Police Blotter 11-06-2014

Monday, October 27

Motorist stopped for violation.

Party reports motor vehicle accident with injuries.

Party reports a mover from Moving Co. just fell from a 2nd story stairway and has remained on the scene. No service was required.

Party reports that he is receiving calls from someone claiming to be with the IRS and also a credit card company Both are fraudulent and he would like this noted.

Party called to report that he hasn’t heard from his father for 2 days. He requested that we send a unit by to check the well being of father. W-91 reports speaking to dad, all is fine.

Caller requests they check on a 1 year old child.

Tuesday, October 28

Caller reports someone took a bike from inside his garage. Black specialized bike.

Party is requesting an officer to stand by while he retrieves some items and moves out.

Medic alert called on 2 way line requesting an ambulance responded for an elderly woman.

Party reports a male approx. 20 to 25 years old wearing a Red Sox cap and blue hoodie was staring at her and followed her along Shore Drive making her very uncomfortable.

Party located a man’s wallet that belongs to a Winthrop resident. The party came to the station and picked it up.

Detail officer requested info on motor vehicle operation who was involve din a road rage offense coming into Town.

Party reported Middle Eastern individual taking photos of them.

Chief reports the continuing behavior of parking in the fire lane.  All units directed to make several passes through the area to insure no violations.

Party believes she may be overdosing on pain medication.

Tuesday, October 29

Party reports huge black dog unattended in the area. Last observed walking toward Delby’s Korner.

Party called reporting a male came in DeParma’s restaurant with a bottle of Vodka and was asked to leave.

Party requesting EMS for chest pains.

12 year old called reporting a boy is harassing her  near the gazebo, officer reports with both parties who will stay away from each other.

Caller reports hypodermic needle in driveway.

Party came to report larceny committed by his ex-girlfriend.

Thursday, 10/30

Party called stating he can’t wake his friend up.

Unit requesting units to check out 2 adult males on bicycles in the area.

Caller reports a white male wearing a dark sweatshirt in the middle of the street trying to stop traffic.

Neighbor at 28 Bowdoin St. has been telling them they can’t park in front of their home. Officer advised them to call if there is another problem in the future.

Party reports someone slashed her tires on the passenger side and it appears attempted to remove one of the tires.

Party came to station reporting getting in to a very minor accident with a yellow jeep in the parking lot of CVS.

Party reports her daughter returned while in the house cut her own wrists.

Caller states that there is a suspicious male walking back and forth and seemed to be under the weather.


Friday, October 31

Caller reports elderly female stuck in reclining chair and unable to free herself.

Party came into station to report a large camper parked on Veterans Road for the past 2 weeks.

Caller states that there is a teen driving a motorized scooter up and down the street.

Caller states that two men in two separate cars attempted to gain entry in the rear apartment and were met by two pit bulls. One individual sustained injuries but is waiting in his car for the owner.

Clerk reports that the store window just got egged and some customers recognized a few assailants.

Caller states that there is a haunted house and kids running all over the neighborhood and now she observes them running around her vehicles in her driveway.

Saturday, November 1

Caller reports very loud music in the area. Not sure if it is coming from a party or just someone playing it loud.

Male called to report his wife needs an ambulance.

Report of alarm activation. W92 reports employees of Antique Table accidently set off alarm.

Caller reports boat trailer appears to have broken off from the vehicle towing it, causing an obstruction on Crest Ave.

Call of a lady in the parking lot yelling and swearing. Officers report they spoke to a resident and they heard nor saw anything.

Party reports her MV was just struck from behind by another MV in traffic. Both operators were assessed and refused treatment.

Party reports a man is drunk and keeps falling down. Officer reports the entire area to no avail.


Sunday, November 2

Requests an ambulance for his wife.

Two E-911 calls that someone on the first floor needs an ambulance.

Male caller reports a street light just blew and there are sparks falling to the ground.

Female caller reports there is a Bob’s Discount truck parked in front of her house and it has been there since yesterday and facing the wrong way.

Female caller reports a tree fell on her house and there are live wires. Occupants of the house can’t get out as the tree is on the house. They are cutting the tree to have the people get out. National Grid was called by Fire and will respond.

Operator reports that she received a call from person reporting the smell of smoke on the second floor.

Food on the stove All Clear.

Female called to report her 87 year old grandmother needs an ambulance.


Monday, November 3

Alarm activation from building. Officer reports secure.

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