Police Blotter 06-25-2015

Monday, June 15

Officer will try to serve a subpoena issued by the Superior Court to subject on Pleasant Park Road. 92 DeFreitas served a summons.

Officers will attempt to arrest subject for outstanding East Boston warrant of apprehension. They report placing the subject under arrest. W92 will transport. Booking done in control room as the subject was being transported.

Caller on Edward Street called to say that her father is having hard time breathing and needs an ambulance. EMS notified.

Party on Fairview Avenue called to state that her apartment was just burglarized. Officer reports jewelry and cash taken.

Several calls for a report of malfunctioning traffic signals at Main and Hermon Street.

Suspicious male on porch on Pico Avenue. 92 DeFreitas reports looking all around the area and it is clear and the porch is clear.

Cabbie reports a female evader on Upland Road. 91 Freeman and 93 Sorrentino report she paid the fare.


Tuesday, June 16

Two reports of a couple yelling in the George Street lot. 91 Freeman and 92 Brokmeir report the lot and area are quiet and clear.

Caller on Trident Avenue states that a motor vehicle parked on the street appears to have been vandalized. Unit responds and reports rock thrown through rear windshield.

Caller at Fort Heath Apartments requesting medical attention for her husband.

Officer reports finding car with a smashed out window on Bayview and Undine Avenue. Officer trying to locate the owner. He reports not being able to locate the owner and it’s the rear driver’s side window that is broken.

Calling party on Overlook Drive reports she sold her car to a female party but never got the money in return. Officer advised the party it was a civil matter and to talk to her lawyer.

Party on Shirley Street stated a white van with blue official plates hit his side mirror and took off. Officer got all of the victim’s information.

DPW worker called to state there is a live wire down on Woodside Park. WFD notified.

Party reports a male urinated in public near Twist N Shake and is now walking around in front of the area stores. The subject was sent to of the area.

Cashier at Energy To Go states that there is a male sleeping on the property. W92 reports it is the same male subject from the previous call. The subject was sent out of the area.


Wednesday, June 17

Parked motor vehicle appears to have revoked insurance while parked along Shore Drive. Query verified the information. G&J sent to the location to tow the subject motor vehicle. SMP Revere notified in case they are called.

Reports of finding a German Shepard at Holy Rosary church. No reports of ay lost dogs. ACO notified.

Caller at Governors Park reports that his wife needs medical help and is out of it. She may have left the front door. She has Alzheimer’s. Medical notified.

EBDC faxed over a warrant of apprehension for subject on Irwin Street. Officers report one in custody. 92 will transport to EBDC.

Walk-in to repot a stolen motorcycle on Forrest Street.

Party on Hermon Street reports that something is wrong with her baby. Call transferred to EMD and WFD. Officer reports the child is breathing but is having a medical issue.

Caller at Dunkin Donuts on Main Street reports a male down on the bridge. There was an officer there but wanted to make sure he was helping him. Fire notified. Subject located in East Boston.

Reports of a man walking in the middle of Shore Drive talking to himself with no shoes on. Officer reports the area is clear.

Loud gathering in back yard on Wave Way Avenue.

Person sleeping in hall on Shirley Street.


Thursday, June 18

Check on two women on the front lawn on Wilshire Street. Officer reports the two women are on their way home to Main Street.

Party on Woodside Avenue requested EMS for a medical problem and hospital transport. Call transferred to Action EMD for service.

Officer reports a motor vehicle is heading the wrong way on Wilshire Street and is obstructing the street as well.

Party on Sturgis Street reports that her driveway is completely obstructed by a parked motor vehicle. Officer repots the driveway is partially blocked but he did tag the vehicle in question. Officer was able to have the vehicle moved by the owner.

Officer is off with a disabled motor vehicle on Shore Drive. He assisted the owner and it has been moved to a legal parking spot.

Caller on Pleasant Street reports that she received a phone call from her daughter-in-law telling her that she is not safe because of pending criminal charges.

Party on Emerson Road reports he is having some chest pain. Call was transferred to EMD for servicd.4e

Visiting Nurse reports a raccoon stuck in a fence at Viking Gardens. ACO notified.

East Boston Neighborhood Health requests ambulance for a patient.

Caller on Golden Drive reports a male just went to the bathroom by the side of the building. He is walking down Revere Street right now. Officers are off with the subject at the bus stop at Governors Drive.

911 call from Forrest Street to report that his downstairs neighbor is swearing and yelling at him over a mailbox. He wants to speak to an officer. Officer reports speaking to both parties on the civil matter and has advised them of their rights.

