Police Blotter 09-18-2014

Monday, September 8

Alarm activation at CPYC with male on the scene without proper passcode. W92 reports speaking with manager who had accidently entered the incorrect code.

Medical aid needed on Harbor View Avenue. Part transported to MGH.

Off. Feeley reports going off with a possible missing juvenile male. Party also in the company of a 20-year-old male. Units requesting medical evaluation for 20 year old. One transported to Whidden. Missing status of juvenile confirmed and subject transported to Revere Police Station.

Caller at Cumberland Farms reports possible drunk male giving store employees a hard time. Units report locating the subject in the parking lot at Winthrop Market Place. WMS check on party negative and he was advised to stay away from the Cumberland Farms in the future.

Male complained of candidate sign for election on town fence. 92 Ramadini will remove it.

E911 transfer from the State. The caller requesting an ambulance to his home on Washington Avenue. Fire and ambulance notified. WFD requesting officer to assist for traffic concern.

Caller on Marshall Street reports a male with a backpack urinating up against the brick wall. Unit reports no one is in the area.

Unit reports having one subject with warrant in front of police station. The warrant was verified and one male subject under arrest for outstanding warrant.

Caller reports he is still missing a $100 from his mother, father or sister from previous call earlier in the day. He was informed that a police officer can be dispatched to his home, but he does not want this, as he is afraid he will get kicked out of his house.

Female on Main Street reports male yelled at her over a washing machine. He was advised to stay away.

Units report having male subject at Energy To Go and request a warrant check. The warrant was confirmed and units report one under arrest. 

Tuesday, September 9

Party at Governors Park requesting an ambulance for daughter not feeling well. Transferred to Action EMD.

Request for medical on James Avenue. Transferred to WFD.

Party came in to report the theft of his son’s IPod.

Debit card was dropped off that was found on Main Street. We were able to contact the owner and she will pick up it up at the station.

Caller on Shirley Street reports her 6 month old is choking. Medical notified.

Party on Temple Avenue requests an officer come by as she is bedridden and her dog walker left her back door open, and she cannot get up and lock it. Officer responded and assisted.

Caller reports a loud bang, possibly a motor vehicle crash. One caller saw a young thin male fleeing up Revere Street towards Crest Avenue. Officers report that someone threw an explosive devise, possibly an M80, at a parked motor vehicle, damaging the windshield. One person stated seeing a white Ford Transit fleeing the area towards Revere.

Party on Shirley Street states that a heavy set male approximately 20-30 years old is checking car doors in the area. Units report conducting an FIO on an individual fitting the description walking back from the area of Delby’s Corner. No evidence of a crime, no warrants.

Reports that there are kids hanging out at Halford Beach disturbing the peace of the neighborhood. Units report encountering four individuals. All negative for warrants. 

Wednesday, September 10

W91, W92 sent to assist BPD on Bridge and marsh area after they received a call of possible person in the water. Units proceeded to the caller’s home and brought him to the Bridge where he pointed out location in Boston where he saw a man lying down on the land. BPD reports the water is clear and satisfied that the caller may have observed someone sleeping on the land.

Party on Main Street reports that some type of alarm sounding for 40 minutes in the area. Officer responded and reports it appears to be a smoke detector but he is unable to get a response at the door. WFD was contacted and will investigate further. WFD entered the home in question and located the source of the alarm, which was deactivated, and the building was secured.

Party on Bartlett Road reports that her jewelry was stolen and she believes it was during a donation pickup. Detectives were notified and will respond for a crime scene investigation follow-up.

Party at Governors Park sent a message to Chief Delehanty regarding threats being made to her by another tenant in her building. Officer reports speaking with the party who already has a court date scheduled for November on this matter.

Report of a dog left inside a car for over 40 minutes at Beacon Circle. ACO checked on the dog and spoke with the owner who was out surfing. He will cease bringing his dog to the beach while he surfs.

Lt. Scarpa reports a construction company is working on Chamberlain Avenue but is unable to get someone down there. Officer reports the construction company cut a hole in the fence and is using that area as a staging zone for a paving job they are dong on private property. DPW was notified and will respond as that street has a new binder coat done on it. Officer reports the construction company will not use Chamberlain Avenue and will be using Crest Avenue. They are requesting a detail.

Party who wished to remain anonymous came in to report a female might be operating under the influence. Units BOLO.

