Macero Announces WHS Fine Arts Hall of Fame

Superintendent of Schools John Macero has announced the formation of the Winthrop High School Fine Arts Hall of Fame that will honor alumni who have excelled or made contributions to the fine arts, visual arts, music, band, chorus or drama programs in the school system.

The WHS Fine Arts Hall of Fame will be a separate organization from the WHS Athletic Hall of Fame. The group will hold its own induction ceremonies at which time former students will officially enter the Hall of Fame.

“We’re trying to create the Winthrop High School Hall of Fame but we’re adding a Fine Arts component and a Distinguished Service component,” said Macero. “The Distinguished Service [Hall of Fame] will recognize people who have done some great things for Winthrop High School whether they were faculty members or people who may have not attended Winthrop High.”

Macero chaired the first meeting of the Fine Arts Hall of Fame committee Tuesday. The other members of the committee are Ronald Vecchia, John Watkins, Richard Honan, Eva Kearney, Karen Calinda, Bernadette Carsley, Walter Egan, and Jim Roan.

Macero said the committee is formulating a list of qualifications for Hall of Fame candidates and a mission statement for the organization.

“We’ll be reaching out to alumni for nominations for the Hall of Fame,” said Macero. “Alumni who attend the Viking Pride Final Countdown event will be able to give us nominations at that event for our inaugural class of inductees.”

Interestingly Macero and Calinda, WHS drama teacher, are inductees in their respective high school fine arts halls of fame. Macero was a drum major and student actor during his days at Saugus High School. He also served as director of the SHS Marching Band.

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