Police Blotter 02-26-2015

Monday, February 16

Report of a motor vehicle making it difficult for the bus to get by on Shirley and Bayview Avenue. Officer reports he had the vehicle moved.

Officer requested check on a vehicle on Edward Street that is obstructing snow removal. Tow truck notified and G&J is en route.

Party on Sea Foam Avenue reports snow has been tossed onto the side of her home and access can not be gained to the snow built up around her vents.

911 call to request medical on Kennedy Road. Subject fell.

Officer reports sign facing the wrong way at Bartlett and Adams Street may create a hazard. DPW notified and will repair it ASAP.

Walk in to turn in a license plate he found in a snow bank. Owner contacted and will pick up the plate.

Caller on Pauline Street states there are large pieces of ice hanging off the roof on several homes. She is afraid some child will be hit by it. The building inspector was asked to look into it.

Party reports snow on the corner of Shirley and Bayview Avenue needs to be plowed back due to motor vehicles getting stuck in the snow. DPW notified and will respond ASAP.

Report of a water pipe break in basement on Hermon Street. Woman is worried about electrical shock. Call transferred to WFD.

Call from State Trooper F requesting assistance for one of their troopers at Main and Walden street.

Burst water pipe at John’s Barber Shop. It is leaking through the front door. Owner contacted and will respond.

Caller on Washington Avenue reports someone shoveling snow into the street creating a hazard.

Report of a ceiling collapse on the first floor at Winthrop School administration building on Pauline Street.

Caller at Bay Cove Human Services states that a client has fallen and is need of medical assistance.

Party on Sagamore Avenue states that there is an issue/disturbance there. He was asked to call by a family member. Units report one voluntary transport to MGH.

Resident on Overlook Drive requires assistance in getting out of bed.

Tuesday, February 17

Caller on Cross Street reports a motor vehicle is parked in his driveway. He was informed he would have to have the vehicle towed on his own.

Report of electrical power outage on Floyd Street. Reported to National Grid.

Party on Main Street reports a fire alarm is sounding. WFD is responding to the area.

Caller on Walden Street reports that his wife’s motor vehicle was vandalized while parked out on the street a couple of days ago.

Party on Pleasant Street reports that her 85 year old mother is outside and having some issues with her water in the home. WFD responded as well and secured the water to the home. All units cleared the area.

Caller reports Winthrop Auto Repair has a broken water pipe and he does not know where the shutoff is. WFD will assist.

Party on Sturgis Street reports that her child’s nanny just contacted her and reports the child drank approximately  bottle of benedryl. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service.

Coworker called from Everett Public Library requesting we do a well being check on a coworker whom they have not heard from in about a week. Detective reports she was transported a couple of days ago to the MGH ICU. Calling party was notified of her present condition.

Caller on Irwin Street reports a female yelling obscenities from her motor vehicle at him. Officer spoke with the female who stated she was having a problem parking her car today. All else appears okay.

Report of low water pressure on Shore Drive. Referred to DPW.

Peabody PD requests we check on a couple at Fort Heath Apartments as they were involved in a domestic in their town and fled the scene prior to the officers’ arrival. The female was located, but the male was not. Female stated it was a verbal argument only. She was advised of her rights.

Party on Jefferson Street worried about possible roof collapse as water is leaking through her apartment and the landlord cannot be found.

Wednesday, February 18

Caller on Bartlett Road requesting help with fast flooding basement.

Party on Fairview Street called to report that she is being harassed by a former friend. She was advised of her rights and will think about filing a formal complaint in court.

Caller on Pearl Avenue reports damage was done to the home there causing a problem with the phone lines. Officer reports speaking with the party who pointed out the damaged phone lines. Verizon was contacted.

Party on Veterans Road reports someone threatening her over a parking space. Officer reports medicating between the parties.

Call received from Albuquerque NM Office of Medical Investigation regarding a deceased male party they have information on. Calling party would like us to try an address on Pauline Street to locate possible family member. Officer reports he was unable to contact anyone by that name. NOTE: Family member was located and will contact the calling party.

Party reports she had a party walk into the rectory of St. John’s Evangelist Church to request medical aid. WFD and EMS notified.

Caller on Revere and Taylor Street reports a large icicle just fell off the building and almost struck him. The property owner was spoken to who stated that they hired someone yesterday to remove the icicles and the tenant would not allow access to the apartment. He was advised to contact the police for assistance as this is an emergency public safety issue.

Party on Shirley Street reports he observed water spraying out of the foundation of his home when he and the kids drove by it. He stated he does not control the home due to a pending divorce and his ex-wife will not return his calls or texts regarding the property. Call transferred to WFD. Unable to send an officer at present time. WFD forced entry through 2nd floor window to shut down the water and cleared the area after shutting down the water.

Caller on Golden Drive reports she is being harassed by an older gentleman. Officer resolved the issue.

Party on Buchanan Street reports wanting to check on her friend. She was advised that she was transported to MGH and the friend stated that she has keys to the home to check on birds. She cannot gain access as there is something blocking the door.

Lifeline alert on Sargent Street.

Party on Beal Street requests medical as some snow fell off the roof onto her husband. WFD responding.

Caller on Putnam Street reports an argument with a DPW plow operator. W92 reports a verbal disagreement regarding snow removal. All parties advised.

Thursday, February 19

Caller on Almont and Cross Street reports someone using a bobcat to plow and the noise is keeping her up. Officer reports DPW working.

Lifeline called to report a female party at Governors Park is stuck in bed. WFD has been notified.

