Police Blotter 09-11-2014

Monday, September 1

Two calls of a loud explosion in the area of Bates and Willow Avenue. WFD notified.

Party on Grandview Avenue requesting EMS for a female resident. WFD notified.

Mother at Seal Harbor calling about her 33-year-old daughter preventing her from house cleaning. EMS notified as well. Daughter signed form declining medical attention.

EMS requested at Winthrop Middle School for a 13 year old female who injured her knee at soccer practice. WFD notified.

Reports of a motorcyclist speeding in the area of Tafts Avenue.

Caller on Locust Street said that her ex-husband might show up after she told him not to. While on the phone, he arrived. 91 and 93 units arrived and requesting EMS/fire. One person taken to Brigham and Women’s.

Front desk at Fort Heath Apartments requests officers for an unwanted guest. Units report coming in with one female for assault and battery on party over 60 with injury.

Caller on Cottage Park Road reports that her husband has been sick all day and has been vomiting. Caller was transferred to WFD. WFD and EMS responded.

Party on Golden Drive reports that her husband had medical issues earlier on and was told by his doctor to call 911 in case it happens again. Fire and EMS notified.

Party reports that a female is walking around in her underwear on Pleasant and Winthrop Street. She appears to be confused. 93 and 92 responding and they checked the area of Pleasant and Winthrop Street as well as Washington Avenue. The call was unfounded.

Woman on Winthrop Street called requesting assistance as she is being chased by a gang and was “rofied”. Units request EMS for an evaluation. Fire, Action reports one to Whidden.


Tuesday, September 2

W99 reports Hanaford Park area quiet with the exception of two baby bunnies.

Party reports a male just jumped the gate at Winthrop Yacht Club and is walking down the dock. Units report they spoke with two members and report of suspicious activity in the area.

Report of desecration of cemetery plot at Winthrop Cemetery.

Party on Winthrop Street requesting an ambulance for her husband. Transferred to Action EMD.

Caller on Pleasant Street reports that someone was in her yard and then left. The person went into the alleyway down the street. She thinks he was trying to steal her mail. The caller stated she saw the male an hour and a half ago but just decided to call. Officer reports her mail was stolen.

Walk-in to report an older female is sitting in a car on Adams Street by the bank. She thinks she may need some help. Officer reports he spoke to subject and all is okay.

A shotgun was turned in, as party did not want it anymore.

Caller reports kids in the marsh at Corinha Beach with air soft guns and motorized scooters. She was informed this was legal but she did not believe officer. An officer was sent to the area anyway to check for illegal activity and reports no illegal activity.

Party on Winthrop Street called to ask that we check on her son. Units report they spoke to the son and everything is fine.


Wednesday, September 3

Boyfriend requests medical aid for girlfriend on Circuit Road. She is having difficulty breathing.

Caller reports that he is behind a Paul Revere bus with its call 911 sign on. Units off with the bus at Shirley Street and Veterans Road. They report the lights on by accident. No service needed.

Woman reports locating a syringe in the parking lot at Amaral & Associates. She will remain on the scene until an officer arrives.

Constables came in to report they would be performing several gas shut-offs with National Grid.

Motorist stopped for failing to stop at the stop sign at Walden and Lincoln Street.

Detective will be conducting a person check on North Avenue.

Party reports a male passed out in a motor vehicle near Brown’s Drug. WFD and EMS checked the subject who refused medical treatment.

Caller on Beach Road reporting two motor vehicles on Laurel Path are obstructing a delivery of wood to their home. She reports speaking to the owner who promised they would be moved. Officer reports unable to ascertain which vehicles they need moved. No answer at a Beach Road residence.

Motor vehicle towed for trespassing at Governors Park.

Several calls of youths harassing several different persons at Ingleside Park. Main perpetrator described as white male, approximately 15. Officer report bringing in one juvenile to the station and notifying his parents.

Smell of smoke throughout a building at Governor’s Park. Transferred to WFD.


Thursday, September 4

Report of a loud group on Cutler Street. Units report group told to head inside for the night.

Caller on Jefferson Street reports two males lying in the middle of the road and now they are trying to enter building. Units report males live on Jefferson and they are in for the night.

Cab driver came to the station saying a passenger out front would not pay and wanted to fight. The passenger ran up Winthrop Street with driver in pursuit. W93 reports he has one under arrest on River Road for being uncooperative, combative, and intoxicated.  He was placed in holding cell but could not be booked. Prisoner was moved to juvenile cell with camera and handcuffs removed. He covered the camera with toilet paper and refused to remove it. He was recuffed and became combative again. Charges were two counts of assault and battery on a police officer, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and taxi fare evasion.

Daughter on Wave Way Avenue requesting ambulance for her father who may be possibly having a heart attack.

