Police Blotter 01-15-2015

Monday, January 5

Female on Cottage Avenue called to report that her car was broken into.

Male on Moore Street called to report that his car was broken into.

Report of a child who accidently slammed his fingers in the doorway at the Arthur T. Cummings School.

A crying female on Winthrop Street who we could not understand too good. She was saying that her kids are missing. Could not make out her last name. Officers report she is very intoxicated and is being transported to the Whidden.

Female on Wilshire Street called to report that her husband needs an ambulance. EMS notified.

Officer reports that she is off with two individuals on Chester Avenue who may be suspects in last night’s larceny from Thompson Liquors. She gave me the two names and will inform Det. Jaworski.

Mother on Sea Foam Avenue called to report that her child hit his head. EMS notified.

Caller on Kennedy Road requests an ambulance for her husband who is having difficulty breathing.

Officer will try to serve a summons issued by the Middlesex District Attorney’s office to individual on Moore Street. He reports that no one is home.

Party on Hutchinson Street reports coming home from picking up her children from school and discovered the back door to her residence open and the window smashed. Units report clearing entire scene. No items disturbed or missing. Door may have swung open due to heavy winds.

Male on Prospect Avenue called to report that his wife’s car was broken into.

Female on Main Street called to report that a male is falling all over the place and may get hurt. E911 call reports someone passed out in the Dunkin Donuts. Officers report they want EMS. Male going to the Whidden.

94 Curran attempted to serve an immediate threat on Tafts Avenue. Party does not live there any longer.

Female on Fairview Avenue came in to report that she wanted to get some of her belongings. Male boyfriend will not allow her inside until the landlord returns in an hour. Parties will wait.

Female came back in for address and states parties inside home will not let her get her belongings. W92 reports speaking to landlord who states that the female is a tenant of residence. Everything was settled for now.

Caller on Prospect Avenue reports having three motor vehicles parked in the driveway that appear that someone went through. Nothing is missing even though wallets and gift cards were inside the car.

Tuesday, January 6

Officer reports that four individuals in a parked motor vehicle on Grandview Avenue. After a brief conservation, they were sent on their way.

Party on Myrtle Avenue reports that his neighbor is playing loud music and has been all night long. Officer reports the subject refused to answer the door and shut off all the lights in plain view of the officer. He did finally turn off the music.

Female on Harbor View Avenue called to report that her vehicle was broken into.

Two 1212 calls of a wire down on Pleasant Street. Fire will respond.

Caller on Wilshire Avenue requests ambulance transport.

Female on Ocean View Street called to report that her husband is on the floor. WFD notified.

Report that Siren Street is a solid sheet of ice and the mail truck is stuck. DPW notified.

Report of a stove fire on Terrace Avenue.

Male at the Alcohol & Drug Free Lodging Home reports that he is having pancreatic pains and needs an ambulance. EMS notified.

Officer will try to serve individual on Sagamore Avenue a summons issued by the Salem Superior Court. He was served in hand.

Unit reports having motor vehicle towed on Shirley Street for having excessive unpaid traffic tickets and ignoring parking invoice bills.

Todisco Towing reports having motor vehicle removed for condo violations at Governors Park.

Mother at Ft. Heath apartments report that her daughter stole some items. She then called back and said she found her pocketbook and everything was intact. No crime committed.

Wedesday, Janaury 7

State Police transfer stating caller requesting ambulance for her husband with breathing difficulties at Ft. Heath Apartments.

Party on Pleasant Street reports that a female in her 20’s just rang his door bell asking him if he was looking for her. After he sent her on her way, she did the same to his neighbors. Unit 93 reports he was unable to locate the female.

Chief Delehanty received a report from the town manager that several motor vehicles are parked in violation of the 1-hour parking. All vehicles were timed as of 9:30 a.m. and 5 were tagged upon the officer returning to the lot at 10:45 a.m.

Caller on Shirley Street states there is a stray cat under the porch and Mass Paws is on the scene. The caller stated that the owner of the property won’t answer the door. ACO notified and will contact Mass Paws and see if any service is needed.

Walk-in to report that his 10 year old son was walking home from school on Winthrop Street and an older male asked him “why are you walking home alone?” The son answered, I can’t tell you and kept walking. After a few feet, the son ran home and told his parents. The child stated that he knows the male from church.

Search warrant service on Shore Drive.

Section 12 to Whidden from Kennedy Road.

Thursday, January 8

Caller on Pleasant Street states that he heard a dog barking for several minutes and looked out his window and saw a dog on the next door neighbor’s porch. It was 7 degrees and he had concerns for the dog’s well being.

Party at the Dalrymple School condos wanted it on record that he has no heat and upon contacting the management number, it goes straight to hold with no one picking up. He has enough blankets to keep warm and will try the office again in an hour.

