Suspect Nabbed Police Charge Man with B&e Incidents

Winthrop Police apprehended a suspect in two breaking and entering incidents at homes in the town last week.

Detectives Tim Callinan and Wayne Carter led the investigation that resulted in the arrest of a 22-year-old male whom is alleged to have participated in breaking and entering incidents at homes on Bellevue Avenue and Main Street.

 “This individual is connected to the two incidents,” said Chief Terence Delehanty. “Other B&Es are currently under investigation. We’re working with other jurisdictions to try to close some of their B&E cases as well.”

Callinan said the individual might have a “lookout” assisting him, “but right now that’s just speculation.”

Callinan said the arrest was the result of teamwork by the Winthrop Police and other departments.

“We compiled patrolman’s leads, communications with other patrol officers, and other department’s resources,” said Callinan.

Callinan said the police were able to recover some stolen items that were positively identified by the victims in both incidents.

“I’m proud of all the work that the detectives and the patrol staff put into this case,” said Delehanty. “A case begins always with the patrol staff. The detectives were able to follow up on good, competent reports and that gave them a significant jump in which direction to go in. As we got closer and we started to unravel this case, technology became a primary source of information for us. And the detectives were able to get to the phones and computers that led us to this suspect.”

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