Police Blotter 02-13-2014

Monday, February 3

W92 requested information on motor vehicle on Pleasant Street as the operator is experiencing medical issue. Administration action to be taken.

SRO Officer observed exchange of words at the Cummings School. Stopped to check the status of 209A, Probate and DCF orders that are in effect regarding the children. Mother was spoken to and she is heading to Probate Court today. She was advised of her rights.

Husband and wife on Bayview Avenue came in to report there is a family member in Hyannis who should be checked out as he has a drug problem. Hyannis Police will check him out. Family would like an officer to come speak to their mother, as she is scared about the person in Hyannis. Officer reports all is okay and mother is fine.

Female on Bates Avenue called to report that her brother stole her credit card and used it. When we told her an officer would come by, she stated “Just go and arrest my brother.” Off. Curran went by and the lady said her brother was in the house months ago and stole it. When she was asked how she knew the brother stole the card, she said, “He has sticky fingers.” She was told to have a bank statement sent to the house and then call us for a report.

A young girl and her parents came to the station to report he was assaulted at the Middle School. Fire and Action will check her out. SRO officer will interview and make out a report.

Call of a female sitting in a car yelling at people on Shirley Street. She is in the middle of the street. This person claims others are following her. Officers report the area is clear.

Man on Crest Avenue reports a phone scam. Foreign caller told him he won $9,000 and he was to give them his credit card and a check was on its way. He was told to call Switzerland for his money.

Man on Undine Avenue reports that his mail was stolen along with a package. 92 Ramadini will respond and file a report.

Female on Shore Drive reports that someone stole her backsaver snow shovel. Unknown suspect(s).

Wife called the station to report that her husband lost his wallet yesterday near St. John’s Evangelist Church. The wallet contained his license, credit card, a check and personal papers.

Mom on Sewall Avenue having a stroke. Transferred to EMS and they will handle.

Tuesday, February 4

Caller reports Somerset at Pleasant to the Center are icy and requiring attention.

Party on Shirley Street came to the station to report construction work being done across the street and is causing damage to his home. He had advised the company of the problem and they sent him a letter stating they are continuing the work.

National Liquidators report a repossession of a 65-foot Henry C. Grebe Charter boat from the Atlantis Marina. No MS number could be obtained. The only information given was the name of the boat and the owner.

Caller on Willis Avenue requests an ambulance for elderly mother with dialysis complications.

Off. Curran reports female operator passed out behind the wheel on Kennedy Road at Revere Street. WFD notified.

Female on Sunnyside Avenue reports that someone stole items from her bathroom. Officer reports that small items missing, no witnesses.

Officer requests assistance at CVS Pharmacy. They report a couple of well-known females trying their ways inside the CVS.

Female on Main Street reports a male driver with a 5-year-old on his lap steering car. All units BOLO. 91 will go by Tileston Road and speak with the driver.

Very excited mother on Paine Street called regarding her sick 4-year-old son. Fire notified and W91 responded to assist.

Child exchange in the lobby.

Clerk at Energy To Go reports someone is sick there. EMS notified and W92 responded and reports it is the party from an earlier call.

Guard at Governors Park called to report receiving a call regarding the smell of marijuana coming from an apartment. W92 responded and accompanied the guard to the apartment. No smell there of anything going on, but told to open the window so as not to bother others.

Medical needed for male on Nahant Avenue.

Wednesday, February 5

Several calls of a male smoking crack on Quincy Path. He was also spray painting the area near the stairs. 91 Brookmeir 92 Ramadini, 94 Brown and Bonavita report.

Quite a few motor vehicles were towed for impeding snow removal. The vehicles were towed to the DPW temporary tow lot.

Party on Winthrop Street reports that she received a call from someone claiming to work for National Grid. They told her that her bill was overdue and they attempted to get information from her. She did not inform them and reported the incident to National Grid. The call was generated by 800-732-3400 which was unmanned and unanswered.

Party reports that her sister has been in an abusive relationship and now she is requesting that the police be contacted. She does not speak English. Officers report speaking with the female who advised officers that he is in the parking lot in his motor vehicle. Officers report the subject had gone out to his work vehicle and apparently fled on foot per the footprints left behind. Officers searched the area to no avail. Off. Armistead spoke to the victim and will be notifying Harbor Cove for further assistance for the victim. Party brought to the station for the time being. The male subject has apparently fled the area. Officers will BOLO for the male.

Party on Cora Street reports a large white DPW truck just plowed the street at a high rate of speed and then plowed out a driveway next door. DPW Calla was notified and will speak with the subject regarding these matters.

Caller on Tewksbury Street believes his brother is a danger to himself. Officers report he is not home and the caller will get back to us if he comes home.

Thursday, February 6

Party reports that someone is utilizing a snow blower in the area of Madison Avenue and Bowdoin Street. Officer reports speaking with the parties who will shut it down and use shovels.

Caller on Edwards Street requested EMS for his wife who is experiencing stomach pain. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service.

Party on Hutchinson Street called to report that a neighbor has thrown snow into the middle of the street and has caused an obstruction for traffic. Unit 93 reports no obstruction.

Caller on Shirley Street requests EMS for an ill party. Call transferred to EMS and WFD for service. W91 was flagged down as well. Officer reports patient being transported to the MGH via ambulance.

DPW worker reports that a boxer type dog that looks really thin is roaming around the area of Cross and Ocean View Street. ACO VanBuskirk was notified. He located the owner of the animal.

