Fireworks Show Went Well

Although Mother Nature created some havoc with the scheduling of Winthrop’s Annual Fourth of July Fireworks exhibition, it finally happened and residents enjoyed the annual show that has become such a vital of our town’s observance of the nation’s birthday.

The news of the initial postponement of the event because of an ominous forecast for heavy rain and the notification to Winthrop residents through various means was handled efficiently. Town Clerk Carla Vitale’s office was cooperative and professional — as always — in its effort and teamwork in getting the word out as quickly as possible.

Chief Paul Flanagan has become the official organizer and fundraiser of the town’s fireworks show and his many hours of work in making sure everything goes off smoothly and that the town follows the appropriate safety standards does not go unnoticed by Winthrop residents and out-of-towners who enjoy these shows each year.

So we say, “Thank You, Chief Flanagan,” for making the fireworks show a safe and enjoyable one for thousands of our fellow residents.

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