Police Blotter 01-07-2016

Monday, December 28

Request for EMS for party on Cottage Park Road.

W91 responded to the lockup to pick up a juvenile prisoner and transport subject to Chelsea Juvenile Court for arraignment. 918 reports having the juvenile prisoner on board and is ow enrollee to Chelsea. W91 arrived at Chelsea with prisoner.

W92 will attempt to service a summons to parent for minor child on Russell Street. Essex Juvenile Court division.

Party on Pleasant Street requests medical for a client who is on the floor. Transferred to EMS. W92 responded and assisted the worker until medical arrived. No forced entry was needed.

Medical needed for male on Sewall Avenue.

Mother was granted a Warrant of Apprehension for juvenile daughter who is at girlfriend’s house in Malden. Malden PD notified by phone and fax. Malden PD called with the female in custody and they were able to serve the juvenile as per the Warrant of Apprehension. W93 with 951 and 925 on their way to meet Malden PD and Doughboy and take custody of the juvenile female to bring her to Boston Juvenile. W93 made the pickup and are now on their way to the Brooke Court House. Court notified of contraband found on the juvenile subject.

Caller on Shirley Street reports that four ales going door to door from a gray van. W92 reports locating the subjects who stated they are roofers looking for work. They will cease and check in with us before they continue.

E911 transfer from almont Street from a suicidal party. Party states he has a knife and wants to hurt himself. Officer responded and party stayed on the line until they arrived. He was transported to Whidden to be evaluated.

Caller on Sagamore Avenue requesting medical attention for her father who is not feeling well. EMS notified.

Party at Governors Park came to the station to report his rear license plate was either lost or stolen.

4th party request from Buckthorn Terrace that we check on mother of one of her students as she fears for her safety due to an e-mail she received from a health care professional. Officer spoke with subject who was confused as to why we responded. She stated that she was fine and had no issues that required our attention. Officer also spoke with so who appeared to have no issues. Unit cleared.

Party called that there is a group of guys being loud and disturbing the neighborhood at the tennis courts at Governors Park. Units report the group dispersed prior to their arrival.

Caller states they have received multiple calls of a male yelling but all calls were dropped. Units respond and will BOLO the area of Lincoln and Brookfield Road. Unit report the call was unfounded.

Tuesday, December 29

Party at Grovers Avenue called to report a suspicious package in the bushes. Units report a box of trash.

Officer will try to serve a Harassment Order to subject on Girdlestone Road, which was issued out of Westborough Court. He reports serving it in hand.

Officer will try to serve a summons issued by the Lynn Court to a parent and juvenile son on Russell Street. He reports no one home, neighbor told officer she left for Court and comes home around 6:30 p.m.

Report that Sturgis Street area is starting to flood due to the weather and tide. The DPW has been notified and will block the bottom of Sturgis until the water subsides.

Reports of alarms going off at Alcohol & Drug Free Lodging Home. Fire notified.

Manager of CVS called to say they have a young female being held on a shoplifting charge. Officers report the above is being trespassed from the store. All items recovered.

Boston PD called to say they got a phone call of a male walking in the middle of the street by the Mobil Mart. Male is wearing a blue sweater, no shoes, and the shoes were around his neck. Also stated he was yelling in the street.

Caller at Main and Marshall Street reports there is a truck blocking the street. Officer reports there is no vehicle blocking anything.

Party on Myrtle Street reports that her next door neighbor is acting up and her husband asked her to call the police.

Caller on Pleasant Street called to repot that his daughter is having a hard time breathing. EMS will handle.

911 medical call from Golden Drive. Visiting Nurse calling. Transfer to EMD.

Caller on Court Road reports that their 99 year old father is feeling weak and they are requesting an ambulance. Fire and EMS notified.

Male party came in to report Governors Park security located a plate he thought was previously stolen. Stolen motor vehicle plate cancelled.

Mother on Russell Street came in to get a summons for her son and herself. Notices were given to her and she will abide buy the order.

Wednesday, December 30

Alarm activation reported from the town hall. W93 report that the building was secure and that the DPW was reporting to the facility to reset the alarm system.

Party at Governors Drive called to report that her husband needs an ambulance. EMS will handle.

An ambulance is needed on Hermon Street for a female. EMS will handle.

