IPads to be Distributed to Students

IPads are versatile tools that can offer educators diverse ways of instruction planning and methods of engaging with students. Next Monday and Tuesday nights (Sept. 29-30) these touch screen tablets will be distributed to students in grades 8-12.

“We’re excited and anxious about it,” says Superintendent John Macero. “We really want to get them out are start getting people involved in utilizing them.”

Teachers also received iPad minis and took their first training session on Sept. 9 to learn how they can make use of the advanced technology in their classrooms and promote collaboration and communication between students.

Winthrop School Committee member, Brian Perrin, suggested the school provides updates on how the classes are integrating the iPads into their curriculum and how student interaction has improved.

Ipads will be given out to students (who must be accompanied by a parent) alphabetically in the high school cafeteria from 6-8 pm: A-L on Monday, Sept. 29; and M-Z on Tuesday, Sept. 30.

Ipads will be collected at the end of the school year, and insurance is available and will guarantee protection against theft and loss. For more information on Winthrop Public Schools’ iPad policy, visit www.Winthrop.K12.Ma.Us.

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