Police Blotter 09-24-2015

Monday, Sept. 14

Medical aid call to 19 Golden Dr., hip pain.

Caller states she lost diamond earring at Deer Island walkway.

Medical aid call to 93 Veterans Road.

Medical aid call to 41 Lincoln St.

Victim of larceny came to the station to file paperwork.

Items belonging to deceased family member from Temple Avenue turned over to police.

Illegally parked cars on Washington at Willow Ave.

Motor vehicle stop and summons on Buchanan Street.

Disabled vehicle on Main Street at Pleasant.

Medical aid call to Wave Way Avenue.

Medical aid call to Atlantic Street.

Medical aid call to Cliff Avenue.

Motor vehicle stop and citation at Shirley and Payson streets.

Tuesday, Sept. 15

Motor vehicle stop and citation issued at Revere and Shirley streets.

Motor vehicle stop at Main and Pleasant streets.

Assist school crossing on Revere Street.

Right boot and screwdriver retrieved from police station.

Motor vehicle crash on Saratoga Street bridge.

Vehicle stop on Main Street. Verbal warning.

Possible body behind building on Kennedy Road. Police found male sleeping.

Complaint about drone being used in Underhill and Shore Drive area.

Medical aid call to Executive Apartments.

Dog missing from yard on Winthrop Street.

Gas line broken by construction crew on Woodside Park.

Shoplifter reported at 35 Revere St.,

Woman stuck in elevator at Seal Harbor.

Man reports bedding on Deer Island near memorial and he has not seen before.

A syringe found on Summit Avenue.

Report of past breaking and entering on Winthrop Street

Driver reports being threatened bby another on Shirley Street.

Shoplifter at CVS.

Another report of shopkifting at CVS. Drinks taken.

Medical aid call to Wave Way Avenue.

Female cannot get into home on Wadsworth Avenue, boyfriend won’t let her in. Staying for a few days and seeking new housing.

Parking complaint on Perkins Street.

Two men fighting on Shore Drive.

Party came to the station to report he and girlfriend are being harassed by his mother. Mother also has a private investigator following them.

Medical aid call to Shirley Street.

X-boyfriend trying to enter Shirley Street address.

Wednesday, Sept. 16

Food on the stove caused smoke in Washington Avenue apartment.

Building checked on Woodside Avenue after alarm.

Officer to direct traffic on Revere Street at Kennedy Road.

Minor bus car accident on Crest Avenue.

Parking complaint on James Avenue.

Call to report items retrieved from Shore Drive address.

Boat washed ashore on Yirrell Beach.

Investigation on Governor’s Drive.

Complaint of a drone being used at Seal Harbor.

Investigation of screaming baby at Shirley Street address.

Medical aid call to Fort Heath apartments.

Tree service blocking street and sidewalk on Veteran’s Road.

Assist with school crossing on Revere Street.

Work crew blocking sidewalk on Washington Avenue.

Summons delivered to Beach Road address.

Summons delivered to Governor’s Drive apartment.

Detective reports he is off with five people behind CVS.

Medical aid call to basketball court, Walden Street.

Report of fire on Shirley Street. Nothing found.

Shirley Street resident reports someone may hurt her.

Loud party on Locust Street.

Report of unconscious person on car in George Street lot. No one found.

Medical aid call to Irwin Street.

Motor vehicle incident on Almont and Cross streets.

Thursday, Sept. 17

Medical aid call to Circuit Road.

Medical aid call to Seal Harbor Road.

Assist school crossing on Revere Street.

Investigation at Bank of America, Bartlett Road.

Car parked the wrong way on Underhill Street. Caller called twice and was told higher priority calls caused delay.

Prisoner brought to East Boston Court.

Medical aid call to Walden Street.

Medical aid call again to Walden Street.

Traffic direction for schools on Revere Street.

Medical aid call to Crest Avenue.

Report of telephone fraud on Ocean Avenue.

Medical aid call to Shirley Street.

Complaint of noise on Crest Avenue. Construction noise.

Friday, Sept. 18

911 call from Enfield Street. Nothing found.

Directed patrol at Coughlin, Massa and Hannaford parks. All quiet.

Report of needle in the street on Summit Avenue.

Large truck seeking direction on Payson Street.

Person check on Winthrop Street.

Water break on Plummer Avenue.

Summons delivered to Summit Avenue address.

Medical aid call to Chamberlain Avenue.

Report of IRS calling a resident.

Traffic direction on Revere Street for schools.

Stop sign violation on Lincoln Street.

Solicitors on Winthrop Street.

Summons service reported for Summit Avenue man.

Motor vehicle stops on Veterans Road and Washington Avenue.

Report of a woman on a moped with a young child on the back on Sunnyside Avenue. No one found.

Medical aid call to Pleasant Street.

Motor vehicle stop at Dunkin Donuts.

MGH called for a person check on a Washington Avenue resident.

Motor vehicle stop on Pleasant Street.

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