Report of a dog on Beacon and Shore Drive. ACO notified.

Call for medical at Fort Heath Apartments. Transferred to EMD.

Walk-in to report that she was followed in her vehicle by the mother of a girl she has had incidents with. This happened on Johnson Avenue. She stated that woman also drives past her house several times a day. She was advised of her rights in court.

Child walked in with a wallet he found near the EB Newton School. The wallet was empty except for learner’s permit. Owner was contacted and will pick up his wallet.

Director of Housing called to request medical for a man at the bus stop at Golden Drive and Revere Street. Medical notified. One to the Whidden.

Caller from Brown’s Drug Store reports subject just “destroyed” the store, then left. Officer spoke with all parties. Subject was given a trespass order.

Party on Main Street repots that two bicycles were stolen from his driveway. The first a Trek brand, blue and silver. The 2nd a specialized brand bike, black in color. Both bikes were locked while in the driveway and the locks were cut through.

Caller repots seeing two people inside the Laundromat on Woodside Avenue with the lights off. He said it was suspicious because the business closes at 10 p.m. Units report two people finishing up their laundry.

Party reports that an individual threatened him with a firearm. A name and description was given to the officers.


Friday, June 19

Reports of a woman sitting at the curb at Somerset and Cottage and Pleasant Street. She has her legs outstretched into the street. The caller is concerned that a car might hit her. Also, the female looks a bit troubled. Officer advised female to pull her legs in from the street. She was just waiting for the bus and the bus came along and she got on.

Party on Temple Avenue reports that someone entered her unlocked motor vehicle and took some loose change as well as a sweatshirt valued at approximately $75.

Reports of a repugnant odor in the area of Suds N Surf. Officer reports it is the smell of garbage and trash. Upon further investigation after checking around a citizen reports a dumpster was just left.

Detail officer reporting some type of road defect has formed on Beacon Street. DPW notified and will check on the defect.

Detectives arrested a juvenile on Dolphin Avenue on a warrant in Revere. He was taken to Revere PD for courtesy booking then will be brought her for booking.

13-year-ld walked in with his mother to repot a male just threatened him on Tileston Road. Officer reports speaking with all parties involved.

Party came to the station to report having $50 stolen from him, stating the party then went in a house on Buchanan Street and did not come out. Officers went to the house, no one home. Area search from suspect negative.

Medical call on Lincoln Street. Transferred to medical.

Caller reports a young male got out of a car and dropped a gun on the sidewalk at Revere and Deane Avenue. He looked Hispanic. He headed up Deane Avenue towards Quincy Avenue. Officers will BOLO.

Reports of fireworks going off in the area of Lewis Lake.

Man called to report noise coming from back yard on Winthrop Street. They have movie projector going and it is very loud. Caller reports that he has to get up early. Officers spoke to the residents and they will turn it down.

Reports of a group on Pauline Street raising heck. Officers spoke to two youths just sitting on the beach making no noise.

Received a call from a rehab to report that a party who is a relative has left a rehab and may come to Winthrop to try and stay with elderly relatives here. The caller believes that the relatives don’t want the other party to stay the weekend. The caller was advised that if anyone calls we would assist.


Saturday, June 20

Male party came to the station to report he was eating at a local restaurant and the female he was with became intoxicated. He reports that when he was driving her home she attacked him and scratched him on his neck while he was driving. He reports that he had to push her off of him. He had red marks to the right side of his neck when he came to the station. He also thinks she may have bumped herself when he pushed her off of him. He was advised.

Caller on Circuit Road reports a youth driving at a high rate of speed on the sidewalk in his neighborhood on a minibike/scooter. He almost hit caller while backing out of his driveway.Caller reports that he has spoken with the youth in the past. Officer reports that the area was searched with negative findings.

Visiting Nurse on Overlook Drive cannot raise her patient to answer the door and asked her to call. The caller reports that it is unusual for him to be out so early. Fire notified along with EMS and W91. Officer reports that the WFD forced entry into the residence and the male party was fine. He did not hear anyone knocking on the door. He signed refusal by EMS.

Caller at Muffin Town reports there is a dead possum in the street. ACO was notified and was not working. DPW was notified and will see if they can get someone to remove it.

Party on Shirley Street reports that she needs an ambulance for her husband who is not feeling well. Call transferred to Action Ambulance.

Party called to report that while she was on Crest Avenue checking the trash receptacles for cans, a wh its van with an orange stripe on it drove by her and the occupants yelled out and offered her money.

