Police Blotter 03-06-2014

Monday, February 24

Party came in to the police station to report that an indecent exposure took place.

Tow driver reports that he responded to Ocean Avenue and Shirley Street to assist a motorist. He was informed that a minor accident took place, but the other driver has not returned. Officer reports the party did return and they exchanged information. Officer will file an accident report.

Caller on Temple Avenue reports that someone went through his unlocked motor vehicle.

Party turned in a black tri-fold wallet containing $400 in U.S. currency and a driver’s license. Chelsea PD contacted to make notification. Wallet is now placed in evidence locker.

Report of a male not feeling well and requesting EMS at Dunkin Donuts on Main Street.

Report of a male walking around Sewall Avenue acting a bit strangely. Officer reports unable to locate the subject. He may be along Crest Avenue now according to a detail officer. Unit responded and reports locating the subject at Crest Avenue and Grovers Avenue.

Officer and Lt. Perrin will be following up on an investigation on Read Street. According to a witness, the male party has returned home. Officer and the Lt. Perrin will respond to interview him.

Party on Main Street reports subject is at his front door requesting an ambulance. WFD and EMS notified. Officer reports party being transported to Boston Medical via EMS.

Female on Golden Drive reports that she has received several threats from a family member. Officer reports speaking with the woman who stated it more or less was an argument. She was advised of her rights. Spoke with the mother on the phone and advised her not to contact female any further regarding the matter. She agreed not to call further.

Party on Strand Way reports motor vehicles parked which are obstructing the rubbish and recycling trucks. She states there is also an issue with the plows being obstructed when it snows. She requested an officer respond to place the matter on record. Officer spoke to the caller and advised.

Party on Sewall Avenue requesting an ambulance for a fall on the ice. WFD notified.

Caller on Shirley Street reports a “bum” is sleeping in his hallway. Units report giving a trespass notice. Tenant was not happy with this action. He was advised that now we can take a more corrective action if sleeper returns.

Tuesday, February 25

Caller seeking assistance in tracking down individuals he wired money to in Israel, which turned out to an Internet fraud. Name she provided was researched with no information found.

Female on Prospect Avenue came to the station to report that her ex-boyfriend is refusing to turn over custody of their child in violation of probate order. W92 reports speaking with all involved parties, restoring the peace and reuniting mother and child.

Caller at Seal Harbor requesting an ambulance for her husband who is having difficulty breathing.

Party on Governors Drive requests EMS for party that has passed out. Fire/EMS notified.

Couple came to the station for information in getting rid of their cat that is biting them. Information was forwarded to ACO and they will handle.

Male on Sunnyside Avenue came to the station to report being harassed by the wife of the male that he is renting a room from. He reports that he is paying the cable and utilities and rent and he was told to leave. Another tenant/room renter also is at the station to report the same problem. They were both told that the husband is coming in tonight to put them out. They were also told it is a civil matter and if there is a problem later to call.

Man on Cottage Park Road reports his step-dad is out cold. Transferred to WFD and they will handle.

Mother came to the station with her 15-year-old daughter who reports that another student was talking about a gun to her in school today. Mother stated that her daughter reported the incident to the school officials.

House on River Road has an unwanted guest and he is causing a disturbance. 91 Curran, 92 Ramadini, and 93 Bonavita report one male taken to Whidden for an evaluation.

Wednesday, February 26

Caller on Enfield Road requested ambulance for husband.

Party on Revere Street requesting an officer. Unit 92 reports a landlord/tenant dispute. Peace restored.

Female on Sunnyside Avenue called wanting to know why house members of hers were at the station last night. The caller then started to report incidents that happened a long time in the past. W92 responded and spoke with the caller who will complete a statement and call us back when completed. W92 responded back to the address to pick up the completed report by the caller.

Male came to the station to report being contacted and told he had won Publisher’s Clearing House and he was instructed to buy prepaid Pay Pal green dot money Pak card at the CVS. In addition he was instructed to send a large amount of cash to an address in Florida. He was also instructed to get a free trac phone and only communicate in the future using the untraceable telephone.

Report of a smell of gas in the basement house on Main Street. Fire notified. W91 responded to assist. Officer reports fire has notified the Gas Company.

W92 responded to Sunnyside Avenue to speak with a parent of a juvenile female regarding her being present at another address on Sunnyside Avenue and the adult there involving her as a witness to some goings on there.

