Party on Shirley Street reports she needs medical. When asked which apartment she is in, she said “I am evicted and staying in the hallway.” Officer report she was transported to the Whidden.

Report that someone fell on Somerset Avenue. EMS will respond.

Party found a needle on Shore Drive. Officer will place it in the Sharps container.

Caller reports that her brother is overdosing in front of the Pizza Center. Fire and Action along with police will respond. They report they used 2 Narcan shots on a 24 year old male and he is going to the Whidden.

Alarm Company called to report that they received a panic alarm from Nahant Avenue. 94 and 93 are responding to investigate. Officers report that all is clear.

Caller on Grovers Avenue reports witnessing a dog owner mistreating his dog. The ACO officer has been dispatched to the area to investigate.

Party on Grovers Avenue reports that she is having a dispute with the next door neighbor over an adjoining driveway. 91 is responding to the address. He reports that all is okay.

Caller on Payson Street reports subject is walking around. Officers report they have one under arrest on two warrants.

Party on Siren Street came in to report that she thinks her apartment was broken into. Officer reports he will make out a report.

Call from New York requesting medical for her other on Bartlett Road. Fire and EMS notified.

Many calls of a young girl struck by a motor vehicle at Brown’s Drug.

SRO is requesting another officer to help keep the peace between parents at the Winthrop Middle School. Officers report the matter has been settled and one couple has left.

Caller reports a lady is running in between parked cars and helping all kinds of things at Yirrell Beach. Officer report the area is clear.

Motor vehicle stop on Veterans Road with the operator having no license. One under arrest for unlicensed operation of a vehicle and failing to stop/yield.

Party on Crystal Cove Avenue reported delivery man from an East Boston Chinese food pushed his way in after he cancelled the order for a late delivery. 91 Ramadan reports the male just lammed the door and the driver cleans he never entered. The male just wants it recorded.

Report of people in the cemetery area causing a disturbance. The area is clear when the officer arrived.

Party on River Road reports that there are two unknown males walking the property. Officer spoke to a male party who was out walking his dog and the dog ran onto the property. He was just retrieving him.

Caller on Winthrop Street reports some type of disturbance with her downstairs neighbor Officers report verbal argument between neighbors. One party to the MGH for a panic attack.

Saturday, February 27

Motor vehicle stop on Sagamore Avenue led to an arrest for outstanding warrant, operating recklessly so as to endanger, unlicensed operation of vehicle and speeding.

Patient at East Boston Neighborhood Health called stating that he get in touch with the nurse and he has been calling for hours. A call to the facility went unanswered. W91 responded and reports speaking with the nurse who stated that the patient had not been alone and had been checked just recently.

Call from The Arbors requesting an ambulance for a resident. Action notified.

Caller at Energy to Go requests an ambulance to go to the hospital. Officers respond and reports a store worker is sick. He stood by until a replacement worker showed up. Officer gave the keys to the manager who arrived also.

Male party came to the station inquiring about a cousin that has been living with him and he now wants her out. Party spoke with 955 who advised him.

Officer spoke to a group of kids in the area of Read Street.

Female party and her husband from Winthrop Street came into the station requesting information about a disturbance call at their house from the night before.

Report of sewage backup on Waldemar Avenue. DPW notified.

Report of an elderly male who fell in the parking lot at Seal Harbor and is bleeding. EMS notified and will respond.

Party on Revere Street called to report that her adult daughter just left the house with her infant and has gone to her boyfriend’s grandfather’s home. The caller is concerned for the well being of the child as the grandmother reports that her daughter is using and doing other activities that may cause harm. W91 and W94 responded to the residence and spoke with the child’s mother who is fine and also to the boyfriend and his grandfather who are all well and no one is under the influence. This was relayed back to the caller who was advised to go to Court with whatever evidence and concerns she may have and call the hotline if necessary. But all appeared to be fine and requires nothing further form the police at this time.

Party on Main Street is requesting an ambulance for his father-in-law who is having difficulty breathing. EMS responding.

Sunday, February 28

Caller reports a fight in front of the Kasbah Restaurant. Officers report fight was over before they arrived and no one admits to seeing anything. Officers cleared the remaining people out of the area.

Father reports that his 16-year-old son left the house sometime during the night or early morning without notice. Units 955 and 918 responded to an address of a friend/schoolmate of the juvenile to see if he is there. Officers spoke to the friend who stated that he was there with the other youth earlier last evening and does not know where he is now. He informed the officers that he would reach out to his friend and have him contact his father. A few minutes later while the father was still at the station, his phone rang and it was the reported missing son who informed his father that he was at the high school working out. The dad said that he will go there right away. W91 was sent also to be present when the father reunited with his son. It was learned there that the son was actually at the house that we checked and ran out after the police arrived. The officers went back to the family to speak with them regarding their alleged falsehoods regarding the whereabouts of a juvenile.

Party on Shore Drive reports that while walking the beach, he observed a male party on the third breakwater who may be in need of assistance. W91 checked the area to no avail.

W91 requests confirmation about a vehicle parked at Coughlin Park. Owner came out and was afforded an opportunity to take corrective measures online. G&H were on standby. The owner was unsuccessful with clearing the status and G&J notified to tow the vehicle to private property. 955 seized the registration plates.

Report of a Mercedes egged overnight on Wilshire Street.

Caller at Wheelock and Waldemar Avenue states that there are two dogs near the WHS. One is a Doberman and the other a Black Labrador. ACO was not on duty at this time. An e-mail was sent to him to make him aware of the situation.

Call from a medical alert on Russell Street of an activation. Information on the refrigerator and the door is open. Fire notified.

Party on Winthrop Street reports that his wife caught her finger in the blender and is bleeding.

W91 reports being approached by a motorist who complained about the congested parking at Deer Island. W91 responded to Tafts Avenue to investigate the complaint.

Caller on Shirley Street states that he has a non-compliant unwanted guest that will not leave his apartment. Units report that the unwanted guest had left prior to their arrival and the caller became uncooperative when he no longer needed assistance.

Request for an assist for female on Walden Street who has fallen.

Party on Winthrop Street came in to report being harassed by another youth. The parents of the second youth came by and will instruct their son to stay away from the other youth but also reported that their son was not out last night at the time a reported threat was made.

Caller reports man outside Cumberland Farms harassing the customers. Officer spoke to the subject and sent him out of the area.

Party on Cross Street requesting an ambulance for his mother who is having issues with her heart. EMS responding.

Caller on Overlook Drive request an ambulance for his mother who he believes is having a stroke.

Party on Siren Street on scene requesting officer, as her friend is not answering the door and she is worried for his well-being. Party called back stating that his friend answered the door and no service is now needed. Response cancelled enroute.

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