Female on Shirley Street reports smelling smoke in the house. She was advised to get out and WFD was notified. WFD advised that it was food burning on the stove. The fire was extinguished by WFD.

Caller on Cliff Avenue reportd a water main break. W92 confirms. DPW was notifeid.


Friday, January 9

Call of an unwanted guest at Governors Park. Female party in custody for assault and battery and giving a false name.

Caller at Governors Park reports that her roommate just tried to attack her with a knife. Units requsting fire and ambulance. Units report they have one male under arrest for attempted murder, assualt and battery with a dangerous weapon and domestic assault and battery in an “intimate relationship.”

Detail officer called in a motor vehical accident at Dunkin Donuts on Main Steret. Off. Ramadini and Off. DeFreitas responded; one driver to hospital via Action.

Party on Floyd Stret reports that as a result of the water break, his driveway and property are covered in ice.

Caller on Edgehill Road reports an illegally dumped couch on the side of the road. DPW notified.

Party on South Main reports a car fire. 94 DeFreitas and 91 Gergerian report vehicle caught fire while idling to warm up. Female (mother of owner) will contact AAA and have the vehical removed.

Lt. Scarpa reports a wire and branch hanging in French Square. DPW notified.

Nurse on Woodside Avenuye reports that a woman left their office after being denied a prescription. She said she was going home and take lots of pills. 92 DeFreitas reports the woman is not there. He spoke to the daughter and son-in-law, then to the woman involved. All seems okay. Relatives will speak with her when she arrives home and call us if anything unusual occurs. The nurse was contacted.

Female on Seymour Avenue reports a pipe broke and is flooding. WFD and DPW notifed and will handle.

Walk-in to ask for a police officer to keep the peace while she gets some personal items at Governors Park. Victim contacted and stated it was allright as long as a police officer was there.

WFD requests a unit to respond with them for an alarm in the area of the Strand. Water leaking. WFD shut it down.

Caller at Governors Park states that water is entering her apartment from the ground. She already notified her landlord and the management company on site.

CVS called to report that some children were fighting and one may have an injury while others are still in the store. One male juvenile to MGH with his mother via Action Ambulance. W94 will continue to investigate.

Caller on Central Street reports that there is a constant banging coming from the first floor. It is an ongoing issue. Parties are going to court on Monday.

Party on Winthrop Street requests medical assistance.

Saturday, January 10

Essex 911 relay transfer – caller hung up. Spoke with intoxicated 21 year old female who was being driven home to Medford by her boyfriend’s mother. They were arguing.

Party reports that her motor vehicle was vandalized last night in the George Street parking lot.

Caller on Hawthorn Avenue reports that her Webster Credit Union debit card was used to make unauthorized purchases. She reported it to the fraud division and will follow up with the credit union on Monday.

Female on Sagamore Avenue reports that water is coming into her apartment from the ceiling. Fire notified and will respond.

A request for an ambulance for male on Woodside Avenue.

Party reports that two females in a black vehicle are rolling what appears to be marijuana in fron the ATM at Bank of America. Party then called back to report they just left and were headed into East Boston. No further information given.

Neighbor reports front door open and screen on the door pushed in on Kennedy Road. He is not sure if it was left that way or if the house was broken into. Officer reports no apparent break. He believes the door was left open. He secured the apartment.

Mother came to the station to report that her 21 year old daughter has been missing for approximately four days. She also wanted to report threats via her phone from an anonymous party.

Female came to the station to report feeling threatened by her boyfriend’s ex-wife. The reporter stated that the ex mentioned her parent’s name who live out of state while she was at her home today with her son picking up some items. The reporter took a form and will complete it at home regarding seeking an HO.

Sunday, January 11

Party on Kennedy Road reports constant beeping going on and she cannot locate the source. Officer located faulty smoke detector in a vacant apartmednt which was open.

Female on Beacon Street reports there is a small pickup truck that is on the sidewalk and has been there all night. Officer reports parking ticket being placed on it.

Party on Pleasant Street called to say that she believes she is having a heart attack. EMS notified.

Female on Shirley Street called to report that she brought her father home from the hospital and they have no heat. We set them up with Atlas Glen More and they will assist.

Caller on Locust Way reports a barrel on fire beside a parked car. Fire notified. W98 reports ashes from a wood stove put in a recycle bin. Fire has been knocked down.

Caller on Pleasant Stret requests transfer to Boston 911 regarding their granddaughter who was spotted in South Boston. Call routed over to Boston.

Company reports repossession of vehicle on Bates Avenue.

Caller on Pearl Avenue states that her husband yelled for her and then fainted in the bathroom. He has regained conciousness and is waiting on medical. Fire and ambulance will be responding.

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