Officer reports being off at Townsend Street for a follow up investigation.

Party on Morton Street came to the station to give additional information on a past larceny that had occurred.

Report of a vehicle being parked in the same location for weeks on Shore Drive and it has flat tires. Officer reports the vehicle is there and it does have flats. Placed on the 72 hour list.

Officer reports being off on Coral Avenue on a follow up investigation.

Caller on Plummer Avenue reports that he had placed his suitcase outside of his motor vehicle and returned to his residence to retrieve additional belongings. When he went back outside he discovered that the suitcase had been taken. 91 will patrol the surrounding area.

Party on Golden Drive reports an elderly gentleman has fallen on the sidewalk. Fire and 91 and 92 responded.

A female and two males from Shirley Street came to the talon to report a trespassing and possible harassment.

Caller from Executive Apartments requests an ambulance because he feels he needs to go to the hospital. Party is feeling sick.

Reports that an elderly woman fell on Willis Avenue and hit her head. Transferred to WFD and they will handle.

Man hurt his ribs in a fall on Loring Road. Transferred to wFD and they will handle.

Unit reports having a motor vehicle pulled over for speeding at Atlantis Marina Condos. Officer reports a citation was issued.

Thursday, December 31

Female on Plummer Avenue report water flowing and maybe an issue with a neighbor. 92 Connolly and WFD will check out the house. In speaking with the caller, someone had turned on a hose in back yard.

Caller on Main Street reports that someone just came into her home through the basement and turned on a light. Units respond and report area search of the perimeter of the home and the basement to no avail.

Party on Kennedy Road reports that her next door neighbor has fallen in the adjacent apartment and she is unable to gain access to the apartment to assist her neighbor. Fire notified.

Officer repots making contact with an individual regarding an investigation followup on Brewster Avenue. Individual was given additional information.

Party from Governors Park came to these station requesting to speak with an officer regarding a weapon that was turned in here by his mother. Detective queried that his LTC which reveled it has just been suspended by our department. Detective will respond to the home and pick up another weapon he has stored in his vault. W91 and detective responded to the address and report the party turned the weapon and ammunition over to the officers.

Caller on Pleasant Street reports that an individual may be experiencing an overdose. Winthrop Fire and 92 responding. Ambulance transport to MGH.

Party on Shirley Street came i requesting to speak with an officer regarding harassment by a family member. Detective reports speaking with the court and the family was advised there will be a court date this month.

Caller reports that a company was cleaning the abandoned property on Read Street and inadvertently left the front door and garage door open when they left. 91 secured the property.

Party at Governors Park reports that there is a water pipe break it he area. DPW notified.

We received a call from the University of Kansas Police Dept. informing us that a motor vehicle that had been reported stolen from Winthrop has been recovered and the suspect is in custody.

Call of a past breaking and entering on a house on Winthrop Street which party is selling.

Todisco Towing came into the station to report that they have towed an illegally parked motor vehicle from Governors Park.

Caller on Main Street reports that a male was acting suspiciously around the ATM machines. 94 will investigate.

Walk-in from Myrtle Avenue to report she lost or had stolen her bank card in Boston and since then, someone has used her account in NY. She was advised to contact her bank and Boston PD.

Party on Villa Avenue came into the station to report being repeatedly harassed by an unknown male who rings his doorbell and runs off. Tonight’s incident was also witnessed by a deputy sheriff who lives next door. This is the sixth incident since September.

Party on Main Street came into the station to repot vandalism to his vehicle.

Caller reports observing someone with a flashlight digging in the lower cemetery. This happened while she was traveling on Cross Street.

Clerk at Cumberland Farms reports a female has been standing outside his store panhandling for money and he would like her removed from the property. She was trespassed from Cumberland Farms/House of Pizza and 7-11 properties.

Caller reports that there is a arty that looks as though it will get out of hand rather quickly on North and South Avenue. W93 reports speaking with the homeowner who is supervising a New Year’s Eve party for his kids and their friends. No alcohol present. He will keep the revelers inside as best he can.

Caller on Fairview Avenue states that he needs medical transport for his father who fell.

Friday, January 1

Report of a smell of smoke on Sargent Street. Told to clear and WFD and 92 Pena reports an electrical heater malfunction. All clear.