Female on Sunnyside Avenue came in to report issues with roommates. All issues appear to be civil in nature. She was advised to try for a TRO at East Boston Court. She was told of threats or fear that has to be explained better than tenant issues. Information also given for legal aid to assist in housing court. Her husband owns the property. She will contact EBDC for assistance in the morning.

93 A. Hickey reports a fight on Revere Street. 94 Sgt. Crisafi, 92 Ramadini and 91 Oyola/Bonavita report two parties involved. One to MGH for a laceration. Evidently it was one party yelling at the other to get help for the cut. No crime.

Thursday, February 27

Elderly mother on Shore Drive worried about disabled son on the first floor. No way to gain entrance. Daughter contacted.

A swan was wailing around the public landing. Message left for ACO. Call for a report of a swan that may be injured.

Party came to the station to inquire about charges against him. He was informed he would receive complaint in the male for hearing regarding the charges of Keeper of Disorderly house.

Parties at Kathy’s Place report possible harassment between youths at the Valentine’s Day dance on February 14.

Caller on Hillside Avenue reports a hypodermic needle on the sidewalk. W93 reports item disposed of.

Lt. Scarpa reports motor vehicle parked at municipal lot on Crest Avenue with a revoked registration and insurance canceled. Status confirmed. Citation issued and vehicle towed by G&J.

Caller reports a female operating a maroon Nissan just pulled up to her as she was standing on the sidewalk on Shirley Street. Operator began yelling obscenities at her, and then drove away.

Caller on Overlook Drive requests EMS. Fire dispatched.

W92 requests other unit to speak to a party on Revere Street about an animal issue. W93 and ACO settled the matter.

Report of someone not feeling well on Summit Avenue and requesting medical. Fire notified.

Party on Shore Drive called to report some item missing. W92 responded and reports nothing is missing but some things have been moved around the apartment. No sign of forced entry. Caller reports to the officer that he bought a new padlock himself and think someone else has the key to the lock he bought. He suggested it might be the person who bought the next lock on line. Party declined any attention.

Friday, February 28

Female on Governors Drive reports that someone is banging on her door and she can not get to it. Officers report a “Tatiana” looking for her cell phone that she left in the common laundry room.

Party on Loring Road came to report an unauthorized entry into family home in daytime by ex-wife in violation of probate order. Several personal items are missing. Party was advised of rights and will address violation at upcoming probate date.

Caller on Golden Drive reports that she believes that her neighbor’s heart monitor is sounding.

Visiting Nurse reports that her patient has fallen and is unable to reach the front door at Viking Garden.

Female came to the station to report a past motor vehicle accident with a Winthrop school bus. Requests medical for evaluation for her and her 14-year-old child. Mother transported to Melrose Wakefield via Action Ambulance.

Caller reports possible drunken male in front of Thompson’s Liquor Store. W92 reports speaking to male party and assisting him in getting to his home safely.

Party reports that someone on Seymour Street may be having a seizure. Fire and ambulance notified and will respond.

Male on Eleanor Court asked us to make notification to party reporting the alarm sounding at his Revere office and the RPD are unable to secure the premises. W91 responded and spoke to someone at the residence that stated that a staff ember is coming from Wakefield to secure the office. RPD was informed.

Male came to the station with Boston Housing paper work requesting we complete and indicating that he is a victim of hate crimes and organized crime. When told that we had no knowledge of that he indicated that he had reported several things to us as recently as last night. He was informed that we were aware of his late night reports but it did not indicate any such crimes. Party then left and then came back retelling how OC (organized crime had followed him from East Boston to Winthrop and Boston PD is very aware of it all. He was advised to contact Boston to complete any paperwork. Party was given victim/witness form to complete and return if he has anything further.

Restraining order faxed from Suffolk Probate and Family Court. Party on Winthrop Street called asking if we had paperwork for him and he said that he would come to the station to pick it up. He came to the station and was served in hand. Party stated that he understood the order. He reports that he no longer lives at the Winthrop Street address and reports that he is homeless.

Unit reports youths inside Winthrop Middle School. Units report players and coaches still present from last game of the year.

