Spring Forum on Tues.

The annual Spring Forum is set for Tuesday, March 18 at 7 p.m. at the Robert A. DeLeo Senior Center and there will a change in the format.

The Winthrop Town Charter states that “the purpose of the annual Spring Forum is to provide an opportunity for the public to bring their concerns, comments, and questions regarding budgeting and other spending matters to the attention of the elected and appointed officers of the town.”

Council President Peter Gill said that he has changed the format this year to shift the input of the forum to come more directly from the citizens, encouraging them to bring forward their vision for the future of Winthrop.

“Citizens are encouraged to offer suggested budget strategies to attain their visions and to improve the lifestyle that the majority of our citizens envision,” said Gill.

Gill went on to say, “The budgeting process is simple but not easy.”

“A town budget has many similarities to a personal home budget. Simply stated, both budgets have expenses and income. If expenses and income do not balance, priorities need to be established. This process involves countless hours of deliberation for municipal budget preparation. To achieve a balanced budget, either expenses need to be adjusted, revenue needs to be increased or a combination of both.”

Gill said that as elected officials and appointed officers prepare the Fiscal Year 15 budget, the town is asking its citizens to express their goals and priorities and offer budgeting suggestions and solutions as to “how to best achieve their visions and goals for the future of Winthrop.”

Gill encourages residents to present their suggestions for the budget. “I want residents to let their elected and appointed officials know their thoughts on adjustments in spending and identifying and implementing increase sources of revenue,” said Gill.

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