A resident has fallen at The Arbors and needs assistance in getting back up.

Man on Johnson Avenue reports a hit and run overnight. 92 Ferullo reports he will file proper reports.

Call from a nurse at The Arbors to report that there is a patent going wild and wants to throw hot coffee on people. Officer report they had the man calm down and Fire and Action responded and he was transported to MGH.

Party reports a female down on the ground and a male party helping her up just outside the landing area. Officer report the male party there needs medical assistance. WFD and EMS notified. Patient refusal. Viking Taxi contacted and will drop the two off further down Shirley Street. Taxi picked up the pair and dropped them home.

Saturday, January 2

Caller reports a street sign may have been struck by a motor vehicle causing a safety hazard at Washington and Veterans Road. Officer reported the sign from the public way. No longer a safety hazard. DPW will be notified.

Transfer from Essex Regional reporting an assault on Shore Drive. Second call received. Party reports he is handicapped and he was assaulted by a woman. One in custody for two counts of assault and battery on disabled with injury and domestic assault.

Caller reports she has fallen and hurt her leg on Bowdoin Street.

Party came to the station to pick up two bags of personal property that was left at the station for her many weeks ago. She came here as a result of receiving a letter that we had her property. A receipt was signed and the property was given to her.

W93 responded to Pleasant Street to notify a stolen motor vehicle owner of the vehicle’s recovery by the U of Kansas PD. Officer repots no answer at the door and no names on any mail boxes.

Party brought a wristlet to the Stanton containing cash, cars and ID for a female out of Hyde Park that she found. Officer will try to locate the owner.

Visiting Nurse requests ambulance for female patient on South Main Street. Fire notified.

Caller reports a motor vehicle driving erratically in East Boston just pulled in behind the Mobil gas station on Main Street. Officer located vehicle parked at the vacuum cleaners being the car wash. Two subjects with the vehicle but no one seen driving Neither person had a valid license. Owner of the vehicle contacted and has someone responding to drive the vehicle away.

ACO responding to a mutual aid call in Saugus.

Caller at Wyatt’s Mobil reports possible fight about to occur between a person who just got out of a cab and an occupant of another vehicle. Officers report nothing occurring int eh area. Units clear.

Report of youths fighting on Bowdoin Street. Officers report the combatants gone. Requests EMS for juvenile female. Ambulance transport refused by juvenile father. Reports of assault and battery and keeper of a disorderly house. Additional female brought to the station to apply for 209A which the judge denied.

Sunday, January 3

Caller on Washington avenue reports she wants her visiting daughter removed from her home. Units requesting a taxi. Units report female party on her way in the taxi.

W100 reports being off for party asleep in a vehicle on Franklin Street. Requests EMS for an evaluation.

Violation of court order on Shore Drive. Party arrested and transported with W92. EMS called to check medications for prisoner. No meds given. Clerk called regarding the arrest and orders which included no bail.  Prisoner completed a victim/witness form and wishes to file charges regarding being a victim in yesterday’s incident. She also reports being treated at the East Boston Health Center after her release yesterday for her alleged injuries. 942 responded to the address to take possession of evidence involved the matter. One in custody for violation of abuse prevention order.

Caller reports an accident near the new high school construction site. Caller states it is a hit and run. The other vehicle was silver and took off at a high rate after running the stop sign. EMS notified and all units BOLO’ed. G&J responded to tow.  They had to return to their base to get other equipment to remove the vehicle that was located the ditch. Officers report after the locating the caller that the accident happened last night.

Reports of a woman falling and bleeding on Winthrop street.

Father on North Avenue came to the station regarding his so who called him and expressed feelings of harm to himself Son is not home and dad belies he will be home sometime after noon time when he expects his son’s girlfriend to drop him off. The father stated he does not know where he is now but when the son returns he will call us to make an evaluation. He was also advised regarding the family doctor as well as a warrant of apprehension process through the court.

Caller on Almont Street reports that her husband is bleeding form the face and it won’t stop. Transferred to WFD.

Party on Wilshire Street requests an ambulance for his mother who is having a reaction to her diabetic medication.

Call from a health care worker on Shirley Street who states that her patient needs to go to the hospital. EMS notified and responding.

Party on Crescent Street called to report getting harassing and threatening phone calls from his ex-wife.

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