Police Blotter 09-03-2015

Monday, August 24

Party came to the station to report that her ex-husband has not returned their child. The child should have been dropped off at 7:45 a.m.   The husband did not answer a call by his ex-wife.

Daughter called to report that her father has a heart problem and needs an ambulance to Pleasant Street. EMS notified.

Father on Revere Street called to say that his daughter is sick. EMS notified.

Caller on Wheelock Street reports that he was in need of medical attention. WFD was notified.

Individual from Seal Harbor came to the station to report that he had checks stolen from his residence.

Caller on Emerson Road reports that the house next door has youths trying to get into a rear window. Officers report one of the boys lives there and forgot his keys.

Officers are going to Girdlestone Road to serve subject a firearms suspension notice and retrieve any weapons that he may have. The officers report that they have all his weapons.

Party came in to complain of a woman from Southbridge harassing her over the Internet. She was offered a victim/witness form and a court hearing on her complaint. After that, she said to Off. Ramadani that she had no time to go to court.

Caller on Read Street reports that youths look like they are about to fight and are yelling at each other. Officers report there is no fight, just kids yelling at each other. All sent on their way.

Reports of sewage are overflowing into house on Sunnyside Avenue. DPW notified.


Tuesday, August 25

K9 Brown off with three males at Ingleside Park setting up for the night. 92 Ramadini reports moving them from the area. They are homeless.

Alarm Company called to report alarm activation at the rear of Magee’s Corner Liquors. Off. Sorrentino reports the owner is there.

Caller on Winthrop Street reports that her next-door neighbor has been harassing her, and she is now in fear of it increasing. Officer reports peace has been restored. The tenants will bring up their issues with the landlord of the property.

Party called to report that two people are sleeping near the skateboard park on Walden Street. Officers report these are the same subjects as last night. Both have out of state warrants, one warrant states the subject has violent tendencies. They are leaving to head out of state.

Detectives and officers are searching for subject on Shirley Street as he has a warrant. They report he is under arrest for two outstanding warrants. Two other subjects are also being run, no warrants, one has a suspended license.

SwissPort Company called from Argyle Street to report the sink hole that the PW plated is getting bigger and wider. DPW notified.

Caller on Overlook Drive requests medical. She stated she fell and needs help getting up. Medical notified.

Caller reports a male party is down in front of the CVS on Saratoga Street in East Boston. The police were notified and will respond to the scene.

Female on Russell Street reports that her boyfriend took a bunch of prescription pills and left an hour ago. Off. McCarthy notified Boston PD of a man fitting description at the CVS on Saratoga Street an hour ago. 91 Ramadani and WFD responded in case he was still in our town. 91 will notify MBTA Police and Boston PD as he lives in South Boston. K9 Brown assisted in search locally. Boston PD reports that he was taken to MGH for his condition.

Male party came in to report that sometime around March he must have lost his Ghana passport, color brown, while walking around the city of Boston. He did not realize this until he recently went to look for it and it was missing.

Male party came in to report that he checked in a safe with a pistol and three gun clips through the airlines. While in a taxi on the ride home to Winthrop, he noticed two gun clips missing from the safe that contained sand and dirt. He was advised to go to Logan State Police to report the missing items.

Unit reports sending a male party out of the skate park who was skating after the park was closed.


Wednesday, August 26

An unknown party on Banks Street informs the 92 of a suspicious motor vehicle in the area. Units respond, area search reveals no one in the area and all vehicles in the parking lot appear to be secure.

Party on Winthrop Street called to report that the water in her house is bad. DPW was notified.

51-year-old female on Shirley Street called to report that she has stomach pains. EMS notified.

Manager of the CVS called to report they have a shoplifter. Sergeants and officer report they have the subject and will take him home. Off. Carter will contact the parents.

Party came in to report that credit cards have been opened up in his name and a strange name.

A found wallet was brought into the station. In-house check and Internet check for owner yielded no address or phone. It was placed in the lost/found.

Call of a truck parked in handicap spot on Cliff Avenue.

WD called to report they would like a police officer, as there is a dog in a car on Lincoln Street with the windows shut. Officer reports he found the owner in the church.

Reports of wires down on Plummer Avenue. Fire notified.

Off. Gergerian is off on a follow-up investigation on Summit Avenue. No one home.

Call for medical on Shore Drive. Transferred to WFD and EMS.

Party on Highland Avenue came in to report credit card fraud.

Caller on South Main Street reports that her mother-in-law fell down and needs help getting up. She believes she may have injured herself. Fire and ambulance notified and will respond.

Female on Hawthorn Avenue called to report that she was scratched by her cat and wants to go to the hospital. Fire and ambulance notified and will respond.


Thursday, August 27

W98 requests an assist with the service of a warrant to be served on Dix Street. They also need assist from Revere and the State. 961 reports one in custody on a straight warrant for breaking and entering in the nighttime, larceny from a building and malicious destruction of property. The subject will be transported directly to Revere PD for booking.

961 along with the State responded to serve a warrant on Maryland Avenue. Subject was arrested and will be transported to Revere for booking. Straight warrant for receiving stolen property.

Party on Veterans Road came to the station to ask for an assist in having her grandson leave her apartment. She allowed him to stay the night but told him he had to leave in the morning and now he refuses to go. Officer escorted the guest that overstayed his welcome and advised the resident regarding anything in the future. The resident was advised of her rights.