Det. Armistead was requested to respond to Winthrop Middle School to an issue regarding on the job harassment. Party was advised of the actions she needs to take.

Caller requests medical for person who has trouble walking at St. John’s Evangelist Church. WFD notified.

Report of a male not responsive on Shirley Street, but is breathing. Medical notified.

Party reports a female acting strangely and falling down in the snow as she walks along Quincy Avenue. Officer reports locating the female subject and is requesting EMS for an evaluation.

Caller at Governors Park reports a friend took his phone and will not give it back.

Male on Beal Street reports the carbon monoxide detector is going off.

Party on Irwin Street reports her husband has not taken his medicine and he is by the Hi Tide. She was difficult to understand. Officer reports husband not home not in the area of Hi Tide. All clear.

Friday, February 20

We were informed that a warrant was being sent to be served to a party on Shirley Street who let his monitoring devise go dead. Officers responded to the address given and no names on the mail boxes or numbers for the apartments. Officers knocked on apartment doors with no answer. Three plates were run that were  parked adjacent to address and none were listed to the subject. Probation advised that no subject was located.

Caller reports hearing a dog barking over hours at Plummer, Sunnyside and Pico Avenue area and is concerned. He is not sure where it is coming from due to the wind. Officer checked the area and could not locate any animal or barking.

Party on Grandview Avenue reports two large trucks throwing snow into the ocean off of Grandview Avenue. She is concerned they are damaging the sea wall. W92 reports trucks are the MEMA contractors and are not doing any damage to the sea wall.

Caller on Pearl Avenue reports snow removal contractors working for the Suburban Extended Stay Hotel have piled up snow against his fence causing it to break. W92 confirms metal support post uprooted from their base and resting on his truck in the driveway. Owner spoke with caller and manager of hotel and advised that it is a civil issue which will have to be addressed in court.

Party reports he has not heard or seen individual at Viking Gardens in weeks and is concerned for his health. Call unable to provide exact address. Housing contacted and confirmed residence. W94 on the scene with Housing to assist in entry. W96 reports searching entire unit and nobody was home.

Action Ambulance on two-way line attempting to relay a call for a fall victim on Moore Street from Cataldo Ambulance. Unable to hear any communication from the line due to Action experiencing issues with their 911 line. Fire contacted and report making contact with Action Ambulance and will be responding to the address.

Male on River Road reports he is withdrawing. WFD notified and request police stand by. 92 Curran and 96 Ferullo report they have one to the Whidden.

Female on Nahant Avenue reports water is building up in the basement. Owner on the way up from Connecticut. WFD responded and will try to shut it off.

Unit requests G&J to help a female who locked keys in a car at Winthrop Market Place. They will respond.

Caller on Court Road reports that his daughter just fell and is unresponsive. Units report female is now conscious and reports 10 year old female being transported to MGH.

Female claims a bus almost hit her on Shirley Street and then the driver was a wise guy about it. When manager was called and we explained the situation, they said they would talk to the driver and straighten it out. The woman just wanted it logged.

Saturday, February 21

Female caller reports water leaking in from the upstairs condo at Atlantis Marina.

Female on Pleasant Park Road is feeling ill and requests and ambulance.

Report of water leaking into second floor of residence on Crystal Cove Avenue.

Male caller on Pleasant Street reports a bobcat going back and forth in the street. Officer reports nothing in the street and no one in the area.

Caller on Nahant Avenue reports a neighbor plowing snow onto her property. W91 reports speaking to both parties and the peace was restored.

Party on Belcher Street requesting an ambulance for a female who has taken a fall yesterday and in need of medical attention today. WFD/Action notified.

Manager at Suburban Extended Stay reports a strange situation and requests a detective. 98 Jaworski reports the FBI was contacted and a brief report will be filed.

Store worker at Quick Foodmart reports a male in army fatigues was inside yelling and acting strange. Units report subject heading home. No information as to why he was upset.

Caller on River Road reports a sparking wire just outside her home. Fire notified and will respond.

Party on Moore Street is requesting an ambulance for a party that fell yesterday. They were released from the hospital and their leg is in pain. Fire and ambulance notified and will respond.

Party on Wave Way Avenue reports her Beagle has run away. W91 assisted the pet owner and Murphy was located and reunited wit its owner.

Reports of an arcing wire overhead on Washington and River Road. Fire already has checked the situation out and notified National Grid.

Sunday, February 22

Lt. Scarpa reports a porch on the new condos at corner of Cliff and Grovers Avenue looks like it may collapse. Fire notified.

A 1212 call and a walk-in to report a raccoon on a tree in the back yard on Buchanan Street. People are afraid to go near it. ACO notified.

Caller at Governors Park reports excessively loud music coming from above apartment. W91 reports having it turned down.

Reports of an unleashed/unsupervised dog on Yirrell Beach.

Reports of a male passed out at Energy To Go. WFD responding with Action Ambulance.

Caller on Buchanan Street reports individual has used her vehicle without her permission and returned it damaged.

Party on Court Road reports a dental plate lodged inside her husband’s mouth and needs some assistance. Fire and ambulance notified and will respond.

Monday, February 23

Landlord on Circuit Road reports a noise complaint with the first floor tenant. There is stomping around and a couple of loud televisions. He just wanted it logged for now. He then called back and said the noise is louder and requests police respond. Advised the first floor party to knock it off.

Caller on Brookfield Road is requesting an ambulance because her sister fell and cut her noise on a corner of furniture. Fire and ambulance notified and will respond.

Several calls of a wire down and blocking traffic on Shirley Street. Fire and W93 report a cable wire removed. All clear.

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