Speaker DeLeo at Revere Ceremony

Winthrop residents recognize Speaker Robert A. DeLeo as our favorite son who has risen to such tremendous power as the leader of the 160-member House of Representatives that we sometimes forget that he represents Revere with distinction as well. We saw Bob at the 8th Annual Revere Beach Memorial Sunday at the William G. Reinstein Bandstand.

It was a solemn event that is held to remember those who lost their lives to opiates, alcohol, and drugs while also raising awareness of the tragedy of addiction. Speaker DeLeo stayed for the entire ceremony and candlelight vigil while the names of those who lost their lives were read aloud. We know that the Speaker has been active in this critical issue of drug abuse and his attendance and participation in this event affirms his commitment to continuing to lead the fight against the scourge of drug addiction both in this region and throughout the  Commonwealth.

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