Police Blotter 04-02-2015


Casey Ingram, 28, 52 Wave Way Ave., Apt. #2, charged on a warrant on March 26 after a motor vehicle stop at 8:50 am at Shore Drive and Wave Way Avenue.

Jorge Felix, 31, 34 Shurtleff St., Chelsea, charged with a Boston Police Department warrant at 12:49 am on Brewster Avenue after a complaint of an unwanted guest on March 28.


Monday, March 23

Report of a motor vehicle break-in on Cottage Avenue.

Suspicious motor vehicle reported on Walden Street.

Report of a neighbor yelling in the hallway on Shirley Street.

Caller reported seeing a photo of a man with a gun on Whispering Winthrop. Photo posted July 2014. Advised to contact the website and ask to have it removed.

Medical aid call to Overlook Drive address.

Medical aid call to Grovers Avenue address.

Police assisted with school crossing on Revere Street.

Motor vehicle complaint on Belcher Street.

Motor vehicle crash on Read Street.


Tuesday, March 24

Vehicle towed on Veterans Road for obstructing road way.

Police assisted with school crossing on Revere Street and Hermon Street.

Medical aid call to Revere Street address.

Alarm on Bartlett Street. Nothing found.

Check on person in the area of Court Road and Brookfield.

Fire alarm on Girdlestone Road.

Medical aid call to Sturgis Street.

Disturbance on Cliff Avenue. Medical aid called.

Report of a “shady” person in the area of the mall on Putnam Street.

Police assisted with school crossing on Revere Street.

Investigation on Shirley Street, Chamberlain Avenue.

Police assisted with school crossing on Pauline Street.

Disturbance on Revere Street between business and customer.

Governors Park Security reports throwing out four people allegedly smoking marijuana. One female had pink hair.

Threats reported on Shirley Street.

Fence on Myrtle Avenue apparently hit by car.

Alarm on Crest Avenue.

Medical aid call at Putnam Place. Elderly man hit by swinging door and appears confused.

Report of door smashed in on George Street.



Wednesday, March 25

Passbook found on Revere Street and turned into police.

Private investigator checked in.

Alarm at Gorman Fort Banks School. Food delivery might have tripped alarm.

Report of larceny from car in town center.

Police assisted with school crossing on Revere Street.

Caller reports blood on front area of house on Quincy Avenue. Officer says it appears to be animal blood and has paw prints in it.

Police assisted with school crossing on Pauline Street.

Suspicious situation on Grovers Avenue. Someone rang bell in the early morning. Woman then discovered her recycling bin had been emptied.

Cable wire down at Hermon and Main street.

Odor of gas on Cottage Avenue.

Bicycle left behind on Charles Street. Taken to station.

Car towed from Governors Drive.

Medical aid call to Fort Heath Apartments.

Police assisted with school crossing on Revere Street.

Suspicious activity in town parking lot on Washington Avenue. Bikes being put in back of truck at rear of liquor store. No one found.

A woman came to the station to turn in her deceased father’s gun.

Overseas money scam call came into a Bowdoin Street address.

Follow up on Quincy Avenue regarding bloody animal prints. Nothing found.

Suspicious activity with two males in the parking lot on George Street. Officer confiscated a bong. One male sent inside his home.

Disturbance with a female in a Washington Avenue liquor store. She was sent to taxi stand for a ride out of town.

Reports of a fight on Coral Avenue at Shirley Street. Man down. One taken into protective custody.

Strange male inside lobby smoking on Irwin Street. Male taken to Boston shelter.

House alarm on Loring Road.


Thursday, March 26

Neighbor dispute at Governor’s Drive.

Police assisted with school crossing on Revere Street.

Police assisted with school crossing on Hermon Street.

Medical aid call to Overlook Drive.

Report of public safety issue on Deane Avenue. Cars are cutting the corner tight on Revere Street causing a pedestrian hazard.

Medical aid call to Shirley Street for bad back.

Medical aid call to Lincoln Street for a man with stitches in his head and a headache.

Trident Avenue resident called to report someone using her identity.

Medical aid call for person who fell on Main Street.

Possible hand grenade found on Shore Drive. Determined to be a training device with the center drilled out.

Report that sidewalk was not shoveled on Cottage Park Road.

Police assisted with school crossing on Revere Street.

Report of male in back yard on Sea View Avenue. Male said he was going to scrap items laying around.

Person found sleeping in maintenance room on Golden Drive. He woke up and left.

Suspicious man in car on Wheelock Street. Taken to Whidden Hospital.

Dog and owner reunited on Grover’s Avenue.

Manhole popped up on Crest Avenue.

Sewer backup on Beach Road.


Friday, March 27

Sewer backup into home on Locust Way.

Report of motor vehicle vandalism on Winthrop Street.

Woman at Fort Heath Apartments reports she can see lights on the water through her telescope. Officer reports lights are coming from Deer Island.

Police assisted with school crossing on Revere Street.

Grandview Avenue report of suspicious male. Was private investigator who did not check in.

Report of business computer stolen on Shirley Street.

Report of a sink hole in the road on Sunset Road.

Water leak in house on Pleasant Street.

Wire down on Thorton Street.

Report of a lost Saudi Arabian passport.

Report of woman out on jetty off Shore Road with fire putting on plastic gloves and hat. Caller has seen them before. Officer sent individuals on their way.

Odor of gas on Revere Street.

Medical aid call to Almont Street.

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