WHS Seeking Athletic Director

With Peter Gobiel, Winthrop High School Athletic Director, leaving Jan. 31, the school system has big shoes to fill. Gobiel was the all-encompassing leader of the athletic department, who did everything from managing the athletic curriculum and handling transportation, to gym teacher evaluations – lofty responsibilities that Superintendent John Macero is hoping to assign to multiple positions.

In the meantime, Matt Serino has been appointed interim Athletic Director for the remainder of the school year.

“Winthrop is a strong, athletic community,” said Macero, who recommends keeping the Athletic Director as a full time position, and employing an individual in charge of transportation.

To move forward with the school budget, Macero, along with the School Committee is considering the appropriate salary and job description for both positions.

“If we’re going to keep a solid athletic director, we need to take in accordance what that position is going to look like, and that most athletic directors today are doing physical education,” said Maryalice Sharkey, School Committee member. “They’re not necessarily in charge of a whole curriculum. We need to seriously look at what we’re going to ask our athletic director to do.”


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