Police Blotter 09-25-2014

Monday, September 15

W93 was flagged down by a female to state that a male is hiding in the brush at Coughlin Park and he is taking pictures of the airport and planes. Officers report the subject is a Salem State student.

Call from Cliff Avenue to report that wife is having hard time breathing. EMS notified.

Safety Off. Ramadini reports a leak from one of the worker’s vehicles at Main and Bowdoin Street. Fire will check it out.

DCR escort Off. W91 Brown called to report a rock rolled off a rock truck and cracked a windshield. North Shore Auto Glass will replace the windshield and the vehicle will not be out of service.

Caller on Overlook Drive called to report that he has fallen and cannot get up.

Female on Shore Drive called to report that she needs and ambulance. EMS notified.

Sgt. Crisafi reports a male gets lost once in a while. He is in a wheelchair. If lost and then found by us, he lives on Shore Drive.

ACO reports an argument between the workers and neighbors at Shirley and Trident. Officers report all have been separated and their rights explained to them. Safety Off. Curran from detail around the corner assisted.

Party from Revere reports that her son has run away again. She reported him missing to Revere PD this past Friday and she stated that she has information that he may be in Winthrop on Washington Avenue. W93 reports juvenile party not at the address.

Woman reports a Spanish female selling magazines. 91 Curran reports female is from Canada and is not registered with the town to solicit.

Female on Washington Avenue reports that mother from Revere is at her door looking for her son. The units told the parents that the son is not there and she will contact police if he shows up. She does not want the parents to contact her or show up at her residence as this is causing problems with her landlord.

Woman on Waldemar Avenue reports that her three credit cards were used unauthorized in Los Angeles, California. They were a Best Buy card, Macy’s card and the Gap. It was reported to our department and credit card bureau.

Attempt to serve several warrants to subject at Seal Harbor. No luck, only the grandmother home.

Noisy kids at skate park on Walden Street. 92 Ramadini and 93 S. Hickey report that three were sent out of the area.

Crying goose complaint at Dalrymple School. ACO contacted and reports Animal Rescue League was due today and didn’t show. ACO will call again first thing in the morning.

Tuesday, September 16

Officer will try to serve subject on Lowell Road a suspension/revoked notification from the MassDOT. He reports no one home at this time. Off. Carter tried several times.

Teacher on Bartlett Road reports being harassed by a family member of a student. SRO will file a report.

Female called to report she just filmed a tractor go down Shirley Street the wrong way. She would like some action taken. Officer reports citation issued.

Male on Main Street called to report “she is at it again.” Officer report an argument over having a cat in the house’s common area. It is settled for now.

Female on Locust Street called to report she just found a man lying in the street. EMS notified. An elderly man fell, no defects in the sidewalk and he is going to Tufts Medical.

Inspection Off. VanBuskirk reports a refrigerator is next to a house on Sunnyside Avenue and the door is still open. No tools at the house.  Fire called to assist.

Reports of a youth on a dirt bike on Johnson and Bellevue Avenue, speeding around the neighborhood without a helmet. Units report the area is clear.

Female on Prospect Avenue came in to report that approximately two weeks ago, someone entered her motor vehicle and stole her makeup purse, two safe deposit keys and some store cards and other keys.

Caller reports a disturbance at the skate park on Walden Street with groups of kids. Units report the matter was settled between the parties. An uncooperative juvenile had his parents called to the scene.

92 Ramadini attempted to serve a RMV suspension on female on Lowell Road. No luck.

Male on Moore Street reports hydrant tampering. 92 Ramadini reports that DPW was testing them earlier.

Wednesday, September 17

Lifeline called to report that they received a need help message for someone on Pleasant Street. They are unable to contact the owner. WFD notified.

Party reports trucks blocking the roadway and driving up and over the sidewalk entering the work site at the Temple construction site. 91 spoke with the foreman and advised them to cease until their permit has been approved.

Report of an odor of natural gas in the hallway between apartments on Shirley Street. WFD notified. 91 reports defective hot water heater and the situation was made safe.

Party on Hermon Street requesting EMS for her mother who is not feeling well. Call transferred o EMD for service.

Caller on Sagamore Avenue is requesting EMS for his wife who is not feeling well. Call transferred to EMD for service.

Party on Main Street requested an officer to his location. He is being harassed. Officers report it is regarding the first floor tenant’s cat being left out by the tenant. Officers report speaking with the caller and were unable to speak with the other party, as it appears she is not home.

Caller reports that while walking at Belle Isle marsh, she observed, what she believes to be a bobcat. ACO notified.

CVS requesting EMS for a party down by the checkout area. WFD notified.

Party on Brewster Avenue called because she is concerned her 12 year old son is supposed to be registered in the Winthrop Public Schools, but she believes the father has not registered him as of yet. Officer went by the address and spoke to the resident there. She has never hard of him. The calling party was contacted and stated that she made a mistake about the address. Officer reports making contact with the father and speaking with his son as well. They were not feeling well but he will register his child with the school today.

