Police Blotter 07-30-2015

Sunday, July 19

Report of loud music on Moore Street.

Report of loud party being cleared out on Johnson Avenue.

Report of couple walking on Pleasant Street and female appears distraught. Officer reports all ok.

Loud kids on tennis courts on Governors Drive. Officer spoke to them.

Parking ticket issued on Shirley Street.

Report of fire alarm going off on Hale Avenue.

Trash piling up in front of home on Paine Street. Inspectional services will follow up.

A needle was found on Brewster Avenue. Officer recovered.

Motor vehicle blocking driveway on Shirley Street.

Parking ticket issued on Pleasant Street at Cottage Park Road.

Parking tickets issued on Shirley Street and Bayview.

Parking enforcement on Tafts Avenue.

Report of worker assaulted at Domino’s on Main Street.

Motor vehicle struck on Hadassah Way .

Motor vehicle towed from Bayview and Shirley Street.

Medical aid call to Pleasant Street address.

House key turned into police station.

Female asleep in a car at Michael’s Mall. Medically ok and sent home in a cab.

Dump truck blocking street on Nevada Street.

Two car crash on Shore Drive at Cutler. State Police handled.

Monday, July 20

Carbon monoxide alarm sounding on Buchanan Street.

Report of harassment on Douglas Street.

Landscaper blowing stuff all over Revere Street. He cleaned it up.

Medical aid call to Sagamore Avenue.

Mess made on Hagman Road with person changing car oil. Police said person would clean up oil.

Low hanging wire on Washington Avenue.

Medical aid call on Hillside Avenue.

Medical aid call on Seafoam Avenue.

Man down at CVS refuses medical treatment.

Car blocking driveway on Sagamore Avenue. Vehicle towed.

Medical aid call to the Arbors.

Damaged door at Shore Drive address. May be related to evicted tenant.

Report of four men fishing behind Court Road. Concern they are urinating and smoking pot. Officers found only tonic.

Skateboarder and moped driver spoken to on Pauline Street.

Medical aid call to Coral Avenue.

Tuesday, July  21

Report of person going door to door saying they are National Grid. National Grid said they have no one in area.

Medical aid call to Fremont Street.

Minor motor vehicle accident on Shore Drive at Beach Road.

Bicycle stolen from Shore Drive address.

Engagement ring and wedding ring stolen while swimming at Yirrell Beach.

Assist someone getting up at Overlook Road address.

Motor vehicle towed for trespassing on Veterans Road.

Investigation follow up on Forrest Street.

Employee of Dunkin Donuts on Main Street flagged down an officer for a disturbance in the shop. Female transferred to MGH.

Caller reports someone has gone through his car on Cliff Avenue.

Medical aid call to Brookfield Road.

Wednesday, July 22

Car parked in the cemetery on Kennedy Road.

Passenger broke a bus window. Male fled on foot toward Winthrop.

Medical aid call to Cottage Park Road.

Alarms going off at Irwin Street address. Fire Department responded.

Medical aid call to Fort Heath apartments. Woman may have broken leg.

Wallet found on Main Street and turned in to police.

Dispute over disposal of dog waste on Shirley Street.

Ambulance request to Sturgis Street.

Bicycle left in the middle of Walden Street.

Mother called to report something was stuck in son’s throat. Police and fire responded. Food dislodged.

Thursday, July 23

Several traffic citations issued on Main Street.

Report of someone making noise at Viking Gardens.

Mulch fire extinguished on Governors Drive.

Medical aid call to Plummer Avenue.

Report of bulldogs running around on Bellevue Avenue. Dog officer notified.

Alcohol overdose at Seal Harbor apartments.

Report from Coast Guard about boat coming in to Winthrop Yacht Club for medical aid call. Person on board has fishing hook in hand.

Landscaper blocking Tewksbury Street.

Edgehill Road resident reports drunk daughter. She left scene. Father advised of rights.

Report of harassment by landlord on Shore Drive.

Medical aid call to the Arbors.

Report of cars on Tafts Avenue at church event making it hard to get around. Officer had two cars moved.

Medical aid call to Brookfield Road.

Friday, July 24

Fight in the street on Coral Avenue. Group was play fighting and sent on their way.

Report of a past assault on Main Street.

Car vandalized on Washington Avenue.

Report of a distracted driver on Shirley Street.

Report of stolen bike on Main Street.

Report of four dogs running loose on Yirrell Beach. Dog officer called.

Medical aid call to Overlook Drive.

Call for a distraught friend mistakenly came to Winthrop, Massachusetts. The distraught person lives in Winthrop, Washington.

Medical aid call to Overlook Drive.

Report of a check stolen while person was working at local restaurant.

Report of three middle eastern men taking pictures at Deer Island. No one found.

Report of a fight and broken window in Pleasant Street.

Elderly man fell near police and fire station. He was transported t MGH.

Medical aid call to Sturgis Street.

Parakeet found on Bartlett Parkway.

Father reports daughter harassed by man while she has been on walks in her Sewall Avenue neighborhood.

Caller from Seal Harbor reports a naked man is trying to get into his apartment and he has a laceration on his forehead. One taken to MGH for treatment.

Saturday, July 25

Report of man on the floor on Shirley Street.

Report of landlord problem on Morton Street.

A woman was choking on Cutler Street. Throat was cleared before fire department arrived.

Woman called to report her husband was sweating. Emergency medical services responded.

A bicyclist hit the side of a car on Golden Drive.

Medical aid call to Wave Way Avenue for possible stroke.

Fight on Douglas Street that spilled over from Chelsea broken up.

Report of unwanted guest on Shirley Street.

Intoxicated person at the skate park transported to Whidden Hospital.

Sunday, July 26

Loud party on Chamberlain Avenue.

Motor vehicle accident at Hermon Street and Atlantic Street.

Car stolen from Court Road garage.

Concern about dogs in a house on Pleasant Park Road. Owner in hospital. Wife will be home soon.

Report of a man inside another man’s car on Waldemar Avenue at 4 a.m. man apologized and left.

Morton Street man reported he was being threatened with knives by his roommates.

Report of man cutting trees erratically on Johnson Avenue.

Possible outside electrical fire on Johnson Avenue. Fire department responded.

Lockout on Bayview Avenue.

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