Reports of the sidewalk on Shirley Street have not been cleared of snow and ice. Code Enforcement Officer VanBuskirk notified and will respond.

Party reports an unconscious female in green Jeep by the playground at Ft. Banks School. WFD notified. Party was evaluated and medically cleared by EMS.

Ptl. Curran reports ejecting party from Peabody from game at Larsen Rink.

Female on Washington Avenue came in to report a MasterCard obtained in her name by person or persons unknown. She was notified of this by GE Capital Retail Finance and they are investigating and have already frozen the account.

Caller on Tewksbury Street reports that her son is out of control out in front of her house. Subject left prior to our arrival. Officers located subject on Shore Drive and requests EMS for an evaluation. Medically cleared.

Party on Beach Road reports that her motor vehicle was broken into on January 10 and a CVS moneygram worth $50 was stolen.

Mother reports an argument between her daughters. Verbal only and peace was restored.

Caller at Lucky Garden Restaurant reports that a guy out front is threatening to kill him. Units report male will come to the station for victim/witness statement.

Friday, February 7

Party reports that she heard at least five gunshots coming from the area of Governors Park. Units sent to the area and adjacent streets. Officers checked the area to no avail.

Caller on Lincoln Terrace requesting EMS for a male having difficulty breathing. Transferred to WFD.

Party on Kennedy Road reports that her ex-husband is downstairs banging on the door and ringing her bell. The Housing Authority does allegedly not want him. Units located the subject and had him clear the area.

An ambulance was requested for patient on River Road. WFD notified.

Suspicious subjects were observed in the area near Pauline and Pleasant Streets. Officer stopped the pair who were looking for an address on Maple Street for an apartment.

Caller on Wave Way Avenue requesting an officer responds regarding his wife’s strange behavior lately. 91 reports subject is not home right now and caller was advised to call back when she returns so she is available to be evaluated by EMS.

Party requesting EMS for a person who fell on the ice and has injured ankle behind banks in the parking lot. WFD notified. Party transported.

By The Sea Liquors reports a party claiming to be from National Grid attempted to scam the business. He contacted National Grid and wanted it placed on file here.

AP Crombie reported a possible knife shown to students at Winthrop High School. Investigation done with AP Heraty at Middle School. No weapon found. Possibly displayed off-school grounds.

Party was resting in lobby of station but appears to be ill and began to vomit. WFD and EMS notified to pick up the subject for medical evaluation. Subject transported to Whidden via EMS.

Caller on Trident Avenue reports that her boyfriend stole her debit card

Saturday, February 8

Party on Sea Foam Avenue requesting an ambulance transport for her elderly father. Transferred to Action EMD.

93 received a found NC numberplate that was reported stolen out of Chelsea and entered into OpenFox. Locate sent to Chelsea PD followed by a phone call. Off. Marchese will update their records.

Party on Main Street reports the tenant(s) on the first floor are playing extremely loud music. 91 reports music is extremely loud and he is unable to get a response at the door. The tenant called in the interim and informed Off. McCarthy that he noticed that after the officer arrived, the volume was turned up very loud and the subject exited out the rear door. He is at the nearby train station heading to work. Internal records indicate a previous recent call for the same issue and report filed by Off. Feeley. 91 will file an additional report and forward it to Off. Feeley.

Caller reports that her daughter saw a missing female. She claims that her daughter saw on Facebook that the Winthrop Police were looking for a girl and the daughter saw her on Winthrop Street at Governors Park. The daughter claims she just saw the post today. A check with our history and our Facebook page shows no missing children.

Party reports he is stuck in the elevator on Walden Street. Fire notified.

Caller on Sturgis Street requesting EMS for his stepfather. Transferred to Action EMD.

Walk-in about a hurt swan down at the Landing. ACO notified and stated he is aware of the issue but due to the ice and tides he can not help the bird. ACO also notified the state wildlife.

Caller reports an unknown party entered the apartment of a woman who recently passed away at Viking Garden. Officer reports it is the daughter, collecting her mother’s things.

Sunday, February 9

Caller reports a male passed out/unconscious in motor vehicle in rear lot at J Kendalls. Units report party checked out by medical, states he was smoking cigarettes and waiting to go into the restaurant.

Party reports two discarded hypodermic syringes on Bowdoin Street. Items disposed of.

Call of someone either drunk or passed out on the second floor hallway in Seal Harbor. Officers and fire report subject going to the Whidden.

Male caller reports domestic disturbance. All units report daughter/boyfriend/father/mother argument. Boyfriend and daughter are leaving.

Several calls for a fight between two females at D’Parmas. Units report past ABDW. Units broadcast BOLO for red Acura. WFD contacted and sent to Siren Street for medical aid for alleged victim. One male arrested for assault and battery and DW. Two females will also be charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon,

Caller on Bowdoin Street reports being threatened by a neighbor. W92 reports speaking to 13-year-old juveniles who apologized to each other and will continue to be friends.

Reports of an elderly person choking at East Boston Neighborhood Health. Fire notified and W92 to assist.

Request for police to come and see what’s going on on Main Street. Sounds like a problem with upstairs neighbor. Upstairs neighbor was banging due to the extremely loud TV coming from first floor upon officers arrival.

Male on Beal Street called to report hearing what he thinks was a gunshot. He looked outside and saw what may have been a dark brown Jeep drive away. All units BOLO’d. Units checked the area and nothing fitting the description went over the bridge. Another call from another source reporting the noise was fireworks/quarter stick and it was at least five or more minutes before the only caller called.

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