Exciting times in Winthrop Center

And speaking of great developments in town, Winthrop resident and former Don Bosco basketball star (yes, he was part of those great hoops teams in the mid-1970s) Bob Deeb is all set to unveil his newest venture, an exciting new restaurant, JWs, in Winthrop Center. There has been much anticipation about the opening and Bob is ready to welcome Winthrop residents to his restaurant that will have a considerable variety of entrees for diners. Bob enlisted the professional interior design assistance of Joanna Ciampa and we can only imagine the artistic creations that JWs will showcase on its walls and throughout the establishment.

We say, thank you, Bob Deeb, for believing in Winthrop, and for giving our residents another outstanding option for their dining and entertainment. Best of luck in your new role as owner of JWs.

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