Councilors’ Criticism of Bob DeLeo Is Not Right

Being  possibly the second most powerful person in Massachusetts, one can expect to be criticized for state policies. As the play “Death of the Salesman” states, “It comes with the territory.”

We have disagreed with Speaker Robert DeLeo over state issues, but we have never questioned his commitment to making Winthrop a better community.  His legislative record is one of delivering state funds and programs over and above to his hometown.  Winthrop is in as good a shape (financially and otherwise) as it is today because of Bob DeLeo’s stewardship as our state representative.

We do not doubt the casino issue is what may be described in politics as the third rail.  There seems to be very little middle ground.  Either you are for it or against it.

We are not going to debate the proposed casino mitigation package for the Town of Winthrop or the right of Town Councilors and officials to try to get the best deal for Winthrop.

What we do take exception to is the fact that at Tuesday night’s Town Council meeting, Bob DeLeo’s commitment to Winthrop was called into question.

In the almost 40 years of public service to the Town of Winthrop, Bob is as accessible today to the residents of Winthrop as when he was a first term selectman.  One can see Bob just walking back from the Post Office at Michael’s Mall or at events like a Chamber of Commerce Installation Dinner or the opening ceremonies of the annual Little League, where ordinary residents of Winthrop are to be in attendance.

To be silent on this undeserved criticism of Bob DeLeo by two Town Councillors is to give credence to their unfounded allegations.

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