Caller on Winthrop Street reports a large truck turning corner and may have spilled fuel. W92 dispatched to investigate and no sign of a spill at this time.

Reports of a speeding car several times a day on Chester Avenue. It was driven by a younger male with a female in the passenger seat. All units BOLOed regarding this car.

Woman at Kathy’s Place reports a child may have broken her arm.

Abandoned call on Trident Avenue. Callback revealed it was a mother showing her children how to call for help. She was advised to stay on the line to indicate that.

Caller on Charles Street called requesting help for her sister who is suffering a seizure. Medical notified and female transported to MGH.

Party came into the station to report of harassment.

Caller on Shirley Street reports an incident with a driver of another motor vehicle over said driver’s driving habits. Officer spoke to the caller and calmed him down.

Party on Sunnyside Avenue reports that “a motor vehicle struck a temporary water line and now water is spewing into the air like a geyser.” W92 confirmed. DPW notified and is responding. WFD advised. W92 reports DPW responded and handled the situation. Free car wash over.

Caller on Walden Street requests we check on resident as she has not been seen or heard from him since Sunday. Office reports no answer at the door. Neighbor has not seen him. Officer checked subject’s mailbox and reports it is empty.


Friday, August 28

Call came from 911 line at the Arbors. Female party stated she had fallen and could not get up. Fire and EMS contacted. Ambulance transport to the hospital.

Party reports a tow truck appears to be dropping off a junk type motor vehicle in the George Street parking lot. Officer reports the truck is dropping of a late model BMW.

Caller on Otis Street stated that her father found and moved a motor scooter to the side of the road that he found in front of their house. She believes it may have been stolen because it is all smashed up and the license plate is missing. Officers report finding one scooter and one motorcycle. Motorcycle was returned to the owner and officer left a note for the owner of the scooter.

Party on Highland Avenue reports a green van operated by a white male just nearly struck the caller who had a previous incident with him. Officer reports speaking to calling party and getting her side of the story. Officer will reach out to the owner of the green van.

Male on Otis Street came to the station in response to a message left for him regarding the location of a Yamaha motorcycle that was located. Owner reports that the bike was taken from his property sometime after 5 p.m. on the 27th. He reports that the license plate is missing and there is damage to the cycle.

An employee of Brown’s Drug flagged officer down. Employee stated that an older male patron keeps walking behind the counter. Officer spoke to the subject and told him he could not go behind the counter anymore and any future happenings would get him trespassed from Brown’s.

Mother came to the station to report that her son’s I Phone was taken today while he was at football practice. She stated that her son was supposed to meet her at the station with the particulars. The son did not arrive and mother left to find out the information and locate her son. She will return after work later with the victim/witness forms completed to allow us to make a more detailed report.

Medical aid for back pain on Coral Avenue. Transferred to EMS.

Medical aid on Woodside Park for a woman that fell and can not get up. Transferred to EMS.

Report of fire on Sunnyside Avenue. Fire in barrel put out by fire. Officer standing by to do traffic.

Caller on Washington Avenue report having suicidal thoughts. EMS notified and responding.

Report of people yelling on Kennedy Road. Officer reports no disturbance. A group of adults drinking who will keep it down.


Saturday, August 29

Calling party on Shirley Street reports suspicious person at the residence. Officers report speaking with two individuals who stated they had permission to be in residence. Owner contacted and is on way to residence.

MWRA called to inform us they are doing drills today at MWRA in case we get any calls.

Caller on Winthrop Street reports that he sold his mother’s phone and when he tried to get it back today the person would not give it to him. Mother called and confirmed. They will come to the station to make a report. Officer will go to the other person’s residence and speak with them. Officer reports no one home at this time. Calling party was advised.

Party on Bartlett Road reports vehicle hit pole and took off. Officers located the vehicle. 911 transfer call at same time. The person driving the vehicle called to report her accident and then hung up. Officers spoke with the operator. DPW called to clean up road hazard created by the accident.

Reports of a small brown dog, possibly a Pug, unleashed in Ingleside Park.

Sunday, August 30

Resident on Corinha Beach has no water. DPW called.

Medical assistance needed on Lincoln Street. Transferred to EMS.

Party on Shirley Street came to the station to report a motorcycle being stolen.

Caller reports having an argument with another driver at Beacon and Shirley Street. He stated she followed him home yelling and went around the block several times driving by his house. He wanted this noted.

Party on Shirley Street states a verbal argument between two males is about to escalate to a fight. Units respond and report a verbal between brothers. One subject has left the scene.

Chief requests a male party be stopped for inquiry behind the water tower.

Caller reports that someone came into the Beach Station to report two parents at Dawes Playground who appear to be intoxicated and have two children with them. W91 reports speaking to the subjects. One worked all night and has not slept yet today, but appears capable of taking care of the children.

Caller on Brookfield Road states that every Sunday evening there is a party outdoors with loud music making it so he cannot open his windows. Units report the resident had a permit until 1900 hours. Cleanup performed, party over.

Party on Bowdoin Street states that he needs WFD assistance for his wife.

Caller on Brookfield Road states that the party from earlier this evening is back up and running. K9 reports the music has now been shut down (in violation of the permit) and the homeowner states that she will apply for a 10 p.m. permit for next week.


Patrick Marino, 42, 35 Girdlestone Road, charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, speeding and being an intoxicated licensee carrying a firearm.

Jaryd Towlson, 23, 107 Locust St., charged with possessing child pornography and distributing material of a child in a sexual act.

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