911 hang-up on Putnam Street. No answer on callback. W93 reports lights on in house and no answer at door. The WFD notified. Officer was able to locate resident who reports she did not call 911. She will contact the phone company in the morning to check any phone issues.

Male on Quincy Avenue experiencing rapid heart beat.

Party reports she lost her wallet on September 2 at the Sovereign Bank in East Boston containing an old Mass license, EBT card, bankcard and Medicare ID card. She has filed an identity theft report through the FTC should any unauthorized activity occur.

91 initiates a car stop at Halford Beach and request an inquiry on three other subjects. They were dispersed from the area.


Friday, September 5

Resident at Viking Gardens reports having a panic/anxiety attack.

W93 attempts to serve summons on party on Maryland Avenue. W92 reports summons delivered in hand.

Detectives report two MBTA’s officers down near the intersection of Orient Heights Station. They will be assisting.

Received Warrant of Apprehension issued by East Boston District Court for female subject. Officers report picking up the subject outside and W93 Off will transport her directly to the court. Feeley and Det. Armistead.

Party reports ongoing landlord/tenant dispute on Bayview Avenue and he wants to see an officer. Both parties were advised of their rights regarding the civil matter.

Fort Banks School called to report a student was not picked up by his parents at the end of school today and requested a well being check at Governors Park. W92 reports no answer at the residence. After responding to the school, W92 reports the mother is on the scene. A misunderstanding as to pick up time.

Youth Alcohol Enforcement investigation/follow-up at Ingleside Park.

Female on Irwin Street reports difficulty breathing. Fire and ambulance notified.

Caller on Cross Street reports some type of yelling and screaming coming from a residence. Units report an adult birthday party. The parties were advised to stay indoors.


Saturday, September 6

Unit reports having motor vehicle pulled over on Belcher Street. He reports one under arrest for suspended license.

Caller on Madison Avenue reports a suspicious car with someone inside. Unit reports a boyfriend waiting for his girlfriend.

Party on Putnam Street would like to see an officer to discuss items missing from her apartment. W93 reports assisting reporting party. Medications and groceries are missing. No sign of forced entry and officer will follow up with family members.

Caller on Irwin Street reports that her husband needs medical attention.

Party on Shore Drive reports having her mobile phone stolen at a party on Pearl Avenue recently and tracking it on her tablet to Shore Drive. W92 reports meeting the caller and trying unsuccessfully to locate the stolen phone Officer advised caller of her rights.

Female at Viking Gardens has contacted her pulmonary nurse several times regarding her medication being stolen as well as her food.

Party on Floyd Street reports that his mother was supposed to be at a party in New Hampshire but she has not arrived. He is calling from Boston. Officer reports she is not at address on Floyd Street. In the meantime, the party called back stating that his aunt was in contact with the mother and she is fine.

Caller on Johnson Avenue requests an ambulance for father having trouble breathing. WFD notified.

Report of a dying raccoon on Terrace Avenue. ACO drove up and down the street several times and no one came out to ask for assistance.

Caller on Hermon Street reports squirrels on her back porch and she has a baby in the house. ACO will call the party.

Male called requesting an ambulance for a woman passed out on Golden Drive. Transferred to WFD.

Male party on Somerset Avenue reporting chest pains.

Sunday, September 7

Neighbor on Hermon Street called to report the front door to house left wide open and the neighbors are supposedly away on vacation. Units report speaking with the caller and clearing the residence. Nothing appears to be disturbed or out of order. The door was secured.

Request for ambulance on Circuit Road for breathing difficulty.

Reports of a Porsche driving crazy down Revere Street.

Caller reports youths driving up and down on Bellevue Avenue on motorcycle with no helmet.

Party reports a skunk appears to be caught in chain-link fence at soccer field.

DSS called and would like us to see if a juvenile party is listed at address on Bowdoin Street. The party moved to Washington Avenue. Unit reports speaking to party who allowed him to enter apartment. The juvenile was not at the apartment.

Reports of a bike left at Ace Woodside Hardware.

Caller reports kids swearing and fighting at Ingleside Park. W92 reports kids play wrestling and will leave the area for the time being.

Employee at Suburban Extended Stay reports an unwanted gust and possible 94C violations.

Units report one female being transported tot Whidden voluntarily from Crystal Cove Inn. DCF notified.

Caller reports a male, who looks too young to be driving, is driving around the Court Park area in a State Police vehicle. Unit reports the area is clear.

Caller on Golden Drive reports that her next-door neighbor is causing problems. Units report both parties advised of their rights for harassment orders if the situation continues.

E911 State Police Dispatcher reports gangs of kids in middle of the street between Winthrop and East Boston. East Boston also notified. Units report no groups up till the Scarpa Bridge.


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