Truck operator was cited for allowing a motor vehicle to run unattended on Grovers Avenue.

Motor vehicle was stopped on Locust Street for having an obstructed number plate. Officer gave the operator a verbal warning and they will remove the obstruction.

Mass driver’s license was found in the vicinity of the Town Hall and brought to the station. Message left on voicemail to pick it up at the station. It was placed on the front counter.

Party on Golden Drive requests an officer and medical for an evaluation of a resident. EMS notified. Party transported for an evaluation.

Caller on River road reports a male knocked on her door and stated he needed to brush up on his communication skills. He was selling magazines. Officer located the individual in the area and he checked out, but was informed of the bylaws involving canvassing. The subject stated he would follow all applicable laws in the future.

Thursday, September 11

Caller on Washington Avenue reports a man talking loudly and sometimes with agitation on the phone, possibly out in front of the building.

Child on Circuit Road in respiratory distress. WFD notified. Units report child breathing and being transported to Children’s via Action.

Alarm activation for the entrance door to the Town Hall. Alarm Central called back reporting it was set off by accident.

Detail officer reports a motor vehicle crash near Jac’s regarding a car door being opened into passing vehicle traffic.

Officer requested a check on a motor vehicle and operator on Sunnyside Avenue. The operator is under revocation. Officer reports citing the operator who has parked the vehicle in her driveway.

Detail Officer reports receiving a report from a resident on Woodside Avenue regarding vandalism to her car.

Party at Atlantis Marina Condos reports smoke alarms sounding. WFD notified.

Female at Governors Park is concerned about the mental state of her husband. His primary care doctor will not sign section and advised her to request police to evaluate him.

Code Enforcement officer report he was off with the State Building Inspector on Girdlestone Road questioning some construction workers there. The subjects they were questioning ran off and left the trailer they had at the jobsite and it appears to be unregistered.

Party on Siren Street reports he and his dogs were just attacked by a pit bull. Officer reports no human was bitten and ACO will handle the issue and report.

Female on Lowell Road called to report that her neighbor is striking her house with the car and has done it several times.

Party on Girdlestone Road requesting an assist. Peace restored.

Caller reports kids entering the dumpster at Coughlin Playground and she is concerned about their safety. Officer reports the area is clear of kids.

Code Enforcement Officer requests an officer to assist with some unregistered motor vehicles that were moved onto Hawthorn Avenue by a resident there.

Caller on River Road states that her mother needs medical assistance.

Caller on Grandview Avenue states that there is a motor vehicle in violation. W91 reports finding two vehicles in violation and having them moved.

Party on Sagamore Avenue states that she came home to a disturbing and threatening message from someone in Washington DC. W93 reports advising the caller that this is most likely a scam and counseled her to avoid giving any personal information or funds to anyone who calls.

Caller on Beach Road states that there are young women soliciting magazine sales door to door and when she declined the young women became rude and confrontational. Units report stopping two individuals, both from out of state. They had no permits, and were given a cease and desist order and sent out of the area. W91 will document FIO in case further action is required.

Party states there is a motor vehicle crash on Main Street. WFD notified. W93 and 91 also responded. One operator to be cited for unlicensed operation. The other operator transported to the hospital via Action Ambulance. Owners arrived on the scene to take possession of the vehicle.

Friday, September 12

W91 reports having a vehicle with several occupants at the park on Pond Street. RMV query and WMS checks negative. Subjects sent out of the area.

Caller on Siren Street states that there is a loud party there. Units report speaking with the residents who will turn the television down.

W92 reports stopping a motor vehicle on Ocean View. RMV query reveals expired registration. G&J notified. Citation issued for expired registration. The operator left the area and G&J towed the vehicle.

W91 off with motor vehicle traffic violation on Revere Street. One under arrest for failing to stop and operator of vehicle with suspended license. G&J notified. Owner of the motor vehicle arrived on the scene and took possession of the car after speaking with the tow driver.

Party on Paine Street came in to report that someone entered her unlocked motor vehicle sometime overnight and took a pair of sunglasses with a nominal value. She reports nothing else missing and no damage to the vehicle.

Caller on Otis Street reports a pickup truck is parked right on the corner and in a bad location. Officer reports having the owner move the vehicle.