Saturday, March 1

Female party called reporting that the cab she was in was struck from behind on Main Street, but the other driver did not stop. She then reported that he stopped and was waiting for the officers. Female called back stating that the operator just drove off. She was asked to write down his plate number. Officers responded to the vehicle owner address and report the male party has the cab driver’s information and spoke with him. They also exchanged papers. The cab driver had issues with the other operator because he did not have his license with hi. Information was given to the cab driver and the damage to both vehicles amounted to scratches.

Party on Pleasant Street reports that someone is trying to get into her bulkhead door. Officers report it appears a branch fell on the bulkhead door. No signs of an attempted breaking and entering.

Caller at Executive Apartments reports loud music. Units report they spoke to a group and advised them to shut it down for the night.

Party at the Winthrop Arms reports a male keeps entering a car and making noise. Officers reports speaking with a male subject who misplaced his keys. The owner of the Arms was contacted and responded to let his patron inside.

Caller on Shirley Street reports there is jack hammering being done inside the building disturbing the caller.

Party on Tafts Avenue reports that his wife is at the house destroying property. He is not there, but was made aware that she is destroying things. Officer dispatched to check with the party. They report speaking with both parties and advising them of their rights. Male party arrived and will take some items with him.

Caller on Pauline Street reports that a raccoon on the back deck is acting strangely and not moving even though she has made noise. ACO notified and has sent the animal from the area.

Party reports someone is back on Kilmartin Park on Revere Street training dogs on the pathway and shooting a starter’s pistol.

Caller reports a motor vehicle struck a snow bank inside the parking lot at the Elks. Units request WFD and EMS for an apparent medical problem. Officer was struck by a diabetic-testing needle. Officer filed an accidental exposure and responded to the Whidden for treatment.

Party at Wyatt’s Mobil Mart reports a young male operating a black Honda appears to be high on something. Officer responded and after clearing previous calls and reports.

Caller reports there is man out in the parking lot at Demetri Liquors yelling and screaming. Officer reports the male is on his cell phone shouting at someone. He was asked to keep his heated conversation down.

Caller on Villa Avenue reports that his mother fell and is injured in the house. WFD notified.

Party on Washington Avenue reports family on the first floor has been fighting all day long and it sounds like it is getting worse. Officers report they have checked a couple of apartments and there is nothing taking place at present time.

Sunday, March 2

Caller on Main Street reports that her downstairs neighbors are fighting. Units report they spoke to a male party. He reports a verbal argument with his girlfriend who just left the apartment.

Initial abandoned 911 hang-up. Upon callback, male party states that he was having issues with his wife. He states that she had already left the residence. Units will speak to the male party and will attempt to locate the female. The female presented herself at the station, requesting an ERO. She completed the paperwork for the ERO. EMS called for an evaluation. A judge issued an ERO and units responded to the address to serve the defendant. W93 and W92 served the defendant and he was removed. W91 transported the plaintiff back to her residence.

Officer located needle by the telephone pole on Johnson Avenue. It was secured.

Caller on Underhill Street reports sewage backup into his basement. DPW notified.

Reports of an unknown medical aid at Holy Rosary Church. Fire notified and W94 responded.

Male called to report that the youth that has been giving him a hard time at the business is now across the street on the roof of the building. W91 and W93 responded and report speaking with the clerk and the youth who was now off the roof. Officer knows youth and he was advised to stay off the roof property and not to bother the business people in the area.

Father came to the station to report that during his visitation with his two-year-old son over the weekend, his son fell and split his lower lip. This incident occurred on Saturday afternoon. When reporter dropped off his son at the child’s mother’s home, he informed her of what had happened. She was very upset. A short time later, the mother texted the dad and stated that the child said that his uncle caused the injury by tripping him and then kicking him. Dad reports that this is not what happened and wanted this on the record. The mother claims she is now taking the child to the hospital.

Party at CVS called to request an officer remove someone from the store. Units report a white male being transported. Ambulance requesting an officer to take the ride. Unit 93 went for the ride.

Monday, March 3

Caller reports someone just hit her son’s parked motor vehicle on Main Street. Units report two parked vehicle hits. Unit 91 reports that he’s off with the vehicle that struck the parked motor vehicle. Units report they have one under arrest for driving under the influence and leaving the scene of property damage.

Party reports he is having an argument with an ex. Officer requested help. Party is assaulting his wife and officer. W91 pulled off traffic duty with W98 dispatched to the scene. The male subject was combative and had to be sprayed with OC. WFD and EMS dispatched to render medical treatment.

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