Party on Hutchinson Street requesting EMS. WFD notified.

Report of a man down in the parking lot on Main Street. WFD notified. Party transported to MGH.

Caller on Revere Street reports that a woman appears either drunk or mentally disturbed. She is talking to herself and approaching people in cars. Officer with subject at Winthrop House of Pizza and requests EMS for an evaluation.

Several callers report a man down on River Road, screaming of having a broken arm, and stating there is a gun involved. Officers report party states he was assaulted and robbed of his backpack by two males. A black backpack with medical school design on it was taken. One of the suspects had long hair in a ponytail. The party reports there was a firearm in the bag. After further investigation, subject kept changing his story and stated he was struck with a gun. The subject was extremely intoxicated and unreliable. He went to MGH via Action Ambulance.

Thursday, September 18

Second floor resident on Main Street called about first floor harassment. Informed that a warrant is being sought at EBDC.

Party on Shirley Street reports that her husband is not feeling well. Call transferred to EMD for service.

Chief reports that a landscaping truck parked on the wrong side of Hermon and Belcher is obstructing traffic. Officer reports the vehicle has moved.

Party on Perkins Street reports that he is trying to replace a fence on the property and his neighbor is now giving the workers a hard time over it. Officer reports speaking with the calling party and advising them if there is an issue over the property line, they need to speak with a surveyor. The other party had left prior to our arrival.

Caller on Main Street reports loud banging coming from the basement area where her washing machine was vandalized yesterday. Officer checked the entire property and nothing was found out of order.

Detail Officer reports that Winthrop Street, between Metcalf Square and Madison Avenue is closed and/or obstructed by a crane for the church steeple replacement project. WFD notified.

A missing person was located as a call was made to the grandparents who report that she has been living with them since August. Missing person record cancelled.

Officers attempted service of an arrest warrant issued by East Boston District Court to subject on Main Street. Officers report no answer at the door. They will remain in the area and watch for subject.

Officer reports he has the wanted party in sight near Main and Marshall Street. Other units responded and report the subject placed under arrest on the warrant.

Party on Shirley Street reports some tools were stolen from his driveway.

Caller reports observing an altercation with three individuals and possibly threats with a knife at Deer Island parking lot. One involved party last observed on a bicycle. The other two were last observed walking on the path. Older male allegedly had the knife. Units located the bicyclist on Tafts Avenue. State Revere notified. Other involved parties unable to be located. The information was turned over to the State Police Revere.

A party was observed by Det. Armistead near the high school on Pauline Street and was under the influence. WFD and EMS were notified to respond. The subject was evaluated by EMS and transported to MGH via ambulance. MGH Police were notified and will be awaiting his arrival. Revere PD was contacted and has notified the mother that he was transported to the hospital. Complaint will be filed for alcohol possession on school grounds.

Report of a person down outside the senior center. WFD and EMS notified and will respond.

E911 transferred from MSP. Resident on Overlook Drive needs assistance.

Caller on Dolphin Avenue states that her daughter was at CVS and her IPhone 5, color black, went missing or was stolen. Last seen in the hands of a male known to her. W93 will attempt to locate the involved party and the phone. A subsequent call from the initial caller informed us that they were contacted by the suspected male party to say he did in fact have the phone and would meet them at the high school to return it.

Party states that she was crossing the street while walking her dogs and was nearly struck by a small red car at Revere and Dean Avenue. The operator yelled that he was doing the speed limit but the caller states that caution for pedestrians was not adhered to. W91 will monitor the area. W91 monitored the traffic on Revere Street for an hour and report no violations at this time.

Caller states that she was riding on the 712 bus and while passing the convenient store on Shirley Street, she observed three males, all wearing hoodies, and one of them pointed a firearm at the bus. W98 responded to the area and observed three individuals fitting the description in the area of Action Ambulance. Detectives report having one in custody for malicious damage to a motor vehicle.

Friday, September 19

Caller on Governors Drive reports that he can hear someone yelling for help next door. WFD has been notified. W92 Off. Brokmeier reports fire had to force entry and located a male who had fallen and could not get up for several hours. The subject refused hospital transport.

W100 off on Sea Foam Avenue after hearing glass shatter and an alarm sound. Off. Malacaso spoke with male on third floor front porch who said he had to break in due to a loss of keys.  W100, W92 report the front door of building shattered. Officers located the party in third floor apartment and confirmed his residency. Subject will settle with building owner with regard to the door.

Caller on Golden Drive reports hearing resident in apartment above talking about smashing caller’s car window with a rock. All was quiet while caller was on the phone with police. She will call back if t he talking resumes.

Level 3-sex offender from Revere Street appeared for registration.

