Clothing Drive Starts on Nov 1

The Extended Election Day  Clothing Drive will be held on  Saturday, November 1 through Wednesday, November 6.

All clothes can be dropped off at the skating rink parking lot where the clothing drive trailer will be located.

Recycling of textiles can help reduce our impact on the planet

What we accept:

All wearable clothing items, plus paired shoes, pocketbooks, draperies, curtains, sheets, bed spreads, throws, towels & pillowcases. Everything must be free of wetness, moisture, grease, mold, solvents or food waste.

Used Toys

We accept Soft, Stuffed Animals–Small Hard Toys–No large bulky toys.

Your clean useable stuffed animals will be donated to a children’s charity

Used Shoes

All shoes should be paired–No skates–No heels over 1.5” No winter boots –No gummies or flip-flops.

Unacceptable Materials

Please NO rugs, carpets, pillows, electric blankets, industrial uniforms, disposable clothing, hospital or medical garments & diapers (of any type).

Funds from this drive will help the PTC to fund the 8th Grade Class Activities; PSAT’s; National Honor Society and other High School events.

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