Services were rendered to help another agency for issue on Girdlestone Road. Officer reports the party was compliant and there was a State Trooper there on the scene. He was advised to clear the area.

Report of two teens on a moped operating without helmets on Buchanan Street.

Party reports two young children riding bicycles on Read Street unattended. W93 located them and spoke with the parents about safety concerns on the roadway.

Caller reports a woman has her dogs off the leash running around Ingleside Park where her children are playing. ACO was notified and will respond. Officers responded to assist the ACO with the dog that was out of control.

Report of tree branches and limbs littering the roadway on Pauline and Winthrop Street. DPW notified.

Caller on Walden Street reports kids throwing rocks, which are landing in the street. Officer reports no damage and the group were sent out of the area.

Party on Payson Street came to the station to apply for a 209A. The party was given the paperwork, but left in the middle of filling it out.

Female on Revere Street came into the station to report being threatened via a text message and voice mail by a man she only knows by his last name.

Caller from Bellevue Avenue reports a disturbance on Somerset Avenue.

Report of a loud house party on Sargent Terrace.

Male reports a lot of noise and yelling coming from Somerset Avenue. Caller could hear it from Bellevue Avenue. He was unsure if it is related to previous call or not. Officers on the scene of other call and will check the area.

Male called to report a large number of youths running down the hill to the Center section yelling and screaming. Some are running and hiding behind houses. Units notified.

Saturday, September 13

Woman on Hutchinson Street called of a goose in the street. Male called regarding possibly the same bird in the Crest Avenue area. Message left for ACO by the caller.

Female on James Avenue reports that her sister has fallen and she needs help getting her up.

Party on Sturgis Street reports a raccoon is her driveway and seems to be dizzy and stumbling. ACO will be contacted.

Male on Revere Street called to ask for help as he is stuck in the hallway. Officer assisted.

Vehicles parked facing the wrong way on Pond Street.

Multiple calls from residents on Bayview Avenue and Shirley Street stating that the telephone pole at the corner is out of ground at the base. WFD notified to respond and investigate along with W93. Units report the pole appears to have damage unknown as to how or what. WFD reports National Grid was notified yesterday and they will contact them again today.

Party claims she was hit by a van on Revere Street. She was checked out and given an ice pack. She refused medical. She is going to be checked out with a friend.

Boston PD requests information on missing female who is currently 21 years old. She is out of Winthrop and not wanted by our department at the current time.

Male on Washington Avenue called to report that the downstairs tenant has his television on too loud. W92 off. Ramadini reports speaking to the first floor tenant who will lower the television.

Male on Washington Avenue called to report that his upstairs neighbor is having a party that is loud. He would just like this documented.

Sunday, September 14

Tow truck driver called to state that he has a vehicle on the hook for trespassing at Executive Apartments and now is being confronted by the owner of the vehicle. W93 reports restoring the peace.

Female on Sturgis Street states that her husband needs an ambulance for an existing medical condition.

Party on Hutchinson Street reports that her tenants have guests and they are giving her a hard time and ignoring her. Officer spoke to the caller and advised her of her rights in civil court.

Caller on Hutchinson Street reports the landlord and her were arguing and she needs to talk with the officer as well. Officer explained the laws to the caller.

Party called to report three pre-teens vandalizing the playground at Ingleside Park and are now swinging a chain that she believes is from one of the swings. Officers secured a broken swing chain that was hanging to the structure and spoke with parents who informed them that the swing has been broken for days and nothing had been going on in the park.

Several calls regarding a dispute between a tow drier and a vehicle he’s trying to tow at Belle Isle Seafood. Officer requested another unit, as there are three tows there and a large crowd gathering around. Officer repots the matter is taken care of at the present time. The property owner will respond to speak with the town driers on the scene.

Caller states that she was forced to walk in the street at Revere Street and Deane Avenue due to the sidewalk being obstructed by a do-it-yourself mechanic working on a truck. MC-1 reports speaking with two individual who will button it up and clear the public way.

Caller on Ingleside Avenue requests an ambulance for difficulty in breathing.

A7 dispatch called on the 2-way line reporting a hit and run at Bennington Street in East Boston. The vehicle was last seen traveling into Winthrop all over the road. Units are on the lookout.

Female on River Road called on the 911 line reporting a grill fire in her backyard. Call transferred to WFD. W92 Ramadini responded to help with the traffic.

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