Vanessa Caruccio Hosts Event Jan. 25: Bone Marrow Donor Drive Is Important

One of the best aspects of being part of the fabric of small-town life for a long time is that you get the opportunity to watch some of our students excel in the classroom and on the athletic field and then continue that involvement at the college level.

Vanessa Caruccio always seemed to find the spotlight at Winthrop High School.  Her dynamic personality, her leadership as class president, her athletic skills, and her willingness to assist others at the school (as evidenced by her work as a mentor in former teacher Chris Donnelly’s Life Skills Program), made her a natural leader. Vanessa continued her scholastic and athletic success at Endicott College where she played varsity soccer and club ice hockey, all the while studying hard and earning a degree in nursing.

Vanessa has returned to Winthrop after graduating in May from Endicott and she is conducting a bone marrow drive on Saturday, January 25 at the Winthrop Lodge of Elks. Vanessa is a past bone marrow donor and she is hoping that Winthrop residents will participate in the drive and perhaps save a life as Vanessa has done.

We hope residents will consider participating in the drive and help Vanessa advance and bring recognition to this important cause.

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