Party on Golden Drive wants to report a past breaking and entering that occurred sometime yesterday.

Caller on Marshall Street reports that the elderly woman she cares for has fallen and se can’t help her up. She is not sure whether or not she is hurt. The call transferred to EMD for service.

Party on Summit Avenue reports that his former girlfriend took a piece of jewelry and he would like to see an officer. The officer spoke with him and the party no longer needs police assistance, as he will handle the matter.

Caller on Court Road requesting EMS for her elderly mother. Transferred to Action EMD.

Request for EMS for an old would on Crystal Cove Avenue. Transferred to Action EMD.

Party on Golden Drive reports that her upstairs tenant is going wild, spraying room freshener. When questioned further, she reports the woman is also talking about hurting herself. Officer reports checking with the other party and the apartment is all quiet.

State E911 transferred a call from female at Winthrop Library who is cutting her wrist and is suicidal. Officers sent to the location and are requesting EMS for the female. WFD an EMS notified and responded.

CVS reports a problem with a customer. Officers settled the matter and all parties satisfied.

Report of smoke in house on Hermon Street.

Saturday, September 20

Caller on Crystal Cove Avenue reports that his neighbors are entertaining in their backyard and it is disturbing his household as they attempt to sleep. Very cooperative neighbors shut it down for the night.

ASC Security called to report motion alarm sounding at CPYC. W92 reports lights are out and all doors are secure.

Caller on Banks Street requests an officer to speak to. 91 responded and request another unit to respond. Coming in with one under arrest for assault and battery.

Party on Atlantic Street reports that someone is digging up the driveway there and she is nervous as to whether or not they have permits to do so. Officer reports they do have permits and are grading the yard at this point. Excavation of the driveway will be next week.

Female on Triton Avenue called to say that her roommate is short of breath.

Party at Grovers and Crest Avenue reports that someone is using a chain saw on the construction area that is permitted for Monday through Friday only. Officer reports having the supervisor cease the noise and work.

Essex 911 called and stated they got a cell phone 911 from party on Irwin Street asking for police. Unit searched the area and found man arguing over the phone. Call unfounded.

Party on Golden Drive reports that her downstairs neighbor is at her door. She requests an officer. Officer reports the caller will be coming p to the station to apply for a HPO. The caller was granted a HPO by judge on call. The defendant was served.

Caller on Morton Street reports a person is watching planes for hours and thinks he may be up to something. Officer reports speaking with male and it is his hobby. All checked out.

CVS called to report a female there with severe leg cramps. EMS notified and will respond with WFD.

Caller at Winthrop Car Wash states that a black male came into the premises looking for one of the employees. When the employee in question saw this male subject, he left the property on his bicycle. The male subject then asked several questions about the business and closing times. The caller believes that this may be 94C related. W91 reports speaking to the employees and obtaining information.

Party on Harvard Street reports being harassed by an ex whom he claims is threatening to begin false rumors about him being involved with minors. He wanted this on record and will seek a restraining order on Monday.

Caller on Governors Drive states that there is an ongoing court action between her and her upstairs neighbor and she believes that they are trying to intimidate her by manipulating her phone line. W92 reports speaking with the caller who had the same concerns as her previous call on August 26. Off. McCarthy advised her to call the Verizon security department. She called a second time and was given the same advice along with the number.

 CVS called to report that youths are breaking into the storage containers. No subjects on the scene upon our arrival. Officers report all the storage containers are empty and unsecured.

Sunday, September 21

Party on Shirley Street reports that he hears someone walking in his alley next to his house and would like an officer to check it out. Officers report no one in the area.

Caller on Locust Street reports a group of 15 on the front porch being loud and obnoxious. Subjects went inside and will quiet down.

Party on Read Street reports smoke alarm sounding for the past hour but no smoke to report. WFD notified.

Call for alarm activation in the lower right hallway at Winthrop Middle School. Units repot accidental activation by parks and recs employees.

Male on Franklin Street reports two big buses parked on the street and his mother is having a hard time getting in and out of her driveway. Officer responded to assess the situation and reports the bus is close to the driveway. Officer explained to caller the situation and they were satisfied for now. Also spoke to the member of Viking Pride and we were informed that the gates were blocked and buses were unable to be placed in the yard at the field. They will be moved first thing Monday morning.

Report of a deer in the water on Tafts Avenue. It may be in distress. Second call reports the deer made landfall behind the water tower. The deer is now on Yirrill Beach. ACO will take the ATV to herd the animal back to the island.

Caller reports a nude female on the beach being photographed at end of Maryland Avenue. Unit reports BU art student doing an assignment for college. The parties were advised of laws and ceased.

Party on Shirley Street reports an odor of gas at the residence. WFD notified and will respond.

Unit reports an alarm on a big boat named Hookin’ Up at PPYC. Owner was contacted. No sign of break on board.

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