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Bobbie Finocchio leaving Winthrop for Amherst

The news this week that Cummings School Principal Bobbie Finocchio has resigned to accept a similar position at an elementary school in Amherst at the end of this school year comes as sad news for the students and parents of the Cummings School where Bobbie has served so well as its leader.

Bobbie, a long-time Winthrop resident, did a superb job in her tenure as principal from the time she was appointed to that job by Superintendent of Schools John Macero, who boldly gave the job to Bobbie, who became one of the youngest school administrators in the state.

Bobbie truly loved Winthrop. She was a WHS grad and was an excellent softball pitcher in Dave Guffey’s WHS program. Bobbie was an athlete at Regis College and went on to coach high school softball. In her role as principal at the Cummings School, Bobbie established a wonderful learning environment for all students. It is too bad that we are losing yet another outstanding educator in our school system.

Although we know we join with the parents and students at the Cummings School in wishing that she were staying in Winthrop, we also know that all of us wish her well in her future endeavors.

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