Repossession company came in to the police station stating that they would be attempting to repossess a motor vehicle on Charles Street. They will also be repossessing a vehicle on Faun Bar Avenue.

Caller on Walden Street called to report a problems with her landlord over a bedbug infestation in the building. BOH has been called and exterminators, but the problem still exists. Caller reports that she has had to remove herself and her elderly mother from the premises for health reasons.

Party on Trident Avenue requests an ambulance for his father who cannot walk. Call transferred to EMS/WFD.

Caller on Washington Avenue called to ask what happened as a result of her previous call to us regarding an eviction going on. She was informed that the officers were there and waited and no one came out to speak with them. The moving truck was parked there in order to move the tenants and if any one needs access, they will be happy to move the truck for them. The caller reports that she is sick in NH and can’t be there. At the same time, another call came in from a tenant stating that her husband is being threatened by another tenant there. Officers again responded and report there is no damage to the property as reported by a third party to the landlord who is not on the scene. Officers spoke with all parties at the scene including the landlord who arrived. The peace was restored.

Caller reports suspicious activity. While reporting on one matter, the caller reported wing slapped by her ex and the father of her child. She will come to the station to make a report. She never came to the station to make her report and never called back.

Party on Hawthorn Avenue reports that the tires on her motor vehicle were vandalized. Officer spoke with the reporting party and confirmed that the vehicle’s driver side rear tire was slashed. The officer spoke with the party who was believed to have caused the damage and they will handle it among themselves to get it fixed.

911 call from Coughlin Park. Party hung up upon answering. Party then called back and stated that her young son ran off into the marsh and sir did not know where he was. Mother reported that the son came out on his own. No further service needed.

Report of a male party passed out in the field on Franklin Street. WFD notified and will respond. W91 reports one male party to the Whidden Hospital.

Caller reports that a male and female carried a large blue tarp down the road toward the compost piles and returned to their vehicle a few minutes later. The caller was concerned due to the size of the tarp that they were carrying. A partial license plate was given. The area was searched and nothing out of the ordinary was found.

Party called to report that while at the Fort Banks School, she saw young kids riding their bikes and a Mustang pulled in and two males got out of the car and urinated in public.

Customer at Belle Isle Seafood is experiencing a heart attack.

Sunday, June 21

Caller on Wave Way Avenue reports a loud party in the vicinity of Shore Drive. Officers located the party on the way and told them to take it inside. There were about eight individuals there.

93 reports off with a motor vehicle with multiple occupants at Hannaford Park. All parties advised of their rights and dispersed from the area. All units clear.

Party on Winthrop Street states a disturbance going on, possible domestic. Caller states all subjects leaving the area in a vehicle towards Washington. 93 states units spoke with many subjects, no victim. All parties being uncooperative. Multiple calls and E911 caller reports a fight and now several of the parties have taken off in a vehicle toward Washington. W93 has two vehicles involved. Two locals will be walking home.

Report of a group of three males and one female with one male shirtless walking down Beal Street towards Main. Caller said they threatened her boyfriend when they asked them to keep it down. Units located the parties and spoke with them. They were sent on their way.

Party on Willis Avenue called to report she went out to walk her dog and a black mini van followed her and is now parked in front of her house. Units located the vehicle leaving the area. They spoke to the party who is a Uber driver waiting for his fare. Everything checked out.

Medical aid at Fort Heath Apartments. Referred to EMS.

Caller on Sunnyside Avenue reports elderly mother has fallen and needs assistance.

Report of a brand new Honda CRV’s left rear tire was slashed on Paine Street. While investigating this incident, the officer discovered two more acts to other vehicles in the area. And yet another on Paine Street with a flat rear tire.

While in the area for another investigation, W92 discovered two flat tires to another motor vehicle on Wilshire Street. The flattened tires are the passenger side front and rear tires.

Party on Sunnyside Avenue reports her mother fell and hurt her hip. Fire notified.

Several calls from Ft. Heath Apartments indicating a possible transformer explosion from a utility pole on Pond Street. WFD reports notifying National Grid.

Party came to the station to repot the mistake by her bank Alpha Credit  Union on April 24th of $103.50. Party reports that her account shows a withdrawal of the above amount on that day which she did not make or authorize anyone to make. She has reported this bank mistake to the financial institution, who required her to report it to the police.

Several calls of another transformer explosion in the area of Hawthorn and Shore Drive. WFD and National Grid notified.

Multiple calls of fire alarms going off and the smell of wires burning. May be related to the other transformer matter. Fire notified. W91 responded and reports fire on the scene and alarms and smell is related to the transformer when the surge happened.

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