Assignments to Change During Construction

Superintendent of Schools John Macero said that beginning next year the Winthrop School Department will reconfigure schools to begin the construction of a new Middle/High School facility.

Beginning September 2014, the Middle School will become the High School during construction. This school will include grades 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12.

Macero said that the 8th grade class will be on a high school schedule but will have its own wing and not be mixed with upper classman.

“Once school ends this year we will begin moving equipment and other items out of the high school to prepare it for demolition,” said Macero. “We have a time constraint here so we want to make the transition as smoothly and as timely as we can.”

The Cummings School will then accommodate grades 4, 5, 6, and 7. To accommodate an extra grade at that school, Macero said there will be four modular classroom attached to the Cummings throughout the duration of the reconfiguration.

The Fort Banks School will then add a 3rd grade classroom making the reconfiguration possible.

As the Middle School becomes the High School’s new home for students over the next two and a half years, Macero said the School Department will spend some money to give the Middle School a facelift.

“We are looking to refurbish the Middle School so it not only becomes the temporary home for high school students but also looks and feels like